Intellectual Property Rights Give Zuckerberg His Fake Size

Facebook Plans to Rewire Your Life. Be Afraid … Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto, penned clearly in response to accusations leveled at the social network in the wake of the bitter U.S. election campaign, is a scary, dystopian document. It shows that Facebook — launched, in Zuckerberg’s own words five years ago, to “extend people’s capacity to build and maintain relationships” — is turning into something of an extraterritorial state run by a small, unelected government that relies extensively on privately held algorithms for social engineering.

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Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest young men in the world with a company that spans the globe. And now he is putting that company to work defining what fake news is and is not. To help him in this task he has has recruited other like Snopes.

Snopes is run by a man who just divorced the co-founder to marry someone else. They seem to publish way too many articles for their small staff. Some have speculated the CIA is helping them. But no one is saying, exactly. So it’s speculation.

Zuckerberg says he’s done the best he can to build an unimpeachable references organization to help him decide what is fake and what isn’t. Presumably he will change it as necessary.


In 2012, Zuckerberg addressed future Facebook investors in a letter attached to the company’s initial public offering prospectus. Here’s how he described the company’s purpose:

People sharing more — even if just with their close friends or families — creates a more open culture and leads to a better understanding of the lives and perspectives of others. We believe that this creates a greater number of stronger relationships between people, and that it helps people get exposed to a greater number of diverse perspectives. By helping people form these connections, we hope to rewire the way people spread and consume information. We think the world’s information infrastructure should resemble the social graph — a network built from the bottom up or peer-to-peer, rather than the monolithic, top-down structure that has existed to date. We also believe that giving people control over what they share is a fundamental principle of this rewiring.

The article points that whatever Zuckerberg has intended to do, it has largely failed. That includes his upcoming effort to differentiate between real and fake news.

And it points out that Zuckerberg has actually made anxieties worse for a number of people. That’s because Facebook is ultimately a competitive situation with everyone trying to create a perfect online life. This caused people overall to have less life satisfaction when using Facebook, not more.

The same thing happens when new mothers get on Facebook to share the joys of newfound parenting. “Failing to get enough … validation causes depressive symptoms.” In other words the exposure to others who seem to be doing better than you, once again turns Facebook into software that is damaging to individuals rather than life-affirming.

But from our point of view, Zuckerberg shouldn’t be where he is anyway. The CIA apparently built up his operation and its size and scale is dependent on various post Civil War decisions. The CIA wants the real-time data that Facebook is collecting from over a billion people (or so we are told).

Chief among the court decisions are elaborations of corporate personhood and intellectual property rights. Also fiat, central-bank money and various kinds of regulation that only very large companies can fully fulfill.

For Zuckerberg, it is probably intellectual property rights that are among the most important parts of his empire. An article entitled From Zero to Zuckerberg tells the tale of just how critical IP is.

Firstly, protecting your IP enables your company to differentiate itself from other businesses and can act as its unique selling point, often helping it to secure future investment.

In fact, many VCs may not back a business at all if its IP isn’t protected. It can be seen as vulnerable to competitors — especially larger, cash-heavy companies who can swoop in and replicate it — and therefore too risky to scale. Put it another way, IP effectively ensures that the ‘new’ Zuckerberg can exist.

IP has virtually lifted Zuckerberg into the position he is in today. The idea that software telling people about the lives of other similar people can be worth literally trillions is based on what society has decided to protect

There is no reason why society should protect IP. If Zuckerberg want protection, he should pay for it himself. Right now you and I pay.

Zuckerberg is worth tens of billions based on post Civil War decisions that back up IP ideas that shouldn’t have been debated in the first place. The only people IP helps these days, for the most part, are those with the very largest companies like Zuckerberg’s.

IP helped Zuckerberg build what is essentially a false company. Now he is compounding the problem. Because of his size he is becoming an arbiter of what is and is not Fake News.

Conclusion: Zuckerberg will push forward on this track, perhaps oblivious to the ridiculousness of his position. He shouldn’t be where he is, and his current size has as much to do with the CIA as it does with IP determinations. Put together the two influences built a behemoth. It shouldn’t exist but it does.

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McCain Fingered as Trump Leaker

White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone … This could be the beginning of the end for embattled Sen. John McCain’s life in politics.  – True Pundit

Just the other day we wrote an article about John McCain and how he was trying to undermine President Donald Trump.

We suggested that if Trump could do something to rein in McCain that would be a net positive because McCain was being so destructive, not just to Trump but to the country generally.

Image result for John McCain

McCaine tends to concentrate on areas that make him a male form of Hillary Clinton. Like Hillary he badly wants a war or vastly escalated tensions with Russia. He wants to stitch Ukraine firmly to Europe and wants to strip Russia of Crimea as well.

