Video: 5G Causing Two Periods For Women! Depopulation Red Alert!

Stew Webb was joined by the crew from Seattle Public Television when a shocking call came at about the 13 minute mark. It was a woman named Amber who lives in a neighborhood in Bakersfield California where they’ve installed 5G onto every telephone pole! There are 10 women she knows in the neighborhood who are having two periods every month! These two periods are lasting 9 days each! The pain she is experiencing twice each month is worse than child birth! We owe it to her to get her story out there to millions and raise a big stink about it to the Congress! This is far worse than I thought it would be!

This is a depopulation weapon being deployed and President Trump is CLUELESS because he’s surrounded by stooges for the deep state like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Hannity who hides the truth from him about 5G always I’m sure! Trump says we need to deploy 5G and 6G as fast as possible! This is INSANITY! PLEASE send this interview viral and I want every person who reads this story to tweet @potus and @realdonaldtrump and post this to your social networks! Tell Trump to WAKE UP and quit listening to his moron advisors who are keeping the truth from him! This 5G is being rolled out now to kill us with disease and to stop us from having babies!

Why isn’t Alex Jones rallying this listeners to create a constant group of “Trump Patriots” in Washington DC with signs walking up and down the fence to the Whitehouse telling the truth about 5G, Vaccines, Weather Manipulation, Chemtrails and the rest of the stuff they are doing to us! Alex Jones brags he’s the biggest and has the most resources so why isn’t he taking a leadership role to get Trump’s attention with people in front of the Whitehouse EVERY DAY until Trump starts doing something! It seems Alex isn’t interested in real solutions to me like going door to door with his listeners and waking up America.

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