Vegas Shooter’s Brother Dodged Cops for Years … Set Up Booby Traps and Surveillance

Vegas Shooter's Brother Evaded Law Enforcement for Years, Set Booby Traps


The tactics Stephen Paddock's brother used to avoid authorities are being described as "evil smart" ... and have disturbing connections to the Vegas shooting.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bruce Paddock has been on the run for more than 2 years prior to his arrest this week for child porn. We're told he changed his appearance and moved often to keep cops off his tail ... and took drastic measures to avoid getting nabbed.

Our sources say Bruce rigged up places he was living with booby traps that included propane tanks tied to doors ... and used cameras to create homemade surveillance systems around his properties.

As you'll recall . Stephen had cameras set up in his Mandalay Bay hotel room to presumably alert him if someone was coming while he attacked the Vegas crowd from his window.

Cops are currently looking into any possible connections Bruce may have had with Stephen other than sharing savvy criminal minds ... like if Stephen supported Bruce financially.

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