Two Nuns in Colombia arrested for TORTURING 65 children

Accused of pushing kids’ heads into toilets and burning their hands

I wonder what “Vision” they may have had and WHO in that vision instructed them to do this? Was it Mary? Was it instruction from a visiting Priest who administered the Eucharist while he was RAPING the children

Oh folks, this goes far deeper the a couple of Rogue Nuns. I would almost wager it is a Pedophile Rape facility if the truth comes out and the Devils are exposed!

Remember these Good Nuns?

Nuns at Smyllum Park Orphanage Forced Girl into Satanic Sex Ritual

Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam care home in Ireland

Investigators found that the youngsters suffered physical and psychological torment in the care home with neighbours branding it as hell for the children" width="2000" height="1125" data-src="" />

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Central European News – Investigators found that the youngsters suffered physical and psychological torment in the care home with neighbours branding it as hell for the children

WND – Two nuns in western Colombia have been arrested for allegedly torturing as many as 65 children by pushing their heads into toilets and burning the kids’ hands.

Nuns Sor Ines Perez, director of the Santa Clara Rebirth Home, and Rosa Elvira Trochez Joaqui were taken into custody after a police investigation. The torture took place in Popayan, Cauca, according to the Sun.

Neighbors reportedly heard the children’s screams and cries, so they alerted police. Local media reports indicate the kids were subjected to physical and psychological torture in the care home, and the neighbors said the place was a hell for children.

The nuns are suspected of punishing the kids by burning the kids’ hands, shoving their heads into toilets and cutting their hair.

Both of the nuns have been charged with aggravated torture of children under their care for three years, from 2014 to 2017. Perez and Joaqui deny that they committed the crimes.

The children’s home was once closed after complaints, according to local media, but it was eventually reopened.

Perez claims the local government and the Colombian Institute of Family Well-Being, or ICBF, failed to provide support or resources to help the needy children. Now the ICBF has taken custody of the kids.

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