Zimbabwe in Chaos; Army Rounding-up people, Door-to-Door, SHOOTING THEM — Internet Cut-off

The government of Zimbabwe raised fuel prices to $12 a gallon and the people of the country rose-up protest. Now, the Zimbabwe Army is going door-to-door, rounding-up people and shooting many of them dead on the spot. The government has also CUT OFF THE INTERNET and all social media to prevent the outside world from finding out.

Images and video below have been secreted out of Zimbabwe and they show gruesome scenes of round-ups, shootings and horrific murder by Army troops.

Troops began going door-to-door about 36 Hours ago; but no one could warn anyone else because communications – including Internet and Social Media – have been ordered CUT OFF by government.

Some people are taken peacefully . . .

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While others break down in tears as they’re taken . . . .

Others are taken and shot:


Econet Wireless Zimbabwe , the country’s largest mobile operator, said on Wednesday its internet services had been cut off following an order from the government amid deadly protests in the country.

“We are obliged to act when directed to do so and the matter is beyond our control,” Econet said in a text message to customers, adding that all networks and providers had suspended their services.

Prior to the cut-off of social media, things like these were beginning to be published:

Zimbabwe, as you may know, used to be called Rhodesia, after millionaire Cecil Rhodes who first visited and contracted with the tribes there to begin developing civilization.

The country went basically Communist, changed its name to Zimbabwe, then elected a murderous Dictator named Robert Mugabe as its leader.

Mugabe decided that White people were the problem in his country, and began taking white farmlands and redistributing the land to blacks.

Prior to this move, Zimbabwe was “the breadbasket of Africa” feeding much of that continent. After a few years of land re-distribution, Zimbabwe had to start importing food because farm production collapsed under blacks.

Last year, Mugabe was finally ousted as leader and a newer, more brutal guy named Mnangagwa, took over. What we see today is his style of leadership: Brutal repression and outright murder.


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