One reason McCain is so focused on international policy is because that’s where the wars are. For last 75 years, and even before that, America has been turned into a kind of beast of burden for international banking. It’s been made to shoulder numerous wars that were stalemated at best.

Gradually America is bleeding to death from these wars at the same time as China in particular has been raised up. McCain’s preoccupation is more with tearing America down. But meanwhile China is gaining in power and prestige.

The plan is to leave America behind, a shell of what it once was and transfer a lot more globalist involvement to China. This is the way you continue to build up globalist activity, which is what this group is after.

It’s not just China. The BRICs generally are being built up, including India, which is well down the road to a cashless society. Only Russia is being excised, presumably to make it a continued enemy of the US, as US needs at least one formidable enemy on which to expend blood and treasure.

At least some officials think the senator listened to some of Trump’s telephone conversations, including one with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  They say, reportedly that McCain is giving information on these conversations to mainstream media journos and other to injure Trump and even set him up for impeachment.

Conclusion: There are others besides McCain who are doing a lot of leaking, but McCain definitely seems a major player. …  though obviously he would deny it. There are no charges pending and McCain is a very powerful figure within the GOP. It is not clear if and when charges would be made. But according to the article excerpted above, it’s time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to figure out McCain’s full involvement and along with the laws broken.

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N. Korean Nukes Exaggerated; More Questions About American Nukes Too

George W. Bush invaded Iraq to remove its – ultimately nonexistent – weapons of mass destruction. Barack Obama used cyber weaponry and sanctions to deter Iran from building its own atomic bomb. Now Donald Trump faces North Korea, but stopping its nuclear and missile program may prove impossible, creating what may be his first and perhaps defining international crisis.


President Donald Trump is being urged to confront North Korea and also to build up the army which, some say, has been neglected in the Obama years and even before.

He needs to do this as well because North Korea is supposedly getting close to having a usable nuclear force.

This is a crisis everyone has seen coming. That’s why Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been so desperate to court Trump, visiting him even before the inauguration. As North Korea launched an intermediate medium-range ballistic missile on Sunday, Abe was once again with the president – this time on a golf and bonding trip to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida retreat.

… Pyongyang first demonstrated its ability to detonate a crude nuclear device in 2006 – becoming the only Iraq- or Iran-style “rogue state” to ever get that far. Since then, it has continued to develop not just the bombs but also the missiles to deliver them.

Ultimately, the regime would love to have the ability to strike the continental United States – a prospect Trump has tweeted to say “won’t happen”. For now, however, there are few signs anyone has a plan to stop it.

The article goes on about North Korea’s land-based “nuclear rockets” and the progress it is making in creating and distributing them.

But who is making these claims? One of the only ways to know is to measure earth quakes. America is doing that, but the Pentagon has nearly as many reasons to exaggerate the North Korean threat as North Korea itself.

We don’t believe that North Korea has much in the way of nuclear weapons. It may have none at all. Not even the “mini-nuke” that you can possibly pick up in both hands. But with Trump banging the drums for more armament, North Korea has suddenly become a big threat to the United States.

There is no real evidence for North Korea having a large nuclear force. But because we are told it is so, we should believe it. These are the same kind of observations that go back some 75 years to Hiroshima and Nagasaki even though its fairly clear that both cities were firebombed.

Some sort of nuclear device may have been dropped as well, but if it was nuclear device it wasn’t a very effective one. Crawford F. Sams, who ran the post-war nuclear program in Japan has said,

When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed [in Hiroshima] – by blast, by thermal radiation, or by intense x-ray, gamma radiation … You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent …

When I came back to this country, I was appalled, from a military standpoint, to find that our major planners in the War Department were using their own propaganda, 100 thousand deaths, Bing! …

You don’t hear much about the effects of Nagasaki because actually it was pretty ineffective. That was a narrow corridor from the hospital … down to the port, and the effects were very limited as far as the fire spread and all that stuff. So you don’t hear much about Nagasaki.

It makes very little sense that nuclear weapons have been around for 75 years but never have been used. Never as in not once. Except for the supposed uses in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And there is a good deal of doubt they were actually used then. In fact, they are still basically the same size and shape.

Trump seems determined to build up the military to a size never before seen. In this he may agree with Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas and Sen. John McCain of Arizona. These two have asked for base military budget of $640 billion in 2018. That would be $100 billion more than in 2017.

The larger picture according to Pentagon budgets is up to one trillion over the next ten years or so to dramatically hike the Pentagon’s nuclear forces.

