UFO Hangar Door Opens On Mt Adams


Jimmy Church reported on something many missed including me this past summer.  On June 30th, 2017 what appears to be a massive UFO Hangar door was seen open at the very top of Mt Adams near Trout Lake, Washington!  The door did not show up in pictures the day before!   Clearly there is some type of a door up there made to look like natural rock.   A UFO was seen right next to where this door opened indicating it the craft was either going into the hangar or out of it by it’s location.  This is an amazing discovery!

This UFO only appeared in one of many shots were taken rapidly one after another.  If I had to guess I would say this is almost certainly a demon alien nest!   Many orbs and demonic looking shapes have been photographed at the ECETI ranch.  The orbs sometimes contain little demonic looking faces!  I wouldn’t go near that place unless fully armed with the Word of God and blaring the Christian music.  Demons can’t harm you when you have faith in Jesus and they can’t stand to be around Christian music.  If you doubt God or the Bible is real then you would probably be the person that is taken and never heard from again in this area because you have no protection against them.

If you have a demon infestation around you and you have an Amazon Alexa device simply tell Alexa to “Play Christian Music” and all demons will flee the area!  If you have a demon problem personally and they are influencing you in some way then you won’t be able to even listen to the music!  You will prefer death metal or anything that does not honor God!    I know this is true because I used to hate Christian music when I was in my “UFO / New Age” phase of my life.  After I woke up and came back to God, Christian music is the only music I play because I know it shreds demons like the mini gun in Predator!

Tell Alexa to “Play Christian Music” and shred some demons today!





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LVMPD’s explosive breach of adjoining door in Paddock’s room proves involvement of more than one gunman

paddock suite
A graphic recreation of Mandalay Bay rooms 32134, and 32135. (Screenshot via HDRCFX Cornwall/YouTube)

Anyone who has been closely following the Las Vegas shooting investigation knows that Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, for whatever reason, has not been fully forthcoming about all of the events which took place on the night of October 1.

One glaring detail that throws a wrench in the entire Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s official story in which authorities claim Stephen Paddock acted alone is the fact that the door which adjoins rooms 135 (Paddock’s suite) and 134 (a queen suite next to Paddock’s) was locked and had to be breached by SWAT after Paddock’s suite was secure.

If the adjoining door was locked and Paddock was already dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, then who locked the adjoining door to room 134 where the second window was broken out?

If SWAT had to breach the door it had to be locked from the opposite side. If that’s the case, then who rented room 134? Did they exit into the hallway Campos was in?

More importantly, who put the cart in front of the door which leads from into room 134 from the hallway and who ran the wires from the camera on the cart into room 134 under the door?

Keep in mind, as of yet, we do not know exactly who rented room 134. Although an Austrailian man by the name of Brian Hodge reportedly told “The Courier-Mail” that he was staying in room 32134 he may have been mistaken because receipts obtained by journalists after the fact reveal that Hodge was staying in room 32143, and not room 32134.

Was someone firing from room 32134?

As you may already know, on Nov. 1 Intellihub was the first to publish the precise video timestamp and a screenshot of what appeared to be a single ‘muzzle flash’ emitting from the room adjacent to Stephen Paddock’s 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay suite but now an independent ballistic analysis confirms the flash was, in fact, actual gunfire.

In the video, a flash can clearly be seen (at the 6:52-second mark) coming from room 32-134.

You can best view the flash by enlarging the video to ‘full screen.’

Here is a screenshot of the flash.

At 6:52 into the video a shot from room 32-134 can be seen, just next to Paddock’s suite. (Screenshot via Arch Angel Studios/YouTube)

The following data was compiled by @jwillworld2000 on Twitter and reveals the flash was indeed an actual gunshot:

paddock shot
@jwillworld2000 on Twitter
@jwillworld2000 on Twitter
@jwillworld2000 on Twitter

Keep in mind that many more shots were likely fired from that very same position but the number is unknown.

Based on the data we are seeing and video proof of muzzle flash it is safe to say that there was a shooter in room 32134 but it was not Paddock.

