The Real Reason Why The Fed Isn’t Cutting Interest Rates

In an article published in September 2015 titled ‘The Real Reason Why The Fed Will Raise Interest Rates’ I outlined a kind of economic war game, a predictive theory in which the Federal Reserve would hike rates into clear economic weakness in order to deliberately cause the implosion of the vast financial bubble they had created through several years of quantitative easing. At that time this theory received a lot of opposition. Nearly everyone in the mainstream and in the alternative media argued that the Fed was going to shift to NIRP (negative interest rates), in order to continue propping up the system. The idea that the Fed would actually raise rates and cause an engineered crash after propping up the system for so long was treated as outlandish.

Of course, this is exactly what happened. Within a year the Fed had started to tighten policy instead of extending stimulus measures. The denial that this was happening was so strong that many analysts claimed the Fed was simply “pretending” to tighten when they were actually still stimulating. Yet, this claim turned out to be incorrect; nearly every sector of the economy began an immediate and steep decline the moment the Fed launched interest rate hikes and cut its balance sheet. The evidence was mounting that yes, the central bank was not just pretending to tighten – it was actually strangling liquidity and the mirage of economic recovery was quickly fading.

To this day and despite all the evidence to the contrary some people still argue that the fed is either not tightening, or will reverse on tightening measures very soon. In fact, every month since last November there has been a chorus of voices saying that “this is the month” that the Fed will return to easing and possibly QE4. And, every month they have been wrong. This includes this past month of June, when so many people were so certain that a Fed interest rate cut was baked into the cake.

In my article ‘The Federal Reserve’s Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete’, published in March, I predicted that the Fed would continue to hold interest rates steady for many months to come and that Fed language of “accommodation” and “patience” was a head-fake to keep the investment world tied up in stock markets as every other major indicator showed a recession was upon us. Again, this is exactly what has happened.

Once the Fed raised rates to their neutral rate of inflation (something they had not done for decades) the fate of the US economy was sealed. To be fair, the real rate of inflation is much higher than the Fed admits, but the point remains that the US economy as it stands today cannot handle even moderately higher rates. With corporate and consumer debt at historic highs not seen since 2007 just before the credit crash, any interest pressure above zero is going to destroy the fragile economic bubble.

Some people claim that the Fed is completely unaware of this situation and is fumbling in the dark. But this is not true. In 2012 Jerome Powell outlined exactly what would happen if the Fed began tightening policy in the October minutes of the Fed meeting. Powell KNEW that higher rates and balance sheet cuts would cause the kind of crash which is now happening; but as soon as he became the Fed chair in 2018 he launched tightening measures anyway.

Whether you are for or against Fed tightening measures is truly meaningless. The point remains that the Fed created the Everything Bubble, and now they are crashing the Everything Bubble and they know they are doing it.

So, where do we go from here? Has the Fed done all the damage it needs to do to ensure a crash? Is all this talk of accommodation actually real this time? Will they cut interest rates soon in order to prop up the system longer. I continue to predict the Fed will not be cutting interest rates or ending balance sheet cuts until there is a blatant breakdown, or a major distraction event. And by “breakdown” I am referring to public perception of the economy waking up to the reality of the crash.

It is important to remember that the US economy has been in negative territory for the past 10 years. It has been hanging by three thin threads – the first being Fed stimulus (which has now been taken away – sorry skeptics but this is a fact), the second being the dollar’s world reserve status, and the third being public perception of recovery. The central bankers are now relying heavily on the manipulation of public perception in order to keep certain sectors (like stock markets) afloat for a little while longer. What is the specific goal in this? It’s hard to say. However, the move to trick the investment community into making far reaching assumptions has some advantages.

Stock markets are absolutely useless as an economic indicator because they lag far behind real financial conditions. Stocks fall after every other fundamental indicator has already turned negative and the crash is already at the public’s doorstep. However, they do serve one purpose; stock prices can be exploited to give the population a false sense of economic health, leaving them unprepared and vulnerable to the consequences of a downturn. Most Americans do not track economic data beyond stocks and employment, which are both highly manipulated points of reference.

Stocks remain levitated on two factors: Massive stimulus from China since December, and blind hope from the investment world that the Fed is going to bring back the punch bowl and pump out stimulus again. Minor language changes to Fed statements are now hyped as dominant indicators that the Fed is about to flood the markets with liquidity; yet other language indicators showing the opposite are ignored. With so much capital lured into stocks on the “certainty” of Fed rate cuts or stimulus – I ask, what would happen if the Fed DOES NOT fulfill growing market expectations?

