Video: Watch Australia Because Their Government’s Tyranny Is Coming to USA

Editors note: I will bet a Chunk that the Old Queen Down There In Old Britain, Is Having Another Go At It, Remembrance of old wars for Independence, this time she go 4D Warfare, which wasn’t invented, by any other than the Russians. I bet Aussies Have to reconsider. Proxies have to be believable after all this Al CIADA ISiS Daesh etc etc are all shams. In these Days it’s fairly common Knowledge that the reason the proxy ISIS name was changed, was Israel Secret Intelligence Service, and therefore became the MEME ISIS is USUS ๐Ÿ˜‚ Just Saying…

Australia is disappearing the rights of its citizens to the point where the country is soon going to indistinguishable from Communist China. It is almost as if the PM of Australia is modeling his government after the Communist Chinese government. Some think Australia is a beta test for what is coming to America. Bad’day Mate! Open the Video

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