Video: Did I Pet Goat II Movie Predict Notre Dame Destruction?

Did the evil short video, “I Pet Goat II” predict the Notre Dame Tower collapse? I don’t know but it sure is creepy how this movie portrays the crumbling of the church’s tallest spire in an eerily similar manner. Was it predictive programming? We know the Illuminati monsters want to destroy anything that glorifies God.

They are destroying European and American culture by bringing in immigrants who will not assimilate and want to tear down the culture into a Planet of the Ape society of lawlessness. They want to destroy us and the news helps them by censoring the truth at every opportunity. Fox and the rest of the fake news would be showing you the miles of people living in tents in Los Angeles and other cities if they wanted the truth out there!

They would be showing you the realities of liberal hell holes of drug users and people who actually use apps to report human feces on the sidewalks! But they won’t and even Trump won’t show it or talk about it which is very disappointing as well. Open the Video

I sure don’t think this Notre Dame cathedral fire was some accident that’s for sure! You can’t tell me that there wouldn’t be all types of safeguards in place against fire at such a facility even if it was under construction since it was such a historic landmark!

Sorry I’m not buying it was a terrible accident at all! And apparently neither was a French reporter who Sheppard Smith would not let the truth get out today on the very fake Fox News as reported below. Truth will NOT be allowed on Sheppard Smith’s watch! Open the Video

Sheppard Smith has his marching orders from satan and you’re not allowed to talk about other churches being burned down in France on his program! Hmmm, I wonder who could be burning down churches? Could it be the same people smiling and laughing shown in this story on beforeitsnews?

Sheppard Smith the liar would tell you NO WAY! These churches being burned down on purpose is just a conspiracy theory started by Donald Trump! That’s why I can’t watch any of it anymore! It’s all rat poison for your brain some if it is just a full dose while others are half doses. Either way you’re dead!

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