But the  entire history of nuclear warfare is muddied by a lack of real reporting and credible eye witnesses. The New York Times had only one reporter assigned to nuclear weapons during their formative years. That person turned out to be on the Pentagon payroll as well.

Conclusion: There are a good many questions as to how nuclear weapons work – and if they work and when they work. Before we spend another $1 trillion adding to such weapons, we should ask some hard questions about them. We shouldn’t believe everything we hear. When it comes to America’s “nuclear program” we should be skeptical.

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Foreign Terror Sponsor McCain Illegally in Syria, Again

Foreign terror sponsor Senator John McCain is spreading his malignant seed, once again.  Within a short week, McQaeda McCain spent time at the Munich Security Conference.   He then solidified the axis of terror – Saudi-Turkish-McCain – in visits to Saudistan’s inbred King Salman, and Erdoganstan’s Muslim Brotherhood caliph- wannabe, Erdogan.foreign-terror-sponsor-saudis

While McCain and Salman were meeting, German Press Agency interviewed Saudi FM Adel ‘’Voce Bianca” al Jubeir. Voce Bianca said that Saudistan was ready for a ground invasion against Syria.  He did not mention that Saudi terrorists have been on the ground in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, and that, as of 3 January 2014, twelve thousand Saudis had invaded the SAR.

These numbers did not include the 1,239 death row inmates who were released from their incarceration in exchange for committing atrocities in Syria.+


The globalist Munich gang consists of 450 “senior decision-makers from around the world,” including various NGO heads.  Munich Security  was voted “Best Think Tank Conference” of 2016,  by the University of Pennsylvania.

Saudistan and Erdoganstan are two of the world’s leading state sponsors of terror, particularly against the Syrian Arab Republic, and were both recently visited by new CIA head, Mike Pompeo, who presented prince bin Nayef with a medal of gratitude – while omitting 9/11.  It was through Erdoganstan that McCain again illegally entered the SAR.  This is a double affront, one of colonialist impunity, as his reputation at home is one of a staunch opponent illegals entering the US.

Saudi Exports

Some media have called McCain a member of Congress, in apparent confusion with a group of baboons; though not mutually exclusive, his legislative post is in the US Senate.

Though foreign terror sponsor McCain’s website has not posted a statement on his illegal alien entry into Syria, USA Today quoted a statement by his spokeswoman:  “Sen. McCain’s visit was a valuable opportunity to assess the dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq.  President Trump has rightly ordered a review of U.S. strategy and plans to defeat ISIL.  Senator McCain looks forward to working with the administration and military leaders to optimize our approach for accomplishing ISIL’s last defeat.”

It is of no matter to the supporters of terrorists in Syria, that in October 2015, Syria’s UN ambassador, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari stated that were the US and EU to stop arming and funding terrorists in his country, were the facilitation of entry into his country halted, the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in three days; why would countries engaged in perpetual war want to do that?

This spokeswoman statement suggests that foreign terror sponsor McCain was shipped off by the Trump administration, along with its curses.  McCain has been a domestic thorn in Trump’s side, both during the campaign, and since the election.

It is particularly fetid to dump one’s problematic garbage into the home of another.  It is also a demonically colonialist double standard, as POTUS Trump is also a staunch opponent of illegal aliens in the US, and has plans to build a wall along the US-Mexican border, because every country has a right to secure its borders.

Every country has this inherent right, except for Syria, as the US senator’s second illegal entry demonstrates.

Foreign terror sponsor McCain has a long history of illegal entry into other countries.  He and Democrat Victoria Nuland fed the Nazimaidan coup operatives, in the Ukraine (the free lunches were part of the  $5 billion bipartisan tax monies spent on this coup).  He was also an illegal in Libya, helping to organize al Qaeda there, against the government.  That the terrorist destruction of Libya has resulted in increased terrorism throughout the region, is of no matter to the geopoliticians, who repeat the same atrocities, over and over (Einstein called such repetition, “insanity”).

Senator John McCain (‘Q’) – Al-Qaeda Representative in US. Senate, illegally in Libya 2011

The US created al Qaeda, to be used against the Soviets, in Afghanistan.  The US then left its terrorist militia fully armed.

ISIS” leader and Iraqi national Bakr al Baghdadi was safe in an Iraqi jail, until the US let him out, giving him 10s of millions to run terrorist training camps in Jordan, after which these foreign terrorists were unleashed into Syria, and were counted as “Syrian rebels.”  al Baghdadi was previously considered a leader of the original branch of al Qaeda against Syria, the ‘‘FSA,’’ prior to  it branching off into  countless sub-sect gangs of savages.

