Video: New Zealand Shooter’s Cartridges Disappear! What’s Going On?

I don’t expect the one showing the cartridges magically disappearing to be up long so get this story out everywhere!

The video has been censored go here for an backup

Somebody hacked into my Vimeo account and deleted this video within an hour of upload before I even did a story on it so clearly this is a very important find the scum do not want out there! Something stinks big time!

This mass shooting event was engineered to take guns. They probably had a team go in and kill everybody and then blamed it on the guy supposedly filming it to get even more support for gun control! They will do any evil and tell any lie to take our guns as they did with Sandy Hook. Regarding Sandy Hook, I have a friend who knew a firefighter who was first on the scene and he ran in there within minutes and found no kids in the school! He was then stopped by men and threatened to shut his mouth about seeing no kids or he would be sent to Antarctica! Also this same man was told by a funeral home director he knew a shocking detail about Sandy Hook! This man knew the funeral home director in Sandy Hook and he said they ordered the coffins weeks before and they buried them with rocks! Wolfgang Halbig said he was talking to the kids who were “killed” in Sandy Hook that were now graduating High School very much Alive! Alex Jones is censoring all this information about Wolfgang talking to the kids involved in the hoax for his masters it seems.

Clearly we should never trust any “official” story without doing massive research ourselves. We must always look at every bit of propaganda being put out is designed to take away freedoms because that’s what always happens! We need more good people to own guns not less! Now it seems we have magically disappearing cartridges ejecting out of guns in the New Zealand mass shooting! This cannot be if this footage was real. Not once can you see any holes being put in walls during the shooting and not once could you see a single cartridge bounce on the ground or off a car! They simply disappear! Clearly something stinks in here so get this story out everywhere so others may share it!

From videopage:

It can NOT be “LIVE” footage, because of this simple FACT — in REALITY ejected brass cartridges do NOT disappear in mid-air! And if it wasn’t live, the WHOLE thing was pre-recorded and edited AFTERWARDS to make it LOOK like live footage!

Does that mean that no one died? NO! The people who have the power to STAGE something like this must also have caused some REAL victims; how else do you fool all the first responders, nurses, doctors and law enforcement personnel? The point of this “leaked live video” was to create EMOTIONS to cloud our judgment, and it worked.

I and many others were fooled. Some parts of the video are pretty convincing, other parts just seem UNREAL though– the shooter and the victims behave in a very STRANGE way, no one inside the mosque is screaming, there is some blood here and there, but no blood on the WHITE walls after two groups of people have been shot with DOZENS of high powered assault rifle rounds, nor are there ANY bullet holes in the walls behind the piles of bodies, etc.

The magically disappearing brass cartridges seal the deal for me. The “live” video must be FAKE. With staged events like this, they want to create FEAR to play us against each other and to make us hate and fight each other! Their ultimate goal is TOTAL GUN CONTROL.

Special Thanks to Carsten Kaiser​, “Das Sonnenmacher- Männchen” and “WahrheitsMinisterium” for this video:

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