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Treating parasites naturally: 10 foods that kill parasites and restore essential nutrients

There are many different types of parasites that can reside in your body, especially along the digestive tract. But did you know that what you eat can help prevent parasitic infections from happening? More than that, the right foods can kill parasites and help your body replenish its stores of essential nutrients. There is a growing body of research dedicated to finding natural remedies for intestinal parasites, and so far, the results are amazing.

Most of modern medicine has eschewed the science of healing for the “art” of making more money, but interest in natural medicine is growing. The pharmaceutical industry is slowly being exposed for the disease-spreading racket it really is, and people are beginning to reject Big Pharma’s dogma.
Kill parasites and restore balance with these 10 foods

Writing for Paleo Hacks, Megan Patiry reports that there are 10 foods which can fight off parasites and help restore good nutritional status — the benefits of which are all backed by science.

Onions have been used to combat parasites in traditional medicine for centuries. Research published in 2018 shows that the sulfur metabolites in onions prevent parasitic organisms from producing key compounds they need for survival.

Garlic shares onion’s ability to kill parasites through inhibiting the production of substances the organisms need to survive. In a study of nematode infestation, scientists found that garlic was over 91 percent effective at killing the parasites in naturally occurring infections.

The findings were so strong that the team stated, “Garlic may be useful as an alternative treatment against nematode parasites in animals and [humans].”

Coconut is known for having an array of health benefits, but did you know it can also kill microorganisms? Research from 2005 shows that the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut are able to kill the intestinal parasite Giardia, which causes horrible diarrhea. In their conclusion, the researchers posit that coconut displayed promise for a novel therapy in which food supplementation could replace the drugs typically used to treat giardiasis.
Sunflower seeds and Carrots

As Patiry reports, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Multiple studies have shown that vitamin E deficiency could be a risk factor for parasitic infection. Studies also show that getting more vitamin E can help improve immune system resistance to nematode infection.

Carrots may also be a good nutritional tool for fighting parasites. Studies show low levels of vitamin A and beta carotene are linked to parasite infections in animals, so Patiry suggests getting more of those nutrients in your diet.
Papaya seeds and honey

As Very Well Health reports, Papaya seeds can actually help get rid of intestinal parasites. In a study of Nigerian children, scientist found that a mixture of papaya seeds and honey was an effective alternative treatment. The team found that the mixture resulted in 71 to 100-percent parasite clearance rates in the children, curing 76 percent of the kids.

“Thus, air-dried C. papaya seeds are efficacious in treating human intestinal parasites and without significant side effects. Their consumption offers a cheap, natural, harmless, readily available monotherapy and preventive strategy against intestinal parasitosis, especially in tropical communities,” the study authors write.

Honey is a well-known for its antimicrobial properties. Raw honey also contains nutrients and antioxidants which support immunity.
Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious but they also contain a compound which can help clear parasites from your intestines. As Patiry reports, research shows that pumpkin seed extract actually paralyzes parasites and prevents them from “clinging” to the walls of your intestines — allowing your body to simply pass them through the digestive tract. Scientists say pumpkin seed extract is an “inexpensive alternative” to conventional drugs.
Fermented foods and berries

Studies show that the probiotic bacteria found in fermented foods can help block the proliferation of harmful bacteria and parasites. The probiotic bacteria are actually able to prevent bad microbes from getting the nutrients they need to survive, while also promoting your body’s own natural immunity.

Berries may also be able to help stop the growth and spread of parasites, thanks to compounds called polyphenols. Scientists say that berry extracts are as effective against the parasite Giardia as current treatments.

There are many more healing foods that are supported by science. Learn more at

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In 1946 we published THE CURE FOR CANCER in the US Army.

It guided our policies on Nuclear Tests in the US Navy for years to come.

We learned at Hiroshima that when a Patient ate Bitter Wormwood grown by the sea not only did their radiation burns heal but those with cancer got rid of their cancer withing 6 months.