It has been strongly rumored that al Baghdadi was one of the terrorists with whom McCain met in 2013; the closest to corroboration was a tweet from McCain’s translator, to this writer, which was quickly deleted.

Foreign terror sponsor McCain last illegally entered Syria in May 2013.  He was dispatched by then President Obama, against whom he also had an adversarial stance.  During that illegal trip, McCain met with other terrorists, including kidnappers of Lebanese pilgrims, Syrian traitor Salim Idriss, an “FSA” head who supports its offspring, Jabhat al Nusra (JaN).  JaN has been on the US terror list, since 10 months after its inception (and 10 days after the Washington Post described it as ‘the most successful arm of the rebel forces.’).  Idriss gave his public support for JaN in March  2013, more than two months before McQaeda McCain met with him.

Upon his return, Obama and msm back-slapped McCain with such joviality they seemed to want to throw him a parade.  No member of the msm asked why he had met with a man who publicly supported the terrorists who are actually on the US terror list.

American Foreign Terrorist and illegal alien McCain meets with kidnappers and other terrorists. To his right is FSA/JaN terrorist Idriss

In September 2013, foreign terror sponsor McCain became outraged when questioned about his time spent with [other] terrorists while [illegally] in Syria:

In March 2015, Idriss made a formal apology to JaN, via tweet, for having ever given it a criticism.

JaN had announced its fake severance with al Qaeda to a mass audience provided by CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news, 1 August 2016.  One week later, US UN Ambassador Samantha Power held an anti-Syria soiree, in which she not only gave another audience to terrorists in Syria, but to their supporters, and subtly suggested that the US might be amenable to removing JaN – or its now-bleached incarnation — from its list, in her statement that “…opposition groups — joined by members of the terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra — launched a counter-offensive…” against Syria.  This had been the wish of various anti-Syria “Syrian” leaders. Power’s suggestion though, was thwarted when US Treasury, on 10 November, announced that the renamed JaN was not being released from the list.

Post election foreign policy immediately indicated a shift

Additionally, it was announced that the mostly foreign terrorist leaders of JaN (labeled “al Qaeda in Syria” by the msm)  had been added to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) list:

  • Saudi terrorist and foreign illegal in Syria,  Abdallah Mushaysini
  • Jordanian terrorist and foreign illegal, Ashraf Ahmad al Allak
  • Macedonian terrorist and foreign illegal in Syria, Jamal Husayin Zayniyah.
  • Australian terrorist and foreign illegal in Syria, Mostafa Mahamed had already been placed on the SDN list, in May.  This foreign terrorist had been dispatched to illegally enter Syria, to help staunch the fratricide among various sects of foreign killers of Syrians, fighting over who got to slaughter the most, who got to steal the most.

Foreign terror sponsor McCain, during his previous illegal entry, coincidentally found himself there amidst the massive fake news anti-Syria propaganda, simultaneously published in France’s Le Merde, and UK’s The Geryon.  The illegal reporting crew had been embedded with the “FSA”terrorists; among the illegal foreign reporting crew were some intelligence operatives, sent to train the terrorists in use of white phosphorus (P4).  Fortunately, the primitive brains of the terrorist grunts were incapable of upgrading chemical weapons from chlorine — as were used to slaughter Syrian soldiers and civilians in Khan al Asal —  and the P4 attacks in Damascus were unsuccessful.

Le Merde, The Geryon, and foreign terror sponsor McCain were unable to run the banner fake news that Syria had bombed Syria with P4.

Important visit with brave fighters in #Syria who are risking their lives for freedom, and need our help. — tweet of foreign terror sponsor, John McCain 28 May 2013

Merciful stupidity postponed the plot to use terrorist atrocities to be blamed on Syria, to be used as cover story for turning Syria into Libya, until 21 August.  On 21 August, the takfiri savages bombed al Ghouta with chemical weapon HCN, and only ratted out the Saudis because the terrorists also killed many of their own:   “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them.  When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them.”

Foreign terror sponsor McCain’s recent illegal entry into Syria has even worse ramifications, as there are additional layers of geopolitical psychosis, since his previous one.

Fake/unfake msm has orwellianly reported that foreign terror sponsor McCain ‘made a secret trip to visit US troops in Syria.’  The unadulterated news would state Illegal alien McCain Illegally Enters Syria to Meet with War Criminal US Foreign Terrorists Illegally in Syria.

According to official statements, there are upwards of 500 US spec operatives in Syria.  These numbers do not include the various independent US American mercenaries, such as the triple header orangettes, Eric Harroun, and Matthew VanDyk.  These spec operatives are working with other foreign terrorist mercs in training a gang of creatures paid to carve up Syria, to drown it in the sewage of Sykes-Picot secretions.  This merc-militia, still in infancy stage, is orwellianly described as comprised of “Syrian rebels” and led by separatist “Kurds.”