Additionally, as pointed out by the “HDRCFX Cornwall” YouTube channel, the venue did not appear to have 22,000 people inside it at the time of the massacre as reported by multiple news outlets. A number of 6000-7000 may be more reasonable for the Sunday night draw. It is not yet known if the dispute over turnout numbers has any significance.

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Businessman heard gunfire close to the Delano Hotel, smelled gunpowder, saw SWAT looking for more shooters

A businessman who was staying at the Delano Hotel on the night of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre claims that he heard secondary gunfire close by and smelled gunpowder inside the Delano Hotel sometime after all gunfire had ceased at Mandalay Bay.

The businessman identified only as “Chuck” told investigative reporter Jake Morphonios recently that he had been up on the 63rd-floor of the Delano Hotel in the “Skyfall Lounge” earlier that night “for a drink” but had decided to go down to the casino to “play a few machines” around 10:15 p.m. where Chuck said he encountered a heard of screaming people “running” toward him.

“I didn’t know what was going on in there [the casino] at first but it was absolute pandemonium,” he said. “Then you see a SWAT team come in looking for a shooter. They were telling everyone to run because they were saying that there was a shooter down there in the complex.”

Chuck told Morphonios that he is “sure” there was more than one shooter that night because Stephen Paddock could not have been in two places at once.

“Well, first of all, they say that the guy on the 32nd-floor was done shooting by around 10:15 p.m. but the SWAT team that was engaging the shooter downstairs, the part that I personally saw, was not happening upstairs,” he explained. “They were screaming about a shooter who was downstairs.”

“This guy clearly had at least one accomplice because […] they came through the casino. I think there was more than that because these SWAT, […] or some kind of law enforcement, were over at the Delano side yelling at us to run because there was still an active shooter. This was after the stuff over in the casino,” he said.

The businessman confirms the gunfire he heard was ‘much closer’ than the gunfire that was coming from the 32nd-floor.

“Much closer,” he explained. “I’m talking very close.”

Chuck said that he believes the gunfire likely came from inside the corridor that connects the Delano and the Mandalay Bay and that the gunpowder in which he smelled could not have possibly come from the 32nd-floor.

Astonishingly, Chuck’s report dovetails with another eyewitness’s account which can be found in the November 7 Intellihub report titled Eyewitness to Las Vegas massacre “smelled gunpowder” in the lobby of the Delano Hotel just after the shooting, “heard gunshots from around the corner” which sounds eerily similar.

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Fact: Helicopters were airborne behind the Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas Shooting

If you have been following my reports on the Las Vegas Shooting than you are likely aware of my “helicopter theory” which I presented in great detail on “The Alex Jones Show” Halloween day.

On the broadcast, I presented a portion of the information I possessed at the time as a “theory” in order to fill in the blanks for the listening audience by explaining exactly how an advanced air assault and extraction were indeed possible despite the fact that I already had seen enough evidence at the time to conclude in my mind that helicopters were indeed operating within the airspace around the vicinity of the venue before, during, and after the massacre took place.

A timeline of events based on actual video and radar data captured from the night of the massacre

9:47 p.m. — A southward bound Airbus EC130 helicopter displaying the callsign “MH854” arrives just to the west side of the Mandalay Bay and appears to hover, according to archived flight data from FlightRadar24.com.

Screenshot via FlightRadr24.com

9:49 p.m. — Two minutes later, a second southward bound Airbus EC130 helicopter displaying the callsign “MH848” arrives just to the west side of the Mandalay Bay and appears to hover, according to archived flight data from FlightRadar24.com.

Screenshot via FlightRadar24.com

9:50 p.m. — A minute later, a third southward bound Airbus EC130 helicopter displaying the callsign “MH858” arrives just to the west side of the Mandalay Bay and appears to hover, according to archived flight data from FlightRadar24.com.

Video footage posted to the “itis flat” YouTube channel on November 13 proves that “MH854” and “MH848” were both, in fact, flying southbound just to the west of the Mandalay Bay as the radar shows between the hours of 9:47 p.m. and 9:49 p.m., both of which appeared to be flying below the roofline of the Delano Hotel at approximately 350 feet above ground level (AGL). And although there is no visual evidence that a third chopper “MH858” arrived, flight radar data shows otherwise.

