Video: Alert: California Blackouts Designed to Sow Chaos Before the Coming Communist Invasion

Video: Alert: California Blackouts Designed to Sow Chaos Before the Coming Communist Invasion,

PG&E has not maintained the power lines because the tree huggers won’t let them cut trees or maintain the forests properly. All the CA forests are overgrown and dry so fires are prone to spreading. The concern is the trees will fall on the power lines and start fires in the unmaintained dry underbrush. I have seen a tree fall on a power line and start a fire on the ground. I took a video of it, so I can show you if you’re interested. Otherwise I like your presentation and agree that California is under enemy control.

Chemtrails kill trees and bushes..the nano aluminum makes fires more intense.

Yes. Wind blows trees into power lines and the dry conditions promote fires. However, I agree with Mike that the entire fire threat and power line issue is being used as a tool (perhaps even including the false flag deliberate starting of fires in California). It’s a false flag to promote the cause of mass people control called “climate change”!

Oh Lady; Susan, I wish I had a few minutes to tell you a few things about trimming Limbs and some trees that look like they are in a weakened state and in a year or two might fall this is what they cut- They go in and cut when they want to and if need be the Cops go with them because the Power Companies and Cops all are on the same team- And the DEW Direct Energy Weapons and the Star Wars Plasma and Laser Canons and the HAARP have started Thousands of Fires so it is very seldom that Power lines start big fires except in the movies- I’d like to invite you to stop by one of my channels and look thru my Posted Videos- I am one of just a few very straight up Truthers on YouTube- I am in the top one percent of speaking cold hard truth- Wes Truther, YT

There was NO WIND. We haven’t had any wind. However we have had people on our property and helicopters with Lidar scanning everyone’s property for buildings in the trees. You know that data went somewhere besides PGE.

This is a FAKE POWER OUTAGE. It’s their followup to the DEW attacks on Santa Rosa a couple years ago. Now that they are removing HAM repeaters from state property, you know it’s on. Very soon.

You know that PG&E is owned by the Rothchilds who are heading up Agenda 21. They are out to kill people. Period.


Via Nigel Rudlin-
“The Governor of California has just signed 15 gun control bills into law, including bills that will allow the State of California to start confiscating guns from California Citizens.

This all comes in the same week the State cut power to almost a million residents, Los Angeles is being hit by massive wildfires, and California Officials declared Ham Radio was no longer a benefit and started demanding Ham radio repeater infrastructure to be removed.

So let’s review:
This week they cut power to conservative areas of the State.
They started going after gun owners, and passed gun confiscation laws
And they targeted communications…”

🌱Addendum from Charlie:
California also recently:
-Obliterated medical exemptions to vaccines
-Gutted charter schools
-Destroyed the independent contractor industry
-Changed the sex offender registry status, to no longer include relationships w/ a minor as long as there is a 10 year or less age difference. TEN YEARS.
-Made it no longer a felony to knowingly give someone HIV
-Mandated comprehensive sex ed in schools for K-12 (with content that would make a sailor blush)
-Law that prohibits schools from suspending disruptive students
-Decriminalized youth prostitution (*read: they can’t be picked up for questioning and therefore helped, since many are trafficked or abused).

Listening to your predictions, has prompted even more urgency to get my home on the market asap. I am working around the clock to get my home in pristine condition, ready for photos next week, then listed. I passed the deadline after Labor Day, I will move much faster thanks to Mikes informative news,, What I’ve witnessed first hand over the last ten years, CA disintegration, rapid decline, as if the Marxist legislature planned the 3rd world decay, bussed more vagrants from other States, more Illegals bussed in by Soros caravans, fast tract to free welfare for life, now Health Care for all Illegals and illiterate 3rd world here for sanctuary.. , More violent gangs, decriminalizing most crimes, tens of thousands of prisoners set free, now among us here in L.A. roaming our neighborhoods like drugged out zombies before my eyes. Rats, and medieval disease, from vagrants camping on our sidewalks, they are free without penalty to ruin the visual beauty and prop values. No policing being done. L.A. for the middle class is a horrible place to be. I’m saddened it has come down to fleeing as quickly as possible.

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Video: Alert: California Blackouts Designed to Sow Chaos Before the Coming Communist Invasion,