It is part of the fake news and criminal propaganda that this illegal US run merc-militia has been given an English-language name, and an English acronym, in order to legitimize these war crimes begun under Obama and continued by Trump.

Every country has one flag and one military.

The military of the Syrian Arab Republic is called the Syrian Arab Army.

This, and ONLY this, is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic

This is the fake flag of the US – run fake Syrian and fake Kurd militia.  Written on it are the words Hezen Suriya Demokratik (“forces Syrian democratic,” whose proper acronym is “HSD”).  This language is a Turkic one, whose name is Azerbaijani, Azeraijani-Turkish, or Azeri-Turkish.  It is the language of Azerbaijan, population 9.4 million. Azerbaijan is the third largest gas supplier to Erdoganstan.  In 2012, Azerbaijan signed a $1.6 billion arms deal with Israel.

HSD flag written in Azeri-Turkish, which is not Arabic, nor Kurdish

That the enemy attempts to impose a fake flag on a sovereign country is to be expected.  That the sovereign country’s allies and friends help to normalize such a disgusting imposition by calling the merc militia that flies it, ‘US-backed Syrian rebels led by Kurds,’ brings to mind the words of Imam al Ghazali.

It is enough to be a fool

Donald J. Trump ran on the campaign pledge to drain the swamp. President-elect Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech was unprecedented in his offer of entente, to the world, in his promise to be a good neighbor:

I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone; all people and all other nations.  We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict….In the field of world policy I would dedicate this Nation to the policy of the good neighbor — the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others — the neighbor who respects his obligations and respects the sanctity of his agreements in and with a world of neighbors.

Shipping foreign terror sponsor McCain to congeal relations with the two countries that have inflicted the worst atrocities against Syria, is not entente.  It is not respecting “the rights of others.”

Rabid ErDOGan, war criminal

President Donald J. Trump, upon inauguration, almost immediately betrayed these noble promises.  On 2 February, he bombed two bridges in Raqqa, Syria.  He has bombed a third, since, which puts him one ahead of his predecessor. This falls under the category of a war crime.

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

On 27 January, Trump stated his support for Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Jarabulus , Syria.  Would he think it righteous were Canada to invade NYC, hire 400 unemployed men, take them to Canada,train them in law enforcement, and then return them to NYC for a graduation ceremony in which they pledge allegiance to Canada, and Trudeau?

For more than 6 years, Syrian Arab Republic has fought to survive the most hideous international conspiracy in the history of humanity.   Syria will not allow the old agenda of war masters.  President Trump can reverse this criminal path of continuing perpetual war.  He can debrief foreign terror sponsor McCain, and then ignore his advice. Trump can immediately recall the American troops illegally in Syria.  He can apologize to Syria by reopening its embassy, removing the draconian sanctions imposed upon Syria, and removing the mobility restrictions placed on H.E. al Ja’afari, by the Obama State Department, done to censor his successful Town Hall Meetings (which the ambassador did in order to counter the propaganda effects of fake news.  He can offer reparations to Syria.

There is still time for Mr. Trump to become a president among presidents.  

What is hateful to you, do not do to others. — Hillel

— Miri Wood

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Pope Francis Is Warned Against Betraying China’s Underground Church

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the retired Bishop of Hong Kong, has warned the Vatican against forging an agreement with the Chinese government that would grant it significant power over the Catholic Church in the country. Cardinal Zen has stated that he would consider any such deal a betrayal by the Holy See of the underground Catholic faithful in China.


It is estimated that millions of Catholics in China are forced to worship underground as they refuse to register with the state’s official Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA). These “underground” Catholics recognize the authority of the Holy See and opt to worship clandestinely due to the risk of harassment from authorities. Meanwhile, the communist-approved Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association operates under the supervision of the central government and the activities of its clerics are strictly monitored.

Bobby YipCardinal Joseph Zen, an outspoken critic of Beijing, prays outside China Liaison Office to demand religious freedom in China during a protest in Hong Kong July 11, 2012.

Cardinal Zen has explained that priests and bishops in the so-called underground church have been thrown in jail for submitting to the Holy See rather than the state-overseen church. If a deal is approved between the Chinese government and the Catholic authorities in Rome, it is feared that the agreement would amount to an official recognition by the Vatican of the government-controlled Church. The deal would grant the government the power to nominate bishops, although Beijing would have to submit its nominees to the Pope for ultimate acceptance or rejection.