So we have visual confirmation that at least two helicopters were flying southward just west of the Delano Hotel toward the positions in which they appear to hover on flight radar for approximately one minute before their transponder signals go dark altogether and can no longer be seen on radar.

The “First shots” source video

Using an unedited video that was posted to the “Arch Angel Studios” YouTube channel in its entirety on Oct. 2 titled “First shots of Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting in History” as a reference point or baseline I have managed to establish a solid timeline which syncs directly with flight radar data provided by the website FlightRadar24.com.

In order to better see and comprehend this data, I kindly ask that you watch the video in “full-screen mode” and experiment with adjusting the video’s speed to 25% which can be done using YouTube’s settings.

Based on my detailed analysis of the matter I have set the starting time for the “Arch Angel Studios” video to 10:01:29 p.m. local time, Oct. 1, 2017. With that being said, I have identified the first visible aircraft which can be seen in the video occupying the airspace between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay as the video starts.

The aircraft is displaying the callsign “FFT1122” which is Frontier Airlines flight F91122. The airliner just departed McCarran International Airport to the west and is in route to Cincinnati. The aircraft can be found on both video and radar (i.e. it exists).

Modified screenshot via Arch Angel Studios/YouTube

The following image shows “FFT1122” on the radar within the videographer’s line of sight between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay at precisely 10:01:30 p.m. local time, confirming the aircraft’s existence on both mediums.

Screenshot via FlightRadar24.com

The second aircraft can be seen occupying the airspace between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay at 10:04:36 p.m. and is displaying the callsign “FFT1116.” The aircraft is Frontier Airlines flight F91116. The airliner just departed McCarran International Airport to the west and is in route to Cleveland. The aircraft can be found on both video and radar (i.e. it exists).

Modified screenshot via Arch Angel Studios/YouTube

Again, these visual/radar matches have allowed me to establish a baseline for this presentation.

The following image shows “FFT1116” on radar within the videographer’s line of sight between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay at precisely 10:04:36 p.m. local time.

Screenshot via FlightRadar24.com

Helicopter appears in video but not on radar

Between 10:02:06 p.m. and 10:02:23 p.m. (0:36-0:53 seconds into the video) a helicopter can be seen aloft the airspace between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay, beyond the two buildings to the west. The aircraft appears to be flying well below the roofline of the two buildings and is moving slowly in a southeasterly direction. Furthermore, the helicopter appears to be emitting flashes inconsistent with FAA approved running lights (i.e. the flashes are not created by running lights.)

The arrow illustrates the direction that the helicopter is traveling. Keep in mind, there is absolutely no aircraft displaying their callsigns on the radar to either the south or southwest of the two hotels at the time. (Modified screenshot via Arch Angel Studios/YouTube)

The following image illustrates how there are no aircraft showing on the radar for miles anywhere to the southwest of hotels yet we have what appears to be a helicopter flying low, between the two hotels, from north to southeast before it appears to take refuge behind the Mandalay Bay at 10:02:23 p.m.

Flight radar shows no aircraft southeast of the Delano Hotel or Mandalay Bay around 10:02 p.m. local time, Oct. 2, 2017. (Modified screenshot via FlightRadar24.com)

Two tour helicopters return to base

At 10:02:47 p.m. (1:18 into the video) two helicopters can be seen overflying the New York New York and the Excalibur, just to the north of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival venue.

The two helicopters (N208SH, and N213SH) are registered to “Sundance Helicopters” and are returning to the airpark where they land a moment later.

Helicopter spotted on video flying southbound just to the west of the Luxor, heads to the airspace between the Delano Hotel and Mandalay Bay

At 10:07:44 p.m. (6:35 into the video) a helicopter can be seen flying southbound just to the west of the Luxor.

A helicopter emerges again on video at 10:07:44 p.m. (Modified screenshot via Arch Angel Studios/YouTube)

Within seconds it ends up in the airspace between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay which seems to be rather popular just before and throughout the ten o’clock hour.

Modified screenshot via FlightRadar24.com

Between 10:07:58 p.m. and 10:08:08 p.m. numerous flashes can be seen coming from several different aircraft hovering at several different elevations (between 200 and 300 feet AGL) in the airspace between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay.

