Viral photos showing Paris in its death throes

A viral email showing cultural changes in Paris reminds us that, for better or worse, Europe as we know it is dying as a new Europe takes its place.

Islam Paris France Eiffel TowerI’ve received emails from three people forwarding a series of photographs a Czech couple reputedly took during a recent visit to Paris. I doubt whether Czech people were the ones who took these photos. I certainly cannot find any citation to an original blog post or email. Indeed, astute observers will note that one of the photos has an illegible website attribution, suggesting that some or all of the photos come from sources other than a single Czech couple’s photo album. (I know that I can research the images, but I’m too lazy. If you decide to do so, please let me know the result.)

I suspect that what happened is that someone got hold of an email containing observations about a trip to France’s capital and then inserted representative photographs. Since the photos show scenes familiar to anyone who has been paying attention to Europe’s demographic changes in the last few years, the combination of text and photographs is powerful. I’ll add some videos after the photographs to provide support for the images’ legitimacy in terms of showing modern Paris.

I was last in Paris in 2005, when the North African takeover was already in progress but still in its fetal state. The takeover is now akin to a toddler in its development. Give it a few years and Paris’s streets will be indistinguishable from Cairo’s or Islamabad’s.

Mike Adams

My issue, as always, isn’t with the skin color of the “new Europeans.” It’s with the values. If they want to assimilate to European values, great, but I doubt that’s what they want to do. Islam is inextricably intertwined with conquest — after all, that’s the mandate Mohamed laid upon his followers. I have a feeling that, inside the heart of many of these new immigrants, beats a single mantra: “Today Paris; tomorrow the world.”

“It turns out that the second saying is now relevant in the literal sense: the modern capital of France is not similar to the one that is known to you.”


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