Video: Stan Explains Prophecy Chart One Jesus Returns 2 More Times

In 2017 Stan Johnson memorized the book of Revelation. Surprisingly he received information in 30 revelations and two visions beyond what is found in ink on paper. God showed him a secret door which is based on a single word found in Revelation and Leviticus which links the feasts to the prophecies. When linked a person enters into a new realm of understanding Bible prophecy not previously revealed.

Even though he had hosted the Prophecy Club radio program for 25 years he freely admits he knew NOTHING of what was revealed to him supernaturally now found in this book. One prophetic word said, “There is a lock that I have put over a word, in the Book of Revelation that I am going to open unto you. It will turn so many books written on the end time message into obsolete books. For new light is being shown upon your heart as a chosen vessel of mine to put the puzzles together.

Topics are:

Jesus returns on this Feast
The Point of the Feasts
Who are the Two Witnesses (Not Enoch and Elijah)
The Morning Star
Judgment Seat of Christ explained
Great White Throne explained
The Nations explained
“The Shout” explained
The Parables explained
Seals, Trumpets and Vials in order
2 Amazing Prophecy Charts on a back-flap 12” x 9”
Most people will not already know anything in this book.
Imagine a prophecy book which brings fresh new accurate information!

Stan’s new Book “The Secret Door to Understand Bible Prophecy” Now Shipping:

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