Gunfire can be heard during this time. There were 11 fully-automatic volleys captured in the video.

Modified screenshot via FlightRadar24.com

Again, these aircraft are captured on video but are not displaying their callsigns on the flight radar.

No aircraft show up on the radar in the airspace to the southeast of the two hotels. (Modified screenshot via FlightRadar24.com)

There appears to be three of them hovering between 200 and 300 feet (AGL).

air assault
Screenshot via Google Maps (modified)

By 10:08:39 p.m. a helicopter can be seen retreating toward the airpark from the southeast side of the Mandalay Bay, from behind the building, rising above the roofline.

10:08:39 p.m. — A helicopter retreats toward the airpark. (Modified screenshot via FlightRadar24.com)

I will be adding to this article as I get more information.

Please contact shepard@intellihub.com if you have any additional information on this matter.

Related Video:

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Why did so many of the Las Vegas Massacre survivors mention seeing helicopters during the shooting?

It seems as if the mainstream media has buried eyewitness reports regarding the presence of helicopters in the air during the Las Vegas shooting

A number of eyewitnesses who survived the Oct. 1 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre reported seeing ‘helicopters’ during the shooting but their reports were completely ignored by the mainstream media for no apparent reason and never got the attention they deserved.

Not to mention, Intellihub Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellas has conclusively proven that helicopters were airborne in the vicinity during the shooting in the Nov. 18 article titled “Fact: Helicopters were airborne behind the Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas Shooting.”

The  “John E Hoover” YouTube channel released a video Tuesday which better illustrates this fact.

Shepard Ambellas gives proof of the helicopters in the following video.

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Tincture of iodine kills skin, nail fungi

Q. For more than 20 years, I was plagued with dry, flaky skin on the side of my nose and behind my earlobes. I went to several doctors, including dermatologists. We tried various salves, to no avail. After a while, this added up to big bucks.Image result for iodine


I wondered if this ailment was caused by a fungus. As a chemist, I know that iodine is very, very effective on fungus and many bacteria. I applied tincture of iodine with my fingers (every two days for a week) and got cured within a week.

It’s been two months, and the spots have not returned. The cost of treatment was less than $2. I previously had success treating toenail fungus with iodine. Since I am a man, dark toenails (stained by iodine) did not bother me.

I have suggested iodine treatment to many friends, and the responses have been enthusiastic. Many have solved their nail problems after other pricey treatments were unsuccessful.

A. Iodine was discovered about 200 years ago. As a tincture, it has broad antiseptic activity. You are correct that it kills fungus.

Tincture of iodine is dark brown, and it can stain, so not everyone will want to use it on the face. Other readers have also reported success applying tincture of iodine to fungus-infected nails.

Q. My internist says I need extra vitamin D and suggested I spend more time in the sun. My dermatologist insists that I need to use a high-SPF sunscreen every day and stay out of the sun. I am feeling extremely confused and hope you have some information that can help me sort out this dilemma.

A. When specialists disagree, the patient is frequently caught in the middle. Dermatologists see a lot of skin damage and cancer caused by excess sun exposure, so it’s no wonder they want to protect patients. They recommend vitamin D supplements instead of sunshine.

Some experts think that getting vitamin D from controlled sun exposure is preferable to taking supplements. There is no risk of vitamin D toxicity this way, but it is essential to limit time in the sun. Sunscreen prevents vitamin D formation.

We are sending you our Guides to Skin Care and Vitamin D Deficiency for more information on the critical importance of vitamin D for health and safe ways to protect your skin from sun damage. Anyone who would like copies, please send $5 in check or money order with a long (No. 10), stamped (61 cents), self-addressed envelope to: Graedons’ People’s Pharmacy, No. DS-283, P.O. Box 52027, Durham, NC 27717-2027. They also can be downloaded for $2 each from our website: www.peoplespharmacy.com.

Q. I’m 17 years old, and I have epilepsy. I started taking Keppra two years ago. It got my seizures under control, and I went into remission.

I recently moved to a new state, and my new doctor switched me to generic levetiracetam. My seizures got much worse, and I came out of remission.