The next year the soldiers figured out that Sea Weed did the same thing so they picked Sea Weed growing in Hiroshima Bay – yes — it was dirty and radioactive – and their cancers healed as well.

In the 1970′s all sorts of tests – currently ongoing for 50 years – learned that the Soap – Surfactant – boiled out of Kelp reduced the size of Tumors.

I lost my first wife to cancer.

When I met Jane she had very high blood pressure and 3 types of cancer.

Today her Blood Pressure is 120/80 and her 3 cancers have not returned after 11 years.

We can honestly say that all those we sent Immusit and Sea Weed to lost their cancer, their MS Healed and their Blood Pressure is now normal.

I get no money to tell you this – and am at great risk doing so – but we believe YOU have a right to know




VIDEO: (878) THE CURE FOR BREAST CANCER – YouTube Open the Video

The Wall Of Truth

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

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Clear Warning Signs that the Ebola Invasion of the United States Is About to Begin

A storm of monumental proportions is ready to hit the United States and endanger everyone in the country and millions in this country will never know or understand what has hit them.

How many biocontainment, Ebola-ready Level-4 beds are there in America? An extensive data base and internet search reveals that the last published figures on how many Ebola-ready Level 4 beds there are presently in America, that are designed to hold an Ebola patient, comes from data that is almost four years old. Americans need to be aware of the fact that the United States only has 19 Ebola-ready Level-4 Biocontainment beds in the entire country. The United States only has four, Level 4 biocontainment labs in the entire country. The United States is woefully under-prepared to handle even the smallest of Ebola outbreaks.

Containment Beds Or No Containment Beds, Ebola Is Coming and It’s Airborne

Did you know that 20% of the presently diagnosed Ebola cases are being discovered far away from the homes of the infected? This has major implications for transmissibility and the creation of a major pandemic.

According to a recent twitter post- –

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector, they recently apprehended a large group of well over 100 illegal immigrants from Angola, Cameroon and Congo after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande River into the U.S. two days ago. This is the precise area which is seeing the most dramatic increases in Ebola reported cases. Ok, this is in Africa and we in the United States have nothing to worry about, correct? That kind of faulty thinking could start a major pandemic which could kill untold millions.

By my count, there are over 50 peer reviewed studies which demonstrate that Ebola can be transmitted through various airborne means.

Canadian researchers raised the question of airborne transmission of Ebola back in 2012. By 2015, there was clear research evidence as to the veracity of this 2012 concern. Dr Lisa Brosseau and Dr Rachael Jones, in a research article published by CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, clearly state that Ebola currently has “unclear modes of transmission…We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks…and the CDC’s contention that Ebola is only communicable via direct contact is inaccurate.”

Further, it is an indisputable fact that Ebola cannot be contained in Africa.

Subsequently, this current President needs to answer two very pressing questions:

1). Why isn’t air travel, both through direct and indirect flights from the Congo, being immediately banned under the name of national security?

2). Why haven’t you used your Executive authority to close the southern border given the threat of bioterrorism?

I am in contact with federal agents, multiple, that are echoing the accounts in the Independent Media. These accounts are true. Africans from the Ebola-infested areas in Africa are entering the United States in the hundreds (caught), and by the thousands (realistic estimate). It is only a matter of time.

As indicated in this article, the Ebola virus is poised spread exponentially. The dynamics remind me of the Pearl Harbor attack only on a much grander scale.

Does anyone else find it interesting that the evidence that Ebola is airborne is almost four years old. Why have we stopped investigating? As they say, it is always quiet before the storm. And since it is documented beyond a shadow of a doubt, the CDC owns the patent on Ebola, we can say that all the pieces are lining up.including the profit motive.

Please spare me the emotional rhetoric in response to this article. I have provided documented links to the claims presented here. In response, I only want to see the same which may serve to refute my position that the people of this country are deliberately and purposefully being endangered for purposes of profit and political control. Until I see documentable proof that this position is wrong and the evidence presented in this article is in error, I stand by this position. And when you convince me, that I am in error, and you won’t, then you will have to convince the federal agents that are living through this nightmare on our southern border.

