White House initiative to hold social media to account for censorship and bias

In the last few years, president Trump has been the primary target of social media and search engine manipulation of the algorithms used for the social engineering of entire populations, as the DailyMail quantified a few days ago. The bias is between 2:1 and 3:1 to the advantage of leftist media, but unfortunately this is not being addressed.

What is, is equally important, is the silencing of individual voices and deplatforming, Facebook’s locking out Robert Spencer and shadow banning this site, as well as many others.

It’s the using of broken shields on websites such as ours, implying that in some way the site is unsafe, maybe malicious and not to be trusted.

I see it daily in the comments on this site, “I lost my Twitter account for saying…”. The right to free speech is being eroded rapidly. I don’t bother with social media accounts anymore, as they get mass reported because of my connection here. That’s just not right. Facebook, Twitter and Google are now monopolies and they have a duty to act fairly and without bias.

We have hundreds of articles on this site referencing free speech.

Amy Mek, is constantly and aggressively attacked online, and Twitter allows this.

It’s now fairly common for defenders of human rights and dignity to be threatened following complaints about the breaking of sharia law. I have seen dozens affected by Twitter enforcing sharia law at Pakistans request such as here at michellemalkin.com.

Being unable to raise funds to generate content by Patreon or even have a credit card account is another attack on defenders of democratic values.

But back to President Trump (sadly not mine, I suffer under the government leadership of a little potato), the White House has launched a campaign to collect evidence from those affected:

You can fill out the details of how you have been affected HERE. We can only hope that they will use this evidence to hold these tech giants to account, and break the lie that they are unbiased. This defines behavior fascism. Fox news ran a great video piece on the recent mass banning by Facebook. Open the Video


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