On June 19th just after the Fed meeting I noted that there was little chance of of a rate cut in July, and recent statements from Powell and St. Louis Fed President James Bullard support this argument.

After the June meeting, many in the investment world priced in a 100% chance of an interest rate cut in July. Why did they do this after being wrong every month for the past several months? I still can’t figure out what the source of this assumption is. Nowhere in the Fed’s minutes or in post meeting statements has the Fed indicated a cut in July. The reality is that the last Fed meeting showed NO CUTS until the end of 2020. This does not necessarily mean the Fed will hold rates until that time, but there is no evidence to support the notion that they will cut in July.

Perhaps I am wrong and the Fed will follow assumptions this time instead of assumptions following the Fed. I haven’t been wrong on Fed policy changes yet, but my point is, there is no evidence that they will cut next month, only expectation based on hearsay.

The Fed continues to lie about economic expansion, claiming a strong recovery or improving fundamentals when all the data shows economic decline; from bond yields to housing sales to housing prices to auto markets to manufacturing to shipping and freight to retail closures to weakening job prints, etc. At the same time we are witnessing inflationary pressures in necessities like food, fuel and rental housing. It’s a stagflationary mess.

Incessant reporting of strong economic health and the defiant dismissal of declines is not the behavior of a Fed that is about to capitulate on tightening. Yet, the investment community has been all-in on a rate cut for months. When the rate cuts don’t come, they then assume that the past month was close, and that the next month is a sure thing. It’s truly bizarre.

As long as the Fed holds rates near the neutral rate of inflation and continues to cut assets from its balance sheet, flooding the economy with treasuries, mortgage backed securities and toxic assets, the decline of multiple sectors is assured. There may come a point in which the Fed has done all the damage it needs to do to accelerate the crash, allowing them to then pull back on tightening, but we have not reached that point yet. As I have noted in past articles, the Fed has done all this before.

Creating enormous financial bubbles and then deliberately popping them is a classic central bank maneuver. Each time, they claim they were “unaware” of what was happening, then years later admit outright that they knew what was happening; from Alan Greenspan admitting that the Fed was well aware of the bubble that led to the crash of 2008, to Ben Bernanke openly admitting that the Fed had caused the Great Depression by tightening into economic weakness in the 1930′s.

Tightening liquidity and policy conditions into economic weakness is what central banks do to trigger chaos. But why would the Fed deliberately initiate a controlled demolition of the US economy? The bottom line is central banks are tools of the globalist elite. They are not as autonomous as they seem. No, the Fed does not answer to the US president, but it does answer to the Bank for International Settlements, as do all other major central banks in the world.

The economic disasters they create are then used as leverage to consolidate financial wealth as well as control of hard assets into the hands of these elitists. Crisis events are also used to consolidate power over the people and to centralize governance on a global scale. The Fed is nothing more than a mechanism used to help achieve this agenda.

Alternative economists should abandon any notion that Donald Trump will interfere with this plan. Trump has been under the thumb of the globalists ever since Rothschild banking agent Wilber Ross bailed him out of his debt obligations in the Taj Mahal casino in the 1990′s. Wilber Ross is now Trump’s Commerce Secretary, standing over his shoulder along with a large crew of other elites in Trump’s cabinet. This would explain why Trump vehemently criticized the Fed for inflating the Everything Bubble under the Obama administration through artificially low interest rates during his campaign, and then suddenly pulled a full reversal once he was in the White House and claimed his administration was the reason for all time highs in stock markets.

Trump has also stated time and time again he has no intention of trying to unseat Jerome Powell (he did it again just this week), and frankly he has no power to do so anyway. His “battle” with Powell is a farce.

The Fed is a private entity, and as Alan Greenspan once openly admitted, it answers to no one. Trump has attached his administration so completely to the economic bubble that when it completely collapses he and his conservative followers will inevitable be blamed and it is my belief that he is doing exactly as he has been told to do by the banking cabal.

This leaves one final question – What is the Fed waiting for? Why not crash everything including stocks right now? Why continue to head fake investors on rate cuts and accommodation? As I noted in my recent articleGlobalists Only Need One More Major Event To Finish Sabotaging The Economy’, the elites need a distraction that would satisfy the public’s search for a rationale after the consequences of the crash finally hit them. The accelerating trade war is very useful for this, but it is not enough. The globalists need something else.

