YouTube Scrubs Tommy Robinson Video Warning of Coming Censorship Robinson warned the establishment was trying to silence him in now-banned video

The 2:28 minute-long video uploaded in March, entitled I Won’t Be Around For Much Longer, was scrubbed on June 13 after YouTube claimed it included “hate speech.”

You can watch one of these mirrored copies of the video below:

In it, Robinson talks about how he was banned on Twitter for pointing out that around 90% of the street grooming gang convictions in the UK are Muslim men, a statistic which Robinson says was also confirmed by Muslim organizations.

A website that’s been documenting these convictions shows that since 1997, 283 convictions out of 325 were Muslim men.

But that wasn’t even the focal point of the video, but rather just the “hook” that allows Robinson to talk about how the establishment would soon try to de-platform him from social media to stop his reporting.

As mentioned, this video was first uploaded in March, two months before Robinson was arrested, imprisoned and practically silenced from reporting on Muslim grooming gangs in the UK.

Robinson has since been transferred to a high-security, Muslim-dominated prison where he’ll be released to the general population, according to his spokesman Caolan Robertson:

Tommy Robinson - I Won't Be Around For Much Longer

Tommy Robinson - I Won't Be Around For Much LongerImage result for Tommy Robinson

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