I am currently taking a trial of Keppra XR, and I am in remission, but my doctor won’t switch me back to the name brand. So when I run out of this sample, I will most likely start having seizures again. If I can’t get my epilepsy under control, my life is a disaster.

A. We have heard from dozens of other readers who had excellent seizure control with brand name Keppra. Many complained that generic levetiracetam has not been as effective. We have submitted many of these reports to the Food and Drug Administration, but so far have heard nothing back.

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New Videos Blow Vegas Shooting Wide Open!

Proof the FBI Lied about Everything in Las Vegas! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Here are three video clips being scrubbed from Youtube frantically!  I don’t dare post them to my backup Youtube account as I want to keep using Youtube to smash the enemy as long as I can!

In the first clip you’ll see a green targeting laser paint the side of a black SUV and then two bullet holes get put into the vehicle!  This is on the opposite side of the road from Mandalay Bay hotel thus proving the official story of Stephen Paddock being the lone shooter is 100% garbage.  There was a shooter on the other side of the road from Mandalay Bay and now we have the proof!

In the second clip you’ll see one of the windows of the Mandalay Bay be shot out with what appears to be a shotgun blast!  This window is shot out far above Stephen Paddock’s room.  In fact its up in the Four Seasons area of the hotel!

Finally you’ll see the most shocking clip of all.  Three men dressed in black from head to toe get into shooting position on top of an RV parked right next to the concert area in Las Vegas.  In the enhanced version you can clearly see the gun and it’s bipod mount!   These clips are not being shown on the Fake News or even on the Illuminati gatekeepers of alternative media!  Get them out everywhere!  Don’t get put on a plantation out there.  Get information from all sources so the truth movement can’t be hijacked!

Send this video and article everywhere so the demons can’t stop the truth!  Tweet to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him we’re tired of all the lies!  Tell him to go on national TV and bring out the truth about everything.  Stop worrying about basketball players and things that don’t matter!  Tell us about the criminal Federal Reserve that is illegal.  Tell us about the vaccines that cause autism.  Tell us about the 9/11 False Flag.  Tell us about JFK and that Oswald did not do it so we don’t have to watch the lies every year on our TVs!  It’s time for Trump to tell the world what the Fake News has been hiding for their masters!  We’re big boys and girls now – we know the news is fake now.  We can handle it!

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A woman spent 14 years photographing our planet’s oldest trees, and here are the results

Our planet is beautiful.

In fact, most of us have absolutely no idea just how lucky we are to live on Earth.

So far, our planet is the only one in the known universe capable of sustaining life as we know it. This makes Earth a special place, but there are many other things about Earth that make it a planet unlike any other.

When was the last time you took half an hour from your busy schedule to contemplate the world around you? Maybe just go to the beach, and watch the sunrise? Go to the lake and listen to nothingness?

When was the last time you took a nice long walk—leaving your cell phone at home—in a park, a forest, or went hiking or on a picnic?

The truth is that our extremely rapid way of life has made us slaves of ourselves, slaves of time, slaves of society, slaves that live life completely blindfolded, ignoring the beauty that surrounds us every single day.

Earth is beautiful, and as society moves deeper into a technological era, we forget how to appreciate our surroundings, and how lucky we are to call Earth our home planet.

Beth Moon understood just that when she decided to venture out on a 14-year-long journey to photograph our planet’s oldest trees. The results? mind-boggling images that will help you appreciate Earth like never before.

Trees are special. Each one is unique. Each one is magical on its own.

Beth Moon—a photographer based out of San Francisco—traveled around the globe to capture some of that magic. Her trip took her to different places and allowed here to record some of the most remarkable ancient trees that she found.

Her unforgettable trip took her to countless places; the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. She dared go where many others would not in order to take that perfect photograph. Some trees she photographed grow in isolation, on remote mountainsides, private estates, or nature preserves; others maintain a proud, though often precarious, existence in the midst of civilization.

“Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment” explains Beth Moon.

The results of her 14-year-long journey were later published in a book called: Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”.

