Why Is Everyone Talking About Flat Earth?

Why Is Everyone Talking About Flat Earth??   by Brian S. Staveley

    This is a blog and an issue I have wanted to address for a long time. This website started out back in like 2010 2011 and after researching 9/11 for years, then realizing it and then realizing nearly every other big event were nothing more than media hoaxes, I got into NASA.

Now before you go on, if you doubt my sanity or credibility on any other issue please feel free to click a link to a page on it where I have rationally with help of others of course non more than my co host James Sloan and the late Justin Cooke. You will, if you are open minded in the first place and you realize conspiracies exist, you will enjoy the site and especially the radio archive with tons of shows. All that being said back to NASA

In about 2012 I looked into the Apollo Moon Landings. To be honest with you after becoming somewhat of what I consider let's say a good identifier of media fakery since that is basically what my website had become years ago, it was clearly easy to see NASA had faked the moon landings.  No this blog is not going to be like most Facebook posts full of videos and memes. Honestly I have plenty for you to see and many you will see yourself, if you do take an interest in this topic. I'll save all that for the webpage I build for this controversial topic. For now let's just talk.

Why am I talking about the moon landing? What does that have to do with you the shape of the earth? Well everything really. You see not only did they fake landing on the moon, they faked the image of Earth from space. Not one by the way. Every image of Earth from space is a fake. Simply CGI. But you have heard it before I know....all the pics of Earth from space are CGI or fakes right? Google or goto NASAs site so you know the images are the "official" pics of Earth, and really honestly look at it. Its not a picture. It's a graphic. While that is TRUE, Still HOWEVER if you doubt that, you can also with just a few minutes worth of research you can see them caught in the act clearly on video staging the shot of the earth and faking their distance saying they are halfway to the moon. They literally tell you the camera is pressed against the window and that distant object out the window is Earth but in reality the camera was at the back of the shuttle or whatever they were in and the walls AROUND that CIRCULAR window were all blacked out to appear as deep space around a distant earth since it looked so small versus the faked background. This trickery was clever but they screwed up and got their arm in the shot a few times exposing the hoax. Clearly showing the camera was not pressed against the window as they said. This and all other moon issues are adressed on my moon hoax page on this site but that documentary exposing that part of it is called a Funny thing happened on the way to the moon.

I want to keep it moving though. So naturally after realizing they faked the moon landings(and its so obvious guys you can debunk Apollo in a good weekend) It's that bad. After that, obviously at least in my mind but apparently not in many others, NASA couldn't be trusted for anything. So what happened next? How about the "Mars Landing" pep rally? Johnny 5 on Mars? The press conference USA USA chanting?? You don't believe that do you? Did you see the post conference and that clown that kept looking for help in the crowd cuz he couldn't answer anything?? How do we get streaming video from Mars and much deeper in space , yet I can't get cell service down the street sometimes??

OK so what else are they faking? Turns out all but one Challenger Astronaut has been found alive and well and even using their own names for the most part.
These are not look alikes. I have posted their pictures below.

Then there is the "ISS". The ISS footage if filled with green screen technology glitches, CGI, Parabolic Manuevers on planes called Zero G Planes to simulate weightlesnness and much footage actually filmed in dark pools, specifically the space walks. There is undeniable evidence of all of this. Even bubbles rising in the damn pools. You just have to be open minded enough to look.

Satellites? Well people photograph the moon as much as anything right?? Ever see a satellite pass by the moon? Satellites are really ground based communications. Some possibly done with high alititude balloons. One Satellite rcently crashed in S America I believe it was, and It was just a device suspended by a huge balloon. NASA owns the biggest supply of helium in the world by the way. Arthur C Clarke wrote about them in a science fiction book and several years later NASA "Launched" the first one. So how does all this tie into flat earth? Well All of it is to cover this lie. Mainly taking a picture of Earth from space. They needed a space program to do that ya know? You can't just present a picture of Earth from space and say I don't know how we got it but it's proof. Well maybe you could people don't question who the cameraman was on the moon filming Neil Armstrongs first steps on the moon.

I am going to get into many proofs of a Flat Earth as well as explanations of what you believe in what science says, and what the real much more reasonable explanation is.

Have you ever felt the Earth spin???? No you have not. Have you ever seen the Earth Curve?? No you have not. They also go out of their way to fake the curvature with distorted lenses that are easy to tell they are bending the horizon no better example than the Red Bull Jump which was a complete hoax and done to show a round earth. Its a joke. Watch the earth go concave, convex, flat,etc all during his decent due to the fisheye lense. When the cockpit camera sees out the door the horizon is perfectly flat. Its always flat and it always rises to your eye level. Just use some common sense. STOP TRUSTNG THE GOVERNMENT OR NASA. I can not believe I need to tell anyone of you this by this point. So you can't feel motion, yet you are told you are moving. At INSANE speeds and directions.  You can't and NO ONE has ever measured the alleged curvature of this sphere. I will be posting plenty of evidence of all this if you want more on the topic but it is true, in FACT what has been happening is lets say you are on a ball, that ball has to drop obviously as things move away. There is a formula for this curvature since the Earth is said to be just under 25,000 miles around the curvature is 8 inches per mile squared. Yet people have been taking pictures across the ocean now at distances of 30, 40, 50,60 miles and more. Josh Nowicki took a picutre of Chicago from across Lake Michigan and at the distance of over 50 miles the entire skyline should have been below the curve but not only could you see Chicago you could see almost the entire thing. Then what do they do to counter his photo going viral?? A weatherman comes on TV talks about the picture blowing up the internet and tells you its a mirage!! So you aren't seeing simply what you are seeing.

