Two men busted in Ukraine’s “fake murder” ruse, turn out to be Ukrainian Intelligence (Video)

The Arkady Babachenko “Putin kills journalist” hoax goes from bad to worse for Ukraine. Ukraine’s “fake murder” hoax of journalist Arkady Babachenko is turning into an international embarrassment for Ukraine and its security services.

The two men ensnared in Ukraine’s “clever” ruse to weed out Putin’s assassins have turned out to be former Ukrainian counterintelligence officials, who despise Russia, and pledge allegiance to radical, ultra-right neo-Nazi group “”Right Sector”.

If Ukraine’s authorities had bothered to do a quick search on Facebook, they would have realized that the two men they threw under the bus, in this PR disaster, were the two least likely people in all Ukraine to have worked with Russia to carry out such an assassination.

Even Russia hating NYT had to admit that Ukraine really f***ed up with this fake news, false flag idea.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou breaks down this insane news story in the video below…

Via Zerohedge (…

The Ukrainian government’s staged assassination of anti-Putin journalist Arkady Babachenko has taken an even stranger turn, as evidence has emerged that his would-be “Russia-ordered” assassin and the man who supposedly hired him, both say they worked for Ukrainian counterintelligence, casting serious doubt on the official story.

To review, Ukrainian authorities announced last Tuesday that Babachenko had been assassinated after returning home from the store. On Wednesday, Babachenko appeared at a press conference with Ukrainian authorities who said that the faked assassination was an elaborate sting to bust an actual hit planned by Russia.

Only now we find that the hitman, Oleksiy Tsimbalyuk, is an outspoken critic of Russia who says he worked for Ukrainian counterintelligence – a claim Ukraine initially denied but later admitted to be true. Meanwhile the guy who supposedly hired Tsimbalyuk, Boris L. German, 50, also says he worked for Ukrainian counter-intelligence, a claim Ukraine denies as its immediately destroys the carefully scripted, if rapidly imploding, Ukrainian narrative meant to scapegoat Russia for what has been a “fake news” story of epic proportions, emerging from the one nation that not only was the biggest foreign donor to the Clinton foundation, but has made fake news propaganda into an art form.

The New York Times reports that Tsimbalyuk – a former Russia-hating priest was featured in a 10-minute documentary in January 2017 in which “he called killing members of the Russian-backed militias in eastern Ukraine “an act of mercy”, further calling into question why Russia would hire him for the supposed assassination in the first place.

Facebook pictures also reveal Tsimbalyuk wearing a Ukrainian ultranationalist uniform from “Right Sector,” a group deemed to be neo-Nazis.

Via The New York Times (…

The strange cast of characters emerging in the faked assassination of a prominent Putin critic — including a Russia-hating right-wing priest and the director of a Ukrainian arms manufacturer — set the already bizarre case on a path to a murky, up-is-down mess of the sort that Ukraine seems to specialize in.

Both the priest and the executive claimed to be working for Ukraine’s intelligence services. Ukrainian officials at first denied that but, in the case of the priest, subsequently reversed themselves and admitted he had played a role. They would not say what.

Senior Ukrainian officials have been on the defensive since Wednesday, when the head of the security services and the chief prosecutor announced that they had staged the shooting death of a dissident Russian war correspondent in order to trace his would-be killers back to Russian intelligence.

However, in the absence of solid facts and real evidence about any plot to kill the dissident, Arkady Babchenko, somewhat implausible figures have emerged from the shadows, perhaps the most unlikely being the priest, who claimed he was hired to carry out the hit.

“Hitman” Oleksiy Tsimbalyuk


Boris German, suspected of organizing an attempted hit on anti-Putin Russian journalist Arkady Babachenko sits in a cage during trial in Kiev, Ukraine


Tsimbalyuk sporting a “Right Sector,” neo-Nazi uniform.
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