This may come in the form of a shooting war, possibly with Iran. It may come in the form of a “No Deal Brexit” in October (and I continue to predict this is an intended event). It may also come in the form of a surprise retaliation from US trading partners, such as a dump of US treasuries or the dollar as the world reserve currency. This is what the globalists are waiting for.

Once such an event takes place, or perhaps just before the event, the Fed may finally cut rates again, or stop its balance sheet dumps. It may not. Trump’s trade war is leading towards price inflation, which could be used by the Fed as an excuse to keep interest rates steady or even hike them again. Nothing is written in stone except the primary agenda, which is: Inflate financial bubble through stimulus, implode financial bubble through tightening. Afterwards, the Fed has options. It can stimulate again as a non-solution, or do nothing. Either way, the crash is already a given and the Fed has no intention of stopping it.

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Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That “Brainwashes and Sells Children”

Italian police uncovered an elite network that included a city mayor, renowned psychotherapists, lawyers and social workers. The group brainwashed children using techniques such as electroshock and sold them to wealthy people.

Italian police arrested 18 individuals for allegedly brainwashing children into thinking that their parents abused them in order to sell them to “foster parents” (abusers). The network included the mayor of Bibbiano, doctors, psychotherapists, and social workers. According to Italian media, the transactions involving children amounted to hundreds of thousands of Euros. Furthermore, it was discovered that some of the foster parents were sexually abusing the children they bought.

The network used horrific techniques to brainwash children – all of which are used in Monarch Programming.

“To brainwash the children, those arrested allegedly forged child-like drawings with sexual connotations and used electroshock therapy as a “little memory machine” to create fake abuse memories, while the therapists are accused of dressing up as “wicked” children’s story characters.”
– France24, Italy arrests 18 for allegedly brainwashing and selling children

After selling the children, the network stored the gifts and the letters sent to the children by their biological parents in a warehouse that was discovered by police.

Codenamed “Angels and Demons”, the investigation began in 2018 and revealed that the network operated under the pretenses of helping children in difficult situations by placing them in foster families. However, the scheme was essentially a front for child trafficking. An article in the Corriere della Sera newspaper explains how any excuse was used to remove children from their families in order to justify their abduction and brainwashing. Here’s a free translation:

“They removed them from their families using an emergency measure, supported by signs of suffering but almost never  abuse. Any discomfort expressed by minors was enough to remove them from their parents. A pretext was enough, a simple suspicion, like the moans of a child while she was in the bathroom, would cause social workers to accuse parents of sexual abuse.”

Police declined to say how many children were involved, or of what age.
Elite System
Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That “Brainwashes and Sells Children”

The town hall of Bibbiano and the mayor Andrea Carletti.

The epicenter of the network was the public structure of the city of Bibbiano. Indeed, it was conducted by Cura di Bibbiano – the regional service that is supposed to actually help abused children. Among the masterminds are Claudio Foti and his wife Nadia Bolognini – “renowned” psychotherapists who are also the founders of the non-profit organization Hansel and Gretel. Other suspects include Fausto Nicolini, a lawyer and the general director of the Hospital of Reggio,

The mayor of Bibbiano Andrea Carletti is accused of covering the crimes of the various social workers and city employees involved in the schemes.

While the political sphere of Italy claims that the network was the product of “rogue elements” within the system, it is, in actuality, only the tip of an extremely disgusting iceberg.

Boeing Outsourced Its 737 MAX Software To $9-Per-Hour Engineers

The software at the heart of the Boeing 737 MAX crisis was developed at a time when the company was laying off experienced engineers and replacing them with temporary workers making as little as $9 per hour, according to Bloomberg.

In an effort to cut costs, Boeing was relying on subcontractors making paltry wages to develop and test its software. Often times, these subcontractors would be from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace, like India.

Boeing had recent college graduates working for Indian software developer HCL Technologies Ltd. in a building across from Seattle’s Boeing Field, in flight test groups supporting the MAX. The coders from HCL designed to specifications set by Boeing but, according to Mark Rabin, a former Boeing software engineer, “it was controversial because it was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code.”

Rabin said: “…it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly.”

In addition to cutting costs, the hiring of Indian companies may have landed Boeing orders for the Indian military and commercial aircraft, like a $22 billion order received in January 2017. That order included 100 737 MAX 8 jets and was Boeing’s largest order ever from an Indian airline. India traditionally orders from Airbus.

