Watcher Technology Programmable Matter, Black Goo & Golems with Nicholson1968


Thanks to 4th Watch Radio Channel:
Illuminati BedTime Stories You Never Heard
Freemasons.Fallen Angels Lies Coming Undone!
Can U Hear Me Now Series:
Satan The Shape I'm In:
Less of Self:Illuminati's Rich Man All Mixed up:
The Age of the Great Work-Secrets of the Georgia GuideStones:
The Elite's Man of the Future telling you about the Past:
Full Superbowl 50 Video-Illuminati's Strength In Numbers:
Illuminat's Black Gold Project:
About Nicholson1968: Nicholson1968 Gets Personal:
The Elite's Know whats in a Number...Do You?:
Music Used and remixed Here:

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