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Video: Stop Throwing Onion Skins Away-They Cut Blood Pressure and Prevent Arteriosclerosis

A few statistics show that Americans throw away about 40% of the food they buy from stores. In addition, most people toss the plants’ parts that are most colorful before they consume them.

The fact is that the pigments that give this color include the antioxidants that make these plants good for the health. So, before you toss the onion skins, please read this article. Truth to be told, the onion skins are not edible, but it is definitely rich in quercetin.

This powerful antioxidant is able to protect us from arteriosclerosis. By adding onion skin in your sauté, soup or stew, you will actually boost your meal with this antioxidant and few other useful nutrients.

Onions are well-known for their strong antibacterial effects and generally speaking they are one of the healthiest veggies that are able to stabilize blood sugar levels, prevent nosebleeds, lead to cancer cell apoptosis and provide huge amounts of vitamin C to the immune system.
Darker onions have a higher amount of phytonutrients

People often remove specific parts of certain veggies without knowing that these parts are equally useful and tasty as the ones that we usually consume. The reason is simple – we don’t like the way they look.

For instance, celery and broccoli leaves are packed with more vitamins and fiber compared to the stalks. Just think about it – the leaves are crucial for the progress of the plant – this is where the photosynthesis starts. In addition, you can try carrot and beet leaves. They might be bitter, but they are very healthy.

Chard and kale stems are a little bit hard, but if they are steamed they can be consumed easily. Put some garlic for better taste and amazing health benefits like lowering the chances of developing cancer and cholesterol.

Don’t judge the food by its appearance

The skins of many fruits are frequently tossed. Take citrus peels for example. People are used to reading about recipes that include orange or lemon zest, but have you ever wondered why they don’t contain the peels? The peels may be bitter, but they are still very flavorful and this is the place where you can find most of the pigments.

It is a good idea to add orange peels in smoothies or put them in a glass of plain water and consume them after you drink the water. In this way, you will not only improve your breath, but you will also get a good amount of vitamin C, fiber and antimicrobial phytonutrients that will lower oxidative stress and aid the body’s efforts to cleanse cells from toxic metal residues.

Finally, fruit peels have the ability to cleanse water of heavy metals and other harmful compounds.

It is also good to point out that melon rinds are packed with citrulline. A few studies have confirmed that this amino acid can be used as part of a treatment of minor erectile dysfunctions. Take the rinds and scrub them well. After that, put them in a juicer or blender along with other raw veggies and fruits.

Start Again

People often chop off the ends of veggies, but these parts can be used to grow new plants. Leeks and scallions need only a small amount of water to root while sprouted potatoes and ginger will progress if you plant them in a small pot filled with soil.

The leaves, stems, and roots that you probably throw away when you prepare dinner can definitely boost your health. When you start cooking, put these things together with other ingredients. Your food will taste better and you will be much healthier. Use every vegetable and fruit to the maximum.

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Video: The Discovery of New Deep Underground Tunnels In Colorado

I recently interviewed Paul Martin regarding the discovery of new found deep underground bunkers. This is not your Continuity of Government program. Here is the story…

Open the Video

I recently interviewed Paul Martin regarding the discovery of new found deep underground bunkers. This is not your Continuity of Government program. Here is the story…

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Shocking new drug danger discovered: Statins found to cause ALS, a fatal nervous system disorder

Many people take statins with the aim of improving their health, but these drugs come with so many side effects that they’re often not worth taking. Long under fire for their lack of results and their role in raising the risk of diabetes, yet another reason has emerged for avoiding these drugs: They can cause the deadly disorder ALS.

ALS, which stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a nervous system disorder that causes progressive muscle strength loss that is irreversible. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, it cause nerve cells within the spinal cord and brain that control your voluntary muscles to die. It may start with weakness in one leg or arm and speech changes before leading to muscle twitching and eventually preventing people from moving, speaking, eating and breathing. There is no cure, and the disease is fatal.

