Who Owns You?

In my quest to help wake people up to the reality of the state and central banks, I try to get the message of freedom out to as many as possible.

This journey led me most recently to College Station, Texas, to speak at the United We Stand festival over the weekend.

One of the event’s unifying visions is “free and equal elections.” Of course, if you ask me, there is nothing free nor equal about voting for politicians who use violence to enforce your ideas on others.

And, as it turns out, it seems like not many people in this college town really care about democracy either. There was hardly anyone in attendance!

My hope and dream is that any and all political events have the same amount of participation… almost zero!

Though the average young person in Texas probably doesn’t care much about “free and equal” elections… many do still, perhaps unwittingly, support the continuing of incredibly unfree, unequal and corrupt politics as usual, unfortunately.

In any case, while there were maybe a few dozen people who actually attended this rally for electoral reform, my short speech was recorded, so at least my message of ending human slavery can get out to a larger audience.

You can see it here:

I mentioned in my talk how I’m actually thrilled to see that libertarian / voluntary gatherings like Anarchapulco are now drawing in thousands of liberty lovers from around the world.This weekend I’ll be back in the USSA for another freedom conference, Libertopia in San Diego. I have no doubt that this one will be quite well attended… so there is good reason to be hopeful!In case you haven’t heard, democracy is the god that failed. Freedom is popular, and good ideas don’t require force.

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