HCL engineers helped develop and test the 737 MAX’s flight display software while employees from another Indian company, Cyient Ltd, handled the software for flight test equipment. In 2011, Boeing named Cyient, then known as Infotech, to a list of its “suppliers of the year”.

One HCL employee posted online: “Provided quick workaround to resolve production issue which resulted in not delaying flight test of 737-Max (delay in each flight test will cost very big amount for Boeing).”

But Boeing says the company didn’t rely on engineers from HCL for the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, which was linked to both last October’s crash and March’s crash. The company also says it didn’t rely on Indian companies for the cockpit warning light issue that was disclosed after the crashes.

A Boeing spokesperson said: “Boeing has many decades of experience working with supplier/partners around the world. Our primary focus is on always ensuring that our products and services are safe, of the highest quality and comply with all applicable regulations.”

HCL, on the other hand, said: “HCL has a strong and long-standing business relationship with The Boeing Company, and we take pride in the work we do for all our customers. However, HCL does not comment on specific work we do for our customers. HCL is not associated with any ongoing issues with 737 Max.”

Recent simulator tests run by the FAA indicate that software issues on the 737 MAX run deeper than first thought. Engineers who worked on the plane, which Boeing started developing eight years ago, complained of pressure from managers to limit changes that might introduce extra time or cost.

Rick Ludtke, a former Boeing flight controls engineer laid off in 2017, said: “Boeing was doing all kinds of things, everything you can imagine, to reduce cost, including moving work from Puget Sound, because we’d become very expensive here. All that’s very understandable if you think of it from a business perspective. Slowly over time it appears that’s eroded the ability for Puget Sound designers to design.”

Rabin even recalled an incident where senior software engineers were told they weren’t needed because Boeing’s productions were mature. Rabin said: “I was shocked that in a room full of a couple hundred mostly senior engineers we were being told that we weren’t needed.”

Any given jetliner is made up of millions of parts and millions of lines of code. Boeing has often turned over large portions of the work to suppliers and subcontractors that follow its blueprints. But beginning in 2004 with the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing sought to increase profits by providing high-level specs and then asking suppliers to design more parts themselves.

Boeing also promised to invest $1.7 billion in Indian companies as a result of an $11 billion order in 2005 from Air India. This investment helped HCL and other software developers.

For the 787, HCL offered a price to Boeing that they couldn’t refuse, either: free. HCL “took no up-front payments on the 787 and only started collecting payments based on sales years later”.

Rockwell Collins won the MAX contract for cockpit displays and relied in part on HCL engineers and contract engineers from Cyient to test flight test equipment.

Charles LoveJoy, a former flight-test instrumentation design engineer at the company, said: “We did have our challenges with the India team. They met the requirements, per se, but you could do it better.”

Video: Arm Yourself! Dark Left Violence Coming! Kevin Shipp Unloads

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says, “The danger for ‘We the People’ is the Dark Left and Dark Left violence. As these indictments begin to come out, and as the players are called out, the violence on what I call the Dark Left, the violence is going to increase to the point where it’s going to be very, very bad. There are going to be beatings and probably shootings, and shooting at police. . . . There is going to be a lot of violence coming from the Left in the next year or two. This is one of the reasons you need to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights . . . because of what the Left is going to do with these findings and what is going to be the death knell for the Democrat Party and the death knell for taking over our Constitution and culture. They will exponentially bring up their violence, and Americans need to arm themselves and protect themselves against that.”

Lots of good stuff covered in this interview including Shipp’s analysis on why Trump will win in 2020 and how Trump recently stated he’ll be soon releasing a lot more than just the FISA warrant stuff. Lots of things we don’t even know about will be released! This should help propel Trump to a landslide victory and give us more time to fix the country. Even Shipp admits when Trump leaves office is when we really have to be worried! If people aren’t arrested for RussiaGate then our Constitution means nothing! Open the Video

Got man boobs? It’s not the soy, it’s the BEER

(Natural News) If you listen to your medical doctor, who knows very little about nutrition, you may think those man boobs are genetic, or caused by obesity, drugs (legal and illegal), or most likely soy, but you would be way off. What’s really affecting those hormones and influencing them so badly that thousands of men now have large, sagging breasts full of excess mammary tissue? Did you know breast reduction for men is one of the most popular forms of surgery in the USA? In fact, breast reduction operations for men are increasing by as much as 80 percent, according to Plastic Surgeons from Great Britain.