According to a new study that was published in the Drug Safety journal, statins could be one of the driving factors behind sporadic cases of ALS, which account for roughly nine out of ten ALS diagnoses. In the study, researchers looked at the reporting odds ratio, or ROR, of statins in relation to ALS and ALS-like symptoms. An ROR of 6 or greater generally suggests probable cause.

While the RORs for ALS were considered elevated for all of the statins studied, they discovered that lipophilic statins like Lovastatin (Altoprev) had an alarmingly high ROR of 107. Meanwhile, the ROR for Simvastatin (Zocor) was 23, while that of the popular statin Atorvastatin (Lipitor) was 17 and Rosuvastatin (Crestor) was 9.09. The researchers concluded that there is indeed a concerning connection that warrants further exploration.

Statins have lots of side effects, few benefits

If you take statins, ALS isn’t the only medical problem you have to worry about. They’ve also been linked to a higher risk of heart disease and memory loss. The most common side effects include cognitive problems, fatigue and muscle symptoms, while some people note aggression, higher irritability, and numbness or tingling in their extremities. And while they are intended to reduce the risk of suffering an ischemic stroke, they can raise the risk of hemorrhagic strokes.

Statins have also been shown to double the risk of developing diabetes. The risk is even higher among post-menopausal women, with one large study of more than 150,000 women showing that this group’s risk of diabetes rises by 71 percent by taking statins.

Statins are a huge moneymaker for doctors and pharmaceutical companies, so it’s unlikely that prescriptions will slow down any time soon. Thankfully, many people can avoid them by making lifestyle changes that will improve their health and bring their cholesterol to healthier levels. While it’s not quite as easy as taking a pill, improving your diet and getting regular exercise won’t raise your risk of ALS or any other illness – in fact, it will have the opposite effect.

The first step is adding more foods to your diet that are known to fight cholesterol. Focus on getting plenty of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, and eat foods like oats, fish and garlic. Try to increase your physical activity levels, whether you’re going from being sedentary to taking a few slow strolls round the block after dinner each week or turning a couple of your weekly jogs into runs. No matter what you’re currently doing, there is a way to raise the intensity.

With nearly one out of every four people in the U.S. over the age of 45 taking statins, it’s important that everyone is aware of the risks posed these drugs and the safer alternatives for lowering your cholesterol and protecting your heart health naturally.

Sources for this article include:

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BREAKING NEWS – Ebola is NOW in Texas

Ebola is Now Here in Texas

There is a serious Ebola alert in Laredo Texas after 3 illegals from the Congo crossed over into US Territory.

There are also 6 in custody in Laredo Mexico and what appears to be another 6 in Juarz as well.

This is 9 people confirmed with a possibility of 15 people total from the Congo who have contracted the Ebola virus.

This is serious.

How many people did these 9/15 people come in contact with?

Is it possible that there are now people in the US that came over the border illegally and are carriers of Ebola?

If so, then how many people have they come in contact with and then those people come in contact with others.

Can you see how fast this could turn into an epidemic?

On Friday, ABC News reported that the World Health Organization is claiming the Ebola outbreak in the Congo is of “deep concern, ” while stopping short of declaring it a global emergency.

Following a meeting of its expert committee, the U.N. health agency called for efforts to be redoubled to stop the deadly virus, noting that the recent spike in Ebola cases raises the risk of spread to other countries.

A public health official in Laredo, Texas, said 20 Congolese migrants were monitored for Ebola and other diseases in shelters in his city and across the Mexican border in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

“We have 8 Congolese right now in one of our shelters and a dozen in Nuevo Laredo,” Laredo Health Director Dr. Hector Gonzalez told the Laredo City Councilman George Altget during a council meeting on April 4.

So you can see my concern. How many people did these people come in contact with once they arrived in Central America?

In fact, where did they land? Did they land in Mexico from the Congo? Maybe Belize, Guatemala, Honduras?