Cardinal Zen has expressed concern that Pope Francis may be misinformed about the true situation for Catholics in China. “We are very much worried because it seems that the Vatican is going to make a very bad agreement with China. And I can understand that the pope is really naïve. He doesn’t know the Chinese communists,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“Unfortunately, the people around him are not good at all. They have very wrong ideas. And I’m afraid that they may sell out our underground Church. That would be very sad,” he added.

In its desire for total control of the Church, Zen said Beijing is painting a negative picture of the underground faithful as “troublemakers.”

Zen ultimately fears the deal would “give too much decision power to the government,” endangering Catholics in the country who do not want to submit to state oversight in their worship.

However, the current Catholic Archbishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal John Tong Hon, has defended the new deal proposals. He has said the agreement would mean China would be put in a position where it must now recognize the Pope as the supreme head of the Church, as the deal would mean the pontiff, not the Chinese state, would have final authority on who was appointed as a bishop in the country.

Zen though, disagrees, and believes granting Bejing the power to choose nominees for Church leaders in the country would be a betrayal of those currently forced to worship in secret in China.


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Printable List of Bottled Water Containing Fluoride

The world is slowly waking up to the fact that fluoride, a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry, wreaks havoc on the brain and body. Despite peer-reviewed scientific evidence against it, fluoride is still added to 70 percent of U.S. public drinking water supplies.

What’s more is that processed beverages and food, tea, and even bottled water contain fluoride. That’s right, many popular brands of bottled water have a known neurotoxin added to them.

fluorosis_rates_usIt’s no wonder that dental fluorosis has skyrocketed in the U.S. over the past 60 years (image right). Dental fluorosis is a side effect of fluoride ingestion that typically effects children. And it’s awful. Click HERE to see what it looks like, but you might want to take my word for it because it’s not a pretty sight.

Additionally, the aforementioned peer-reviewed evidence against fluoride includes a recent publication in the world renowned, weekly peer-reviewed Medical Journal, the Lancet. This report classifies fluoride as a neurotoxin and concludes that it notably decreases the IQ of children.

Fluoride is a toxic waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry

In the 1950’s it was determined that phosphate factories emitted toxic gases that were destroying the environment. Crops were scorched, destroyed, and cattle became crippled. Chemical and environmental engineers were employed with the task of filtering this toxic waste so that it would not escape into the atmosphere.

My former chemistry professor was once one of these engineers and would often reminisce of his days developing and designing what the industry later referred to as scrubbers. Scrubbers were installed to filter out this toxic waste thus protecting communities from harmful gases that when leached into the atmosphere would destroy their health and ecosystem. But were citizens ultimately being protected?

Chances are that you are currently a victim of the industry’s fluoride emissions although you may not live anywhere near a phosphate plant. For you see, when the scrubbers clean these emissions, hydrofluorosilicic acid, a classified hazardous waste is collected and barreled up. It is then sold to communities across America to be added to the public water supply as the primary fluoride chemical for water fluoridation.

Of course many people know this disturbing fact and avoid drinking from the tap. But what if I told you that the very water you’re spending a pretty penny on to avoid fluoridation, is too fluoridated. You might be surprised which brands contain fluoride, but when you see who owns them it will all make sense.

The list below contains data provided by the International Bottled Water Association that you can use to make sure you’re not feeding fluoride to yourself and your family.


If you would like a copy of this list for future reference click the letter sized image above then either right click and save the file or select “print” in your browser menu.


Top Cancer Researchers, Harvard, EPA Agree: Fluoride Causes Tumors, Lowers IQ

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck: ‘Access To Water Should NOT Be A Public Right’

Chocolate Toothpaste is Better for Your Teeth Than Fluoride


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Globalists Ramp Up Mad Push For ‘A Boot Stamping Upon A Human Face – Forever’ And An Apocalyptic World War 3

Jesus was good. He was caring. He had powerful, profound things to say—things that would change how we view people, alter government policies and change the world. He went around helping the poor. And when confronted by those in authority, he did not shy away from speaking truth to power.

Jesus was born into a police state not unlike the growing menace of the American police state. John Whitehead – The Rutherford Institute

According to the new story from John Whitehead over at the Rutherford Institute that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Wednesday, Americans should brace ourselves. Warning us that “the world has been down this road before”, Whitehead reports many Americans are now under a state of ‘national denial’, and a sort of ‘grand illusion’ is now playing out before us all that “doesn’t bode well for the future of this country”.

The new story over at Activist Post reports that despite President Donald Trump being voted into office, the ‘surveillance state’ created over the past several decades is still here in America – recording our every move.