Sure, you’ve heard the myth, over and over, that soy’s estrogen-promoting effects are a major cause of man boobs, but did you ever bother to check the facts, the science on that? Surprise, surprise: It’s not the soy, but all that manly beer that’s growing those man boobs at an alarming rate. Wake up and smell the alpha-estrogen.

So, what are the REAL estrogenic effects of soy, and why is that the popular narrative – that soy causes man boobs? Well, that one is easy. The meat industry doesn’t want a hundred million American men all of the sudden dropping meat and choosing healthy, organic soy. It’s all a money-making scheme to deter anyone from learning the truth about their health and well-being.
The soy myth dismantled and unraveled

Do you chow down 500 pounds of soy burgers daily? Do you consume 500 pounds of tofu daily? Wait, are you one of those people who drinks 500 cartons of soy milk every day? Well then, it’s not the soy causing those “sheep” boobs. Yes, Google lies. You’re reading myths and fairy tales.

Looking to balance male hormone levels, by choosing the right foods and eliminating the bad ones? The science tells you to choose a plant-based diet and avoid beer. The most potent phytoestrogen in the WORLD, it turns out, is in beer. According to German scientists, that’s why female hop pickers begin menstruating when they begin touching hops.

Turns out, the phytoestrogens in beer attach to the alpha-estrogen receptors (as opposed to beta receptors), and that increases risk of breast cancer. That’s the reason hop extracts are used in breast enhancement supplements. Wow. Here comes the big whammy, so to speak. Soy phytoestrogens attach to beta receptors, serving a breast cancer reducing effect. Bottom line: If you’re worrying about testosterone and ever-growing “man boobs,” you best drop the brew, and then your man-cave friends might stop telling you that you need to buy a bra.
Turn to a plant-based diet and don’t look back, even when the meat, dairy, and BEER industries scream for your money

Remember, doctors in America used to say that smoking was good for digestion and made you manly. Then all the Marlboro Men starting all dying from lung cancer. Choose organic soy as a meat replacement and drop the booze. Don’t let the “busty myth” about soy ruin your smart health choices, for cancer prevention and longevity.

Men’s hormones are way out of whack in America, where most men are stuck in their rut with the Standard American Diet of meat, milk, cheese, bread and beer. There are artificial hormones in all conventional meat and dairy from the CAFO animals being injected for growth and production profits. You are what you eat and drink. There are also chemicals in plastics (think BPA) and toxins in pesticides (think Atrazine) that disturb male hormones and cause severe imbalances. All these “Low-T” meds you see advertised on TV are cancer nightmares waiting to worsen.

The cost of eating organic is much cheaper than conventional, because there’s no breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy on your horizon. You asked for the truth and you got it. Scientific truth. Nutritional truth. Remember, knowledge is power. And now we know exactly which foods and beverages adversely affect male hormone levels the most – conventional meat and beer.

Now learn more about what the science reveals in this 3rd installment of the Men’s Health Series with Dr. Michael Greger of

Open the Video

And, if you would like extended science and nutrition explanations, check out Dr. Gemma Newman as she delves into the true causes of diabetes, and the best lifestyle changes that literally REVERSE these killers the M.D.s say you can’t cure. Open the Video

Tune in to for more insights into how mainstream media attacks the most intelligent health advice, and then you’ll know the difference.

Sources for this article include:

Video: To those Who Think Donald Trump Is a Christian

Donald Trump, alleged Presbyterian, bragged to two mainline pastors that he was very popular among “the evangelicals” and then asked the Presbyterian pastor if Presbyterians are Christian.

Soon after announcing his presidential bid, Trump described the experience of taking Communion as, “When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker.” In that same interview, Trump remarked that he wasn’t sure he had ever asked God for forgiveness.

Trump raised eyebrows again in January 2016 when he referred to the Second Corinthians Bible verse as “Two Corinthians” – a stumble that he later blamed on a religious leader who had advised him.

Even the person considered to be Trump’s closest spiritual confidant — Florida pastor Paula White — has said it would simply be “futile” and “staged” for Trump to try to publicly discuss his faith.

Shortly before his apparent recent assassination, Rabbi David Goldberg announced that “Trump converted to Judiasim and he believes Kushner is the Messiah or Moshiach.”

