UPDATE: Muslim New Jersey Mayor Has Ties To Radical Islamic Terrorist Cells

On Tuesday, New Jerseyites made a huge mistake and placed control of Hoboken in the hands of the state’s first Muslim mayor. Ravi Bhalla was born in Pakistan, but came to the United States at the age of 20 under a work visa. A Sikh Muslim, Bhalla believes very strong in adherence to the Quran and that it should be the “cornerstone of every decision made in this or any country.”

Bhalla’s parents regularly fought with their Suni neighbors according to reports from Pakistani newspapers, arguing that Sunis did not properly adhere to Sharia Law, While Bhalla has been silent on the subject, it can be safely assumed that he believes the same as his parents – especially with some of his connections.

Bhalla invests in several Middle Eastern oil companies, including Allahal Petrol, which has been known to support radical Islamic terror groups and regularly donates to the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. In addition, his ex-wife Sharma was the CEO of a Muslim lobbying group in New Jersey that promotes a Halal menu in public schools “for inclusiveness.”

In 2012, the FBI identified Allahal Petrol as one of the “primary contributors to Al Qaeda in the southern Middle Eastern region” and the company was sanctioned by the United States for its activities in 2013.

What is going on in New Jersey?

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