Reporting that soon after Trump became the President-elect, sales of George Orwell’s book 1984 went through the roof and surged to the top of Amazon’s best sellers list where it has remained for months, the globalists visions of a ‘boot stamping upon a human face – forever’, still remain under Trump as long as they’re still in positions to be ‘pulling strings’.

As AP reports, our computers, smartphones, car, smart TV and appliances and credit cards didn’t all of a sudden STOP spying upon us just because Trump got into office. They’ve been put into place over decades and the AP story sternly warns that they’ll likely continue to expand under Trump unless he does something to reverse the Orwellian surveillance state that has been built up over time to watch over everything being done by the American people. Fortunately, as Susan Duclos reported back on February 2nd, President Trump has already taken some steps to make things right by putting radical Islamic extremism in the crosshairs of our surveillance state, and taking the eyes of the biggest national security apparatus in the world off of patriots. Yet the ‘surveillance state’ remains, still as Orwellian as ever, and everywhere.

With tens of thousands of Americans protesting in the streets against Trump and the mainstream media calling him ‘the next Hitler’, President Trump has been put into the rare position of actually proving they are right by expanding the ‘police state’ in America – continuing to allow out of control bureaucracy ‘terrorize’ the American people. Or he has the opportunity to prove they are wrong by dismantling the surveillance state spying upon ordinary Americans and complete the re-aiming of it at those who are here in this country intending to do Americans and America harm. We believe that also pertains to globalists like George Soros, financing terrorism in American streets, and war criminals like Senator John McCain, endlessly financing our enemies and pushing for war every opportunity they get. McCain and Soros should be getting ‘fried’ for what they’ve done. Why haven’t they been yet?


The recent story from John Whitehead over at the Rutherford Institute previously mentioned reports that Americans are now only living under the illusion of freedom – and that the ‘police state’ is alive and well. Whitehead also has some very alarming words of warning for us that show all might not be ‘ok’ in our country if Whitehead’s predictions for America’s future are right and America keeps on heading down the same road as we’ve long been heading. Something, we pray, that President Trump is able to reverse as he himself promised in his Inaugural Address to transfer the power in this country away from Washington DC and back to the American people. From Whitehead:


There is something being concocted in the dens of power, far beyond the public eye, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of this country.  

The world has been down this road before. We are at our most vulnerable right now. The gravest threat facing us as a nation is not extremism—delivered by way of sovereign citizens or radicalized Muslims—but despotism, exercised by a ruling class whose only allegiance is to power and money.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

America is burning, and all most Americans can do is switch the channel, tune out what they don’t want to hear, and tune into their own personal echo chambers. We’re in a national state of denial.

Yet no amount of escapism can shield us from the harsh reality that the danger in our midst is posed by an entrenched government bureaucracy that has no regard for the Constitution, Congress, the courts or the citizenry.

If the team colors have changed from blue to red, that’s just cosmetic. The playbook remains the same. The leopard has not changed its spots. Scrape off the surface layers and you will find that the American police state is alive and well and continuing to wreak havoc on the rights of the American people.

While ANP has hugely supported President Donald Trump and are quick to point out the alternative – we could all be living under a ‘President Hillary Clinton’ right now – if Whitehead is correct and America is still on the road towards totalitarianism and a ‘boot stamping upon our faces, forever’, there is no more important job for Trump to accomplish than to dismantle ‘totalitarian government’ represented largely by the ‘deep state’ that has seemingly declared war upon his presidency. To make sure America doesn’t go the way of Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes across the planet, we pray that Trump is able to complete his dismantling of the totalitarian globalists hell-bent upon enslaving us all.


For if Americans lose our freedom, we lose everything. That is exactly what the radical Islamists intent upon overthrowing our Constitution with sharia law want. And as Whitehead warns, if Trump isn’t able to reverse the madness that has flourished under 8 years of Obama and Bush/Clinton/Bush before him, Trump too will have failed liberty and the American people. Of course, we should all understand, nobody can immediately upright a rapidly sinking ship.:

The American police state has continued to advance at the same costly, intrusive, privacy-sapping, Constitution-defying, relentless pace under President Trump as it did under President Obama.

The Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security haven’t stopped militarizing and federalizing local police.

Schools haven’t stopped treating young people like hard-core prisoners.

For-profit private prisons haven’t stopped locking up Americans and immigrants alike at taxpayer expense.

Censorship hasn’t stopped.

The courts haven’t stopped marching in lockstep with the police state.

Government bureaucrats haven’t stopped turning American citizens into criminals.

The surveillance state hasn’t stopped spying on Americans’ communications, transactions or movements.