Donald Trump is a knighted 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Jesuit “Red Dragon” [Luciferian Freemason]:

Open the Video

Trump’s Luciferian Kabbalah ‘Tree of Life’ Award [Notice how while he brags about it he gives the 6 6 6 hand sign]:

Open the Video

Donald Trump is 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Jesuit “Red Dragon”

Open the Video

Deal of the Century: [Zionist/Luciferian] Jared Kushner Just Released His Middle East Plan for ‘Peace to Prosperity’

People who are REALLY interested in PEACE should read the section entitled The Red Pill For Peace beginning on page 87 here:

“President Donald Trump, following the orders of Satanic Chabad pseudo-Jews, ordered a massive attack on Iran on June 21st, a day of Satanic summer solstice fire sacrifice, but the U.S. military refused to obey him.” – Benjamin Fulford:

Irrefutable PROOF that Zionist Talmudic Judaism is the exact OPPOSITE of what most Christians THINK [not even sharing allegiance to Christian’s God the Father!] – Now updated with some of the BEST PROOF EVER straight from the Talmud including:

  • “If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed.” (Sanhedrin 58b)
  • “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b) [The basic Talmudic doctrine includes more than a “super-race” complex. It is an “only” race concept]
  • “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)
  • “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)

Regardless of Intent Your Vote is Effectively a Hate Crime [The REAL Zionist Donald Trump Revealed With Weekly Updates]:

Sleepy Joe Biden Spox Tells CNN He Will Be Too Tired To Answer Questions After Debate

President Donald Trump has called former Vice President Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” but not he could have imagined this.

A spokesperson for the former vice president spoke to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper prior to the Democrat debate on Thursday and suggested that the president is correct.

Kate Bedingfield, who is Biden’s communications director and deputy campaign manager, was asked why Biden would not go to the interview room after the debate.

“I understand just finally, Vice President Joe Biden won’t go to the spin room tonight after the debate to talk to reporters,” Cooper asked.

“I still can’t believe it’s actually called the spin room, it seems like the most honest thing in politics, and I can surely understand never wanting to set foot in one,” Cooper said. “But [Biden] is a candidate, why is he not going to go?”

“Well, he’s going to have spent two hours answering questions on-stage, and he talks to the press everywhere he goes,” Bedingfield said.

“I think there’s no question the American people know where Joe Biden stands on issues,” she said to Cooper as an explanation.

But it sounded a lot like, after a two hour debate, Sleepy Joe would be too exhausted to stay and answer more questions from the media.

The irony of him actually proving President Trump’s nickname for him was too much for Donald trump Jr. to resist as he pounced on the news.

“OMG, I mean 11pm is really late and all… Good thing nothing happens in the middle of the night he may want to be up for,” he said.

But he did get a chance to take a swing back at Sen. Kamala Harris, who accused him of a sticky record on race issues, as he left the stage.

Biden was confronted by an MSNBC reporter, Garrett Haake, who asked him if Sen. Harris “mischaracterized” his position.

“Yes, she did,” Biden said. “I don’t think she intended anything. She mischaracterized it because I supported busing to eliminate de jure segregation.”

“Sure, we should have a role by breaking down the barriers that exist in institutional racism. That’s what I did when I was a local official and county official.

“What we’re talking about is whether or not the Department of Education, as opposed to the courts, could order de jure segregation, meaning segregation imposed by law.

“There’s de facto and de jure segregation. I supported of course an ability to strike down any order — as a matter of fact, I voted against an amendment that came up in the Senate, I was the deciding vote for a Senator here in Florida that was called the Gurney amendment.

“I was the deciding vote. They wanted to take away the power of the court to stop busing. I voted against it,” he said.

When You Can’t Make It, Fake It: Photos Reveal AOC Was Crying Over An Empty Parking Lot

Newly uncovered photos from the border protest attended by a tearful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez show that she was crying over an empty parking lot.

Many have accused the Congresswoman and her supporters of staging a photo-op after the images, taken during a 2018 event outside a migrant “tent city” in Tornillo, Texas, went viral earlier this week.

The photos show an emotional AOC holding her face and appearing to cry. Her attention appears to be directed towards whatever is on the other side of the fence.

However, a photo from a different angle shows there is nothing there aside from an empty parking lot and some police officers.

Another image shows a photographer being careful to capture AOC’s reaction as she gets emotional over what appears to be little other than a vehicle and a tree.

As we previously reported, Ocasio-Cortez attended to star-studded “protest” wearing a pristine white outfit, bright red lipstick and a $600 dollar watch.

This prompted many of her critics to accuse the Congresswoman and her supporters of staging the photos, arguing that the images did not show a spontaneous, authentic reaction.