So what about pilots? Clearly flying around a ball they must constantly nose down the plane or they will end up in outerspace. You can't fly straight and go around a ball. It would drop under you. It's common sense. Now everytime they can't explain something like this they say Gravity. So this THEORY gravity that has never been proven not only knows how to indidually stick millions of different objects animals and people to the earth, but it is weak enough to let butterflies fly, strong enough to hold the oceans on while we spin 1038 mph at the equator, now it also makes planes curve around the ball perfectly?? NO. SIMPLY SAID PILOTS DO NOT ADJUST FOR CURVATURE! EVER!! Just that should raise an eyebrow. You wanna say it's gravity? Gravity is just density and bouyancy. If something is heavier than the air it is in, guess what it does. It falls. Helium balloons rise cuz helium is lighter than the air we breathe. What are we going to believe they are gravity defying balloons??

You also believe the Sun is 93 MILLION MILES AWAY! 93 Million. Would you have ever come to that assumption on your own or were you taught that as a kid and told to repeat it to pass your tests in school? What with your own senses would ever tell you the sun is that far? Have you ever even looked at the sun's rays? Sometimes they come in at like 45 degree angles. How does that work if they are coming from 93 MILLION MILES. If they could even reach that far wouldn't only straight rays not MISS THE EARTH ENTIRELY? Of course. Try an experiment. A Simple one I thought of. Put a quarter on your floor across your room. That's the sun (OBVIOUSLY NOT TO SCALE). Now put a dime on the other side of your room. that's the Earth. How do angled rays come outta the quarter and hit the dime? Now add millions of miles in between... HHHHMMMMM

How about another impossibility. You can research all of these and it should be at least clear you have been duped. We are told the Moon reflects the suns light correct? So if I am in the sunlight and its 90 degrees and I wanna cool off I go in the shade where say its 80 degrees. Now when I say the moon emits cold light I don't mean cuz it's at night. Use your head. Lets say it is later that night and you are in direct full moonlight. 65 degrees lets say. Rays reflecting from the sun off the moon to us at night. Well if you go in the shade from the moonlight what does it drop to? 50 degrees? Cooler? NOOOOOOO! It gets hotter. The complete opposite of the Sunlight. So how the F is it reflecting sunlight when it has oppossite properties?
Try another experiment. Get a light source and shine it on a ball. You cant light a sphere with another light source without leaving a hot spot. The Moon is not lit from the sun. There is not only no evidence that it does but it is impossible for it to be.

Well how come when I'm at the beach I see boats go away and disappear bottom first over the curve of the earth? You don't. Its called a vanishing point. You know you can't see forever right? You aren't Superman even though Bill Nye asks if the earth is flat how come I can't see Spain from the East Coast of the USA??? It's absurd but even better let's prove it doesn't go over a curve. Watch that boat again and as it dissapears bottom first OVER THE CURVE as they say pull out a good zoom camera and guess what? You can bring the whole ship back. Watch it go over the curve again and whip out a stronger zoom say binoculars and guess what you bring it all back again!! Use your mind. Is it really going over a ball if you can zoom in and bring it back? Of course not. You should be zooming in on a hump of water.

The navy uses weapons with line of sight laser targeting up to more than 60 miles. Submarines. From inches off the surface of the sea. How is it line of sight if the earth curves? There would be like half a mile of curve in the way. How would a rail gun shoot a projectile like 100 miles in a straight line?

This is a deep topic I have been researching since 2014 so I have a lot to add to follow this up but I want to keep this one not too long and get you interested. If you have to cuss me out or call me stupid or insult my education that obviously means you have no reasonable rebuttal.

This is all stuff you can see for yourself. EVERY PICTURE OF EARTH IS FAKE. Its even ADMITTED they photoshop them. You can see the continents change size and even see cloned copy and pasted clouds on the "photos". Well if those are faked to that degree isn't this worth looking into? I have posted some for you.

Let's recap. All the pics of earth from space are fake CGI. All the pics of Satellites in space are CGI and these are obvious. Look them up. Nothing but cartoons. It's pretty insulting really. They hoaxed Apollo and The Challenger Disaster and the ISS is a complete joke. But nooooooo they'd never lie about the shape of the earth. Even though the images of that are also fake. Where is the logic in that reasoning?

Well what's the motive? Well many answers really, but some tougher for others to believe whether you are faith based or not but how about lets start with money. NASA gets 20 billion a year, yes 53 MILLION PER DAY to fake outer space. They control navigation, GPS, Maps and they could be hiding more land or even bigger secrets like how we got here or by whom.

