Video: The Masses Are #Clueless about 5G! Max Igan

great #information on #5G This is the information not found on Fox News and the rest of the Fake News on our Tel-Lie-Visions! Have you joined the worldwide boycott of all fake news yet? Stop watching all of it and see how much better you feel! Tweet Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him he will be responsible for all the death and the cancers if HE doesn’t demand testing on rats and other animals before 5G is aimed at us! We hold him and all others responsible for the deaths and cancers that follow.

This is not just more speed! This is a pencil sized beam of radiation shooting directly at your body or into your head! It can be aimed at you while you sleep even if the phone is off! This entire 5G stuff is nothing but a scam to depopulate and control the planet.

Send this article and video far and wide. Tell people they must wake up. Remember Eric Schmidt’s girlfriend said the Chinese planned to sterilize the entire US population with 5G and then disarm us with their Atlas robots! The information on how the Chinese plan to sterilize you and your children with 5G before you know it is located in this article!

Get it everywhere because Sean Hannity sure won’t!

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Video: The Masses Are #Clueless about 5G! Max Igan,