The TSA hasn’t stopped groping or ogling travelers.

Congress hasn’t stopped enacting draconian laws such as the USA Patriot Act and the NDAA.

The Department of Homeland Security hasn’t stopped being a “wasteful, growing, fear-mongering beast.”

The military industrial complex hasn’t stopped profiting from endless wars abroad.

The Deep State’s shadow government hasn’t stopped calling the shots behind the scenes.

And the American people haven’t stopped acting like gullible sheep.


And while the sheeple sleep, the globalists pushing for eternal human slavery led by Senator John McCain continue in their mad rush to blow up the world. As Jeremiah Johnson recently reported over at SHTFPlan, “Profound Events Are Taking Place In Russia and North Korea: ‘There Are Destabilizing Forces At Work Here’”. According to this recent story from Sputnik, the entire world should be grateful that McCain, the very face of why we need term limits in Washington DC, isn’t US president.

Quoting US Senator Rand Paul in his statement that McCain’s love of war had already help lead to the destabilization of the Middle East, it’s clear that if ‘songbird’ McCain had his way and gotten the US embroiled in a bitter war with Russia, millions of Americans would likely be dead by now with Washington DC blown off the map along with most of the East Coast of the US vaporized by ‘5 or 6 Satan bombs’ powerful enough to make entire states the size of Texas disappear.

As we hear in the 1st video below from the Daily Sheeple breaking down the excellent report by Whitehead, “while some of Trump’s policies are a breath of fresh air to so many people, others are leaving chilling reminders that we have a long way to go if we are going to truly free ourselves from government oppression and jack boot thuggery”. And as we also learn, those who are pushing for eternal war, death and destruction are the same people pushing for Americans and people across the world to have our faces laying underneath that ‘jack boot thuggery’, until the end of time.


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PIZZAGATE: Ivanka Single Slices the Pedophiles

I want to make it clear today that my administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government at the federal level, and the other highest levels, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.
— President Donald J. Trump in the Roosevelt Room at the White House,

It was only days ago when I posted a blog here at RM that summarized the hundreds of arrests that were made last month in human trafficking sting operations across the nation. Those arrests were tied to an annual drive that is pushed by the Department of Justice as part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month [linked here].

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump rocketed the awareness of human trafficking to the next several levels. This initiative is being led by the President under the obvious influence of his daughter Ivanka. I really must applaud this move by the President in couching this bold directive within the motivation that is obviously felt by Ivanka to stomp out sexual exploitation of women and children.

By essentially launching this initiative under Ivanka’s name, a major public relations coup has been scored by the President. Now the DoJ can move about this dirty business and nobody will dare oppose the protection of women and children. Ivanka is not running for office and she hasn’t made any alleged secret deals with “those nasty Russians.”

In a way, Attorney General Jeff Sessions can now begin rounding up the pedophiles and the whole operation can be publicly credited to Ivanka. Therefore, when the hammer finally comes down on some of the highest levels of political office, President Trump will simply need to applaud from the sidelines. If the mainstream media then tries to ascribe dark, political, Stasi, ulterior motives to the President for arresting men in high places, they will have a weak case. “Don’t look at me. This is Ivanka’s project,” might well be the President’s well-strategized response.

Here are the President’s remarks published yesterday. (The official White House channel on Youtube also carries this event, however I am using this other version because the audio quality is better.) The full transcript of the President’s statement can be read here in the official White House press release [linked here].

It’s a very, very terrible problem. It’s not talked about enough. People don’t know enough about it. And we’re going to talk about it, and we’re going to bring it out into the open and hopefully we’re going to do a great deal to help prevent some of the horrific — really horrific — crimes that are taking place.
FBI Documents Boy-Love Symbology

Notice that the President was very careful to use the phrase “human trafficking” but not the words we’ve all become accustomed to seeing on the internet, like, “pedophile,” #PizzaGate, #PedoGate, etc. And that is OK. The President does not need to publicize his intent any further than he already has. The words that he uttered in his White House statement are more than sufficient to indicate where the President has set his gun sights.

I really must give credit to David Wilcock for finding the FBI documents that show that the DoJ is not as clueless as some might believe about the full scope of the international pedophile networks. Perhaps the only thing the DoJ was lacking was a mandate from the White House. Funny how that never happened under the previous administration. {smirk}

At his web page [linked here], David Wilcock published a link that will take you to the following two slideshows. You’ll be relieved to know in advance that there is nothing explicitly graphic here. In fact, I would encourage you to educate yourself on the symbols used by the pedophile networks and, indeed, educate your young children to beware of these signs. Wilcock’s page introduces the slideshow this way:

Read More @

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