If they landed in one of those countries, then they had plenty of chances to come in contact with a lot of people as well as people who were also crossing the border illegally.

Now, how many Congolese individuals did not get captured and are possibly here in Texas or have moved further up north to escape detection?

Again, we may be looking at a serious epidemic / pandemic.

Latest data indicates a total of 1,206 confirmed and probable cases of Ebola in this latest deadly outbreak in Congo which began last August, while 764 people have died up to last Wednesday, making the outbreak – which is endemic in the Congo – the worst in the country’s history. The numbers spiked this week, with 20 new cases on Wednesday alone.

The concern for health officials is that Congo is right in the heart of Central Africa and has borders with a large number of countries: Angola, Kenya, Zambia, Gabon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, Burundi and Uganda.

Ebola has hit Texas thanks to our open borders. Right now, there are 9 and possibly up to 15 people sitting on the US/ Mexico border in quarantine who are from Congo, Africa.

Those are the people that they caught, what if there are others that got through?

My name is Ray Gano; I am a prepper and have been a prepper pretty much all my life. My mother was raised during the great depression, and because of that she was always a frugal person. She would can up and dehydrate food, always setting it aside for “a rainy day.” One of my most vivid memories growing up was during the economic recession we had in the mid-1960s. Life for us was pretty hard. I remember us going behind grocery stores and picking out old fruit and vegetables. We would pick mustard greens, black berries, crab apples, anything

that was growing on the side of the road we would stop and pick it. There was a butcher in town that used to save beef bones for us, and my mom would gather us around the stove and make “nail soup.”

Nail soup was a big deal back then. We all helped clean up the old vegetables, cut away bad pieces and keep the good parts. Mom would then have us carefully put the veggies we cut up into the pot. Finally, she would pick on of us kids to take the magic nail from the windowsill and put it in the pot. See, the nail was magic and that is what made the “Nail Soup” tastes so good. The real ingredient was the best of all; it was my mother’s love.

Another point when I was growing up was when my father contracted Hong Kong Flu. This was around the same time in the mid to late 1960’s. I remember my mom quarantining the room and keeping us kids away. Only she could go into the room and she worked hard to keep the house sterile and germ free.

Many people died from the Hong Kong Flu, which come to find out was a strain of H1N1 Spanish Flu. The same H1N1 that we still have today that many believe will eventually mutate again, into a more harmful form of H1N1.

Over the years I was drawn to home remedies, and back woods cures. I started to learn about all the edible plants in our area and also learned how to use them medically. As time went on I would buy books on the different plant always trying to increase my knowledge.

When I went into the army, I would always try to learn the different plants in the area and in Germany I was learning the flora and fauna that was offered there. In fact, when I was in Germany I would teach the men under my command how to use the different plants and such if they were put in the position to have to live off the land.

Once I got out of the army, I still maintained my interest in learning how to live off the land and also, the medicinal uses many plants had.

Fast forward to today and with the outrageous cost of medical treatment, I became our family’s first line medical care giver.

I started to expand learning about all of the natural herb, vitamins and other supplements that are out there.

Nurse Amy of “Doc Bones & Nurse Amy” introduced me to essential oils and I started learning more on how to use these effectively, in conjunction with my herbal cures.

Back in 2005 I diagnosed my son’s Type 1 Diabetes. Ever article, book and website that I was reading pointed to T1 but did not believe it till I finally told Tracye that we needed to get him to the hospital. From what I could tell he was already in the very dangerous stages of diabetic ketoacidosis.

We got him to the emergency room, I told the nurses what I suspected, and they congratulated me on catching it. They said that they see many first time T1 kids already passed out due to DKA.

I want to say that I am not a doctor and I have nothing but the highest respect for doctors. All the things they have to study and to stay up to date. I never thought that I had the calling to be a doctor, but I do enjoy the study of folk medicine and the cures and remedies our great grandparents once used. Many of those cures and remedies are making a comeback today. I think it is very prudent that those of us who are preppers have as much understanding about medicine as we are able. We need to return to having the skills of mending wounds, binding cuts and giving proper first aid.

