US Demands RT America Register as Foreign Agent by Monday Nov. 13

The theatrical farce of the continuing Russia bogeyman hoax is different, but has shades of the Iranian nuclear weapons secret program hoax, which VT’s esteemed nuclear expert, the late Clinton Bastin, had briefed us on extensively.

The bullet behind the ear to that hoax took place where even Israel, which had claimed for over two decades that Iran was one to years away from “da bomb”, did not put one shred of evidence on the table to kill the JCPOA agreement. It had consistently tried to kill the deal by means of its usual intimation and coercion tools, most of them political; yet Israel never just laid out the proof. Why?

The present Russophobia case is even more ridiculous after a recent social media company’s Congressional hearing where, under oath, they walked back their prior claims of Russian interference” after “fully investigating”. This was an open admission that they had not really investigated beforehand. Twitter took the top fake-news prize, via its revelation of trying to sell RT a $3-million election period ad pitch, but where RT only spent a few hundred thousand.

That leaves us thinking that they could only have done such a thing if the US Intelligence community had asked-demanded that they do so. VT has long been concerned not only about the long time penetration of national Intelligence services, something done extensively against Cold War adversaries, but then a practice that was later turned against their own populations.

The justification for doing this, what many would consider a crime – even treason – was the convenient policy formulation that controlling public thought was an important national security item, and therefore the government gave itself the right to do so.

To no one’s surprise, mass media has raised no objections to this, as proven by their flagrant participation in fake news – something VT was writing about as a national security issue years before anyone else.

Not even the CIA can defend us from Israeli espionage against all of our institutions

As for “interfering in US elections”, the by far biggest and most successful participants in this have always been the Israelis to the point where, due to political co-option from the top down, the FBI has not been allowed to aggressively shut it down.

This can only be described as an industrial scale attack on American institutions, where both government and media factions have been turn against the American people.
That said, the pushback from the people has been pitiful, with much of that due to the massive propaganda campaign by the Zionist Lobby here. Our security institutions that take an oath to defend us have done little.

On the contrary, as part of their cover on having rolled over on Israeli espionage here at virtually all levels, we see this US government push against Russia wanting to counter the massive US anti-Russian propaganda campaign as being deemed illegal, perhaps because the US must fear being exposed for its true motives.

The Achilles heel to this current Russian bogeyman hoax is the stand down against Israeli espionage in America. But even Russia finds itself compromised, never uttering a word about it, so the monster is now devouring them.

Russia has never objected to Israeli air attacks inside Syria

Will Russia learn from what I feel is a critical security mistake on their part? We see no evidence of that so far. VT readers know the old saying that the most feared power is the one whom no one dares name.

I submit we are facing a classic case of that now, and despite an obvious divide-and-conquer game being run in America, no one in power will mention the role that Israeli espionage and it true handlers play – meaning that most all Israeli political campaign funds are raised outside the country.

No one is really demanding that this be investigated. What do you think the perpetrators would feel about people too lazy to resist? Do you think they would feel sorry for us? Hardly. They have nothing but contempt for us, and we bear much of the blame for that. Thus ends my cheery missive for the dayJim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  November 09, 2017 –

RT America has announced that the US Department of Justice has demanded the broadcaster’s registration under FARA until Monday, November 13, with Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan calling the deadline “cannibalistic.” The unprecedented demand comes amid increased pressure on the media outlet in the US in the wake of the so-called Russia probe.

Is this US media war against RT, or against the American people… or both?

The decision has been commented on by Senator Andrei Klimov, who has stated, “We will probably have to make some changes in legislation that will allow us to create for US media engaged in propaganda in Russia the same working conditions as those created by the US authorities for RT.”

Earlier in the day, RT Director General Alexei Nikolov said at a meeting of the Upper House’s commission on information policy that the broadcaster did not consider itself a foreign agent, adding such status could be extremely dangerous for RT employees and all those who interact with the TV channel.

Previously, RT was requested to register under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in September in an unprecedented move not applied to any other foreign media in the country, prompting Moscow to warn Washington of reciprocal measures toward US outlets in Russia.

Pressure on RT in US
Moscow: RT, Sputnik Ban by Twitter Reflects Its Dependence on US Establishment

RT, as well as Sputnik, have come under increased pressure in the US in the wake of the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election, a claim repeatedly denied by the Kremlin as “groundless and absurd.”

In the course of recent weeks, Twitter decided to block ads from all accounts owned by RT and Sputnik, based on its own investigation into the 2016 US election, prompting Moscow to call the move “another aggressive step” toward Russian media outlets in the US.

While the Sputnik press service has stated the news agency had never used paid promotions on Twitter, RT has revealed how Twitter itself has been pushing it to spend big on its ads during the US election campaign, a proposal eventually turned down by the media outlet.

Most recently, the US Senate held a hearing with the US tech giants, during which the CEOs of Google and Twitter have testified that they found no violations by RT’s ads on their platforms.

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