UFO Hangar Door Opens On Mt Adams


Jimmy Church reported on something many missed including me this past summer.  On June 30th, 2017 what appears to be a massive UFO Hangar door was seen open at the very top of Mt Adams near Trout Lake, Washington!  The door did not show up in pictures the day before!   Clearly there is some type of a door up there made to look like natural rock.   A UFO was seen right next to where this door opened indicating it the craft was either going into the hangar or out of it by it’s location.  This is an amazing discovery!

This UFO only appeared in one of many shots were taken rapidly one after another.  If I had to guess I would say this is almost certainly a demon alien nest!   Many orbs and demonic looking shapes have been photographed at the ECETI ranch.  The orbs sometimes contain little demonic looking faces!  I wouldn’t go near that place unless fully armed with the Word of God and blaring the Christian music.  Demons can’t harm you when you have faith in Jesus and they can’t stand to be around Christian music.  If you doubt God or the Bible is real then you would probably be the person that is taken and never heard from again in this area because you have no protection against them.

If you have a demon infestation around you and you have an Amazon Alexa device simply tell Alexa to “Play Christian Music” and all demons will flee the area!  If you have a demon problem personally and they are influencing you in some way then you won’t be able to even listen to the music!  You will prefer death metal or anything that does not honor God!    I know this is true because I used to hate Christian music when I was in my “UFO / New Age” phase of my life.  After I woke up and came back to God, Christian music is the only music I play because I know it shreds demons like the mini gun in Predator!

Tell Alexa to “Play Christian Music” and shred some demons today!





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