I think the skill of diagnosing basic illnesses is also something that has been forgotten. It amazes me how many people do not even know the symptoms of a common cold and then rush to the ER thinking they are about to go to their grave.

I have made it a personal responsibility to be the best care giver that I could for the sake of my family.

To this date, whenever we are with our kids and grandkids, I am always asked to look at some cut or scratch or help diagnose some belly rumblings, fever or runny nose. In fact, my Grandson thinks that if I do not have my flashlight in hand when looking at that splinter, then something must be wrong. No matter what the little prick or scratch, I must look at it with my flashlight so that I can make the proper diagnosis and provide him the proper treatment.

Most times it all comes down to a little Neosporin and Band-Aid. Sometimes I will use lavender oil or thieves’ oil just to help it speed the healing. My grandson likes it because it smells good and is “good medicine” not the bad medicine that “tastes yucky”.

Today we have Ebola that is trying to break free from the boarders of Africa and getting to the point where it is becoming impossible to contain.

I think back when I was watching Fox News reporting on Dr. Brantly, who has just arrived in the US at the university hospital outside of Atlanta.

Dr. Kent Brantly, who is believed to be the first patient with the deadly virus ever to be treated at a hospital in the United States, landed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base around 11 a.m. August 2nd 2014.

The Ebola outbreak that is taking place right now is the largest outbreak in known history and has been going on since 2014.

Past Ebola outbreaks were not as devastating and the current outbreak. I believe that is because this strain of Ebola has mutated in one form or another like many immunosuppressive diseases do over time.

Because our world has gotten smaller due to jet planes flying all over the world, the probability of a virus crossing over into other countries has become much easier.

As with past outbreaks of Ebola, this strain is showing that the virus can live outside the body for up to 10 hours, which increases the ability to infect people. A victim who is carrying the virus could be walking around in an airport can cough, sneeze, spit, vomit and the virus cells will remain active for up to 10 hours on whatever surface they landed on.

That is 10 hours that tens if not hundreds of people could come in contact with those virus cells. Once the person comes in contact with those cells, all they would need to do is touch their mouth, their eye, scratch an open sore and that person is infected.

The Key to Living Through This is Prevention.

Once a family member contracts this horrible disease the outcome is pretty grim. Studies show that there is a 40% chance of survival where 60% of those who contract the disease will die. If you have not done so, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read my first book, “Survive The Coming Storm – The Value of a Preparedness Lifestyle.”

If people are going to truly make it, they will need to self-quarantine and if one does not have enough food, water and other items to ride this storm out, they will have to go out into the public more and more and that is exactly where you do not want to be. To go out into the public means that you will be exposing yourself to Ebola and the person leaving will have increased risk in contracting the disease.

This is why I wrote my second book “Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis – Preparing Now Before It is To Late” which is still a “best seller” in the medical book and nursing categories.

In this book I make MANY recommendations from herbal supplements to OTC medicines. I also make recommendations on getting Hazmat Suits, facemasks, and rubber gloves. At a minimum

having a N95 facemask will be a necessity along with bottles of Purell to constantly keeping your hands sterile. On top of that all of us will have to break that horrible habit of touching our face, eyes, nose or mouth. Do that during a pandemic and you sign your own death sentence.

If you and your family are not prepared by then, odds are increased in contracting the deadly Ebola virus. If you are only able to give subpar care to that infected family member, they will probably die and odds are good that others, including yourself will probably catch the disease.

It is my hope that this book helps you and equips you with information that will help you prepare NOW instead of waiting till the pandemic starts.

You still have time, do what you have to do and even if nothing happens, you have gained valuable supplies that most likely will be needed.

Every 100 years our world suffers a deadly global pandemic. The last killer was the Spanish flu in 1918. In 2018 it will be 100 years from that last deadly pandemic. This makes the odds extremely high that a killer pandemic is just around the next corner.


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