Stranger Than Fiction News goes over the latest news on Julian Assange. He was found unresponsive! They’re killing him in prison most likely by poison! No other reason he would be unresponsive unless they’re poisoning his food or water.

And Trump who said over and over again, “I Love Wikileaks” is a No Show in supporting him when he needs it most! I’m very disappointed in Trump over Wikileaks and abandoning Julian Assange.

This is another reason why Americans are going to have to hit the streets before we ever get our freedom again. We’re going to need our own yellow vest movement and unite against the Federal Reserve slavery system, endless wars and all the other NWO evil it seems.

I support President Trump and would never vote against him but I am not happy about how he’s treated Assange! Without Wikileaks Trump would most likely not have won since we got the truth about Hillary, Podesta and the other satanic democrats.

I won’t cheer on Trump when I see him do dumb things like going after Assange, banning bump stocks, try to start a war with Iran. Tell Trump every time he does something dumb or foolish. Patriots must make our voices heard when our leaders do dumb things! Nobody gets a free ride! Open the Video

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