Planes going east and west should take vastly different times since one is going with and one against the spin of the earth. If the earth is spinning 1000 MPH eastward and you are flying east at 500mph how would you even reach your stop? It would come up behind you. And a trip westward would take a fraction of the time cuz you and the Earth would be racing towards each other!  Well here comes another bullshit argument that the Earth's atmosphere is rotating with the earth. Let's pretend it is for a second. So what about a plane flying to land on a north to south runway? Are you trlling me they can land while the earth spins sideways at 1000 MPH??? Clearly if you believe that you must believe they are not just extremely skilled at that part of flying, but there surely is a procedure to compensate for the spin. Well there absolutely isn't. I will post some material here. Interviews from pilots and a few beginner videos you should see. This is my first blog on Flat Earth and it's been three years so I don't go on forever I will stop now. I will respond to comments. Please share this. Have an open mind and just think. If you can't trust NASA and can't trust school, can you not trust your senses more than them?? I assure you it is not a crazy idea in fact I tried to debunk this for about a full year before realizing not only does the globe lack proof....IT HAS NONE. You can prove the earth is flat and does not move in hundreds of ways. Literally.
Pictures they present of REAL EARTH from Space Are posted below as well as their photoshopping blunder. Pics at impossible distances on a ball. Pics of the sun I TOOK which clearly is not 93 Million Miles away and I will add a few beginner videos to ease you into this. Please just go in order. This is not bullshit. you have been programmed to think it is though.

I will be doing a radio show on this soon right here on The Dose Of Reality Radio Show and building a few in depth Flat Earth pages. For now I hope you enjoyed this blog. This is for beginners mostly but no worries, you veterans of the Flat Earth Movement my webpages will have much more updated content. Use this to get people interested please. Please share this link if you like this blog.

Brian S. Staveley   www.TheRealNewsOnline.com

NASA's Most used official pic now Blue Marble 2.0. Admittedlly Photoshopped by Rob Simmon Of NASA. Have a listen yourself.

Clearly photshopped clouds and weather and it is even admitted he added them on and even colored the oceans as he sees fit and it is photoshopped cuz it has to be. Fact is ALL the pics of earth from space are indeed fake.

     Now this is a still from an even worse timelapse of the moon allegedlly orbitting the earth. This is what Joe Rogan Calls HI RESOLUTION satellite image of the earth when debating Eddie Bravo

You believe this is real???
The Chicago Skyline which should be under 2400 feet of curvature clearly visible. Taken by Josh Nowicki but called a mirage by the news. Mirages are upside down by the way. Complete nonsense. No you are just seeing Chicago becuase it is across from you and you aren't on a ball!!
Listen to this liar! Want another example?? Jenna Fredo took pics of Toronto from New York and The Skydome shoulda been completely under the curve. They are laughing at our ignorance.
Listen to this weatherman's bullshit.
Now Jenna's Video showing the Skydome. And she even uses METABUNK which is a BS site like Snopes they have a "curvature calculator" that even knocks the number down more than it should to explain away what you can see when you shouldn't and she still beats it. Beats it to really prove a point. Then Mick West comes on Joe Rogan's show and straight up says its a mirage! Here we go again...He also says look the Skydome is upside down. as you are looking at everything totally upright!!

They really tell you these pictures below are really Earth from space. Come on man...


Official NASA pic called Earth Rising from the moon. CLEARLY CGI

     Now here are my favorite videos to get anyone new started. Just give it a try. Will it kill you to have an open mind? If it's BS, simply debunk it!  Please go in order as they are laid out in a specific order by me. 
A Great description how your eyes work and why things appear to vanish over the horizon.

Click Here For Engineer Brian Mullin's Balls Out Physics Playlist. Just Let The Whole List Play. Excellent Stuff.

    Joe Rogan used to be a voice for the moon hoax. They got to him. When he had Neil Degrasse Tyson on his show and did a complete 180. The only guy ever to go back on the moon hoax after seeing the evidence. Now every few weeks it is just a flat earth bashing show by Rogan.  Don't trust these clowns. Always use your own judgement. Don't trust anyone. Including me. Do your own research. This is just a good start for you. If a particulr person here doesn't resonate with you, you don't have to listen to them. There are so many people putting out content now but these are some great ones to start with.
   Unlike other conspiracies Flat Earth, to me at least can be very fun. Here is some great Flat Earth music to close out this post. Please comment and share to Facebook if possible. There is a like button right on this page but I don't think that actually shares it Please just copy and paste the link where you deem appropriate. If you enjoyed this check out my other material on media hoaxes/false flags especially 9/11 or my moon hoax information since that is so deeply intertwined with this. If you still believe in Apollo you will never get this. So I would recommend even starting there, but if you already know Apollo was hoax as I feel many people actually do, then please continue to look here. Now it will all make sense why they had to hoax the moon landings. It was not for American pride or military supremacy or anything like that. It was to support this lie.
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