This handsome volume presents nearly seventy of Moon’s finest tree portraits as full-page duotone plates. The pictured trees include the tangled, hollow-trunked yews—some more than a thousand years old—that grow in English churchyards; the baobabs of Madagascar, called “upside-down trees” because of the curious disproportion of their giant trunks and modest branches; and the fantastical dragon’s-blood trees, red-sapped and umbrella-shaped, that grow only on the island of Socotra, off the Horn of Africa.

Enjoy in these incredible images:

(H/T aNewKindOfHuman.com)

Source: Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time by Beth Moon 

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Structured Water, What is it and How it can Improve your Health

Structured Water, What is it and How it can Improve your Health Free Business Mastery course http://www.ameerrosic.com The Fourth Phase of Water Book http://amzn.to/2mF3xYK


Super-hydrating Water with Antioxidant Properties

  • A patented constant power output design monitors the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of the source water and automatically adjusts accordingly to maintain a constant pH level
  • The LivingWater is designed to operate in low or high TDS areas, even when the TDS is in the thousands

Accidental use of hot water will not harm the unit as there are no membranes. A unique water-cooled power supply allows for continual operation without risk of overheating. Most conventional plate ionizers can only operate for a limited period of time before they must be shut off in order to cool down

LivingWater offers 8 different pH levels, ranging from 4.0 acidic water to 10.0 alkaline water plus a SUPER function to achieve extreme pH levels when needed

The LivingWater features a reusable mineral port for use with common sea salt for enhanced mineralization for higher levels of pH

An easy to read, multicolor LCD control panel keeps track of performance particulars, including total liters produced, life indicators, and pH setting. Each pH setting changes the background color of the LCD

The Living Water® is water resistant so that splashes and spills will not harm the electronics

Easy to install with only 2 connections, water in and drain out, and LivingWater can be installed to the left or right of the sink, without any adjustments

A unique Switching Mode Power Supply makes the LivingWater always ready for international use. The unit can be plugged into 100v, 110v, 220v or 240v without any adjustment. A country-specific plug adapter is all that is needed

Water passes through two filters before ionization occurs:

    • The first filter is a carbon and sediment filter which removes unpleasant tastes and odors from the water.
    • The second filter is a carbon and food grade calcium sulfite filter to ensure proper mineralization of the water using good calcium
    • Filters can be easily removed and replaced with a simple twist and lock design

LivingWater was designed for easy maintenance. The unit has an automatic cleaning cycle every 12 minutes of use. Annual cleaning can be performed at home with the port adapter and cleaning kit

Having a LivingWater is like owning a limitless supply of alkaline, ionized, healthy water. You get pH-balancing, healthy alkaline water for drinking and cooking, strong alkaline water for washing vegetables, and acidic water for cleaning.

Plus, when you drink alkaline water regularly, you’re helping your body to hydrate itself as well as flush out toxins and waste products. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may get a boost there as well. Overall, there’s no better way to help stay healthy.




We warrant the Living Water® (excluding filters) to the original purchaser, subject to the conditions below, against defects in workmanship or material, provided that the products are returned to an authorized service location within five (5) years from the date of purchase.


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VIDEO PROOF: There were at least seven different shooters during the Las Vegas Massacre

Over the last month, numerous independent researchers have put together a startling amount of evidence that there were multiple shooters during the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, many of them pointing to the plethora of eyewitness reports that confirm this stunning fact.

Amazingly, eyewitnesses have not only reported the existence of multiple shooters near the Route 91 Music Festival, many have also noted that there were shooters at other hotels along the strip, including Hooters, MGM, The Bellagio, and The Delano.

Footage from these hotels (which is included in the video below) also points to attackers striking multiple places throughout the strip.

For their part, law enforcement authorities in both the Las Vegas Police Department and The FBI have actively covered up what actually happened during that fateful night, going out of their way to confuse the timeline and at one point even telling Americans to ignore independent news reports and even video footage that they could see with their own eyes.

We are clearly witnessing a massive coverup of one of the worst mass shootings in American history. At this point, one has to wonder if authorities were in on the attack themselves or if they are covering up the fact that a terror group such as ISIS actually hit Las Vegas?

The following video puts together the various eyewitness reports that prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the authorities are lying about Stephen Paddock being the lone gunman who carried out the attack.

While over 40 minutes long, I encourage you to watch the entire report.

Via Daily Sheeple

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