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It doesn’t matter if you were the GITMO Commander years back, or you are a military officer or NCO that has been there, or (me) having been there at least 6 times as a pilot flying State Department contract flights in the late 80′s, the fact of the matter is simple…..nobody can know the truth about why GITMO has been renovated and ready for an additional 4,000 detainees above and beyond the 41 detainees currently at GITMO because any and all upcoming operations at GITMO are being held secret.

All deployments currently happening with U.S. based Military Police units since 2017 are ALL told before deployment to “NOT talk to the media about your mission.”

In addition to current Military Police staff at GITMO, why is it necessary to have several hundred for 41 detainees?

“120 members of the Connecticut Army National Guard are preparing to deploy to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (March4th) to serve for a year at the U.S. military detention center.”

There is NO media source (at this point) which has any data or intel to suggest GITMO is being readied for those in the Deep State that have committed treason against the United States.

“Q” NEVER said that FEMA sent prison barges to GITMO, however…..the “Q” team continue to drop “breadcrumbs” suggesting those [placeholders] having committed treason will face military tribunals.

There is no way in hell a civilian court can be trusted with any and all prosecutions involving sedition and treason. The upcoming trials will be held by a military tribunal in extreme secrecy (either) inside the United States or at GITMO.

“As founding FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had warned the US Congress in the late 1940s that “it only took twenty-three Commies to overthrow Russia”, this report continues, the Internal Security Act of 1950 was enacted into law in order to protect the American president and government from an internal coup like the one Trump is now facing—and that President Trump, on 21 December 2017—the exact same day Secretary Mattis made his sudden visit to Guantanamo—enacted the first phase of by his signing an Executive Order declaring that America, indeed, was now in a state of “National Emergency”—with his exactly naming, too, the Hillary Clinton linked persons seeking to overthrow the US government—and that we had, also, detailed in our 24 December 2017 report titled “Trump Declaration Of National Emergency Throws US Media Into Silence, And Global Elites Into Terror”.

It should also be noted….Both Jeff Sessions and of all people, Rod Rosenstein, flew to GITMO July 2017 to assess operations and discuss the renovations to add 4,000 beds and ~865 new Military Police beds to the compound.

“President Trump has ordered the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba to prepare for “high-level” American prisoners, according to a new Military of Defense report.”

“The MoD report has been confirmed by General Staff Deputy Defense Minister Tatiana Shevtsova after a copy was obtained by the Kremlin. Shevtsova stated that Russia has “high confidence” that Donald Trump is preparing to transfer an unknown number of “high-level” American citizen detainees to the United States’ GTMO prison in preparation for their trials before a US Military Tribunal.”

“According to this report, on 11 April 2017, SCT, while conducting routine training missions in Cuba, intercepted an unusually large number of encrypted communications emanating between the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Cuba) and Luke Air Force Base (Arizona)—immediately after which they made a request to SVR counterintelligence analysts for an explanation of—with the SVR, in turn, then reporting to SCT that these communications were being conducted between the Guantanamo Military Commission (that holds US Military Tribunals) and US Attorney Generals Jeff Sessions. On 11 April 2017, also, this report says, the SVR reported to SCT that Attorney General Sessions was at Luke Air Force Base to “hold/conduct” meetings with various commanders of the Arizona Army National Guard (AZ ARNG)—with the longest of them being with the commanders of the 850th Military Police Battalion—that numbers nearly 800 highly trained and specialized US Army Military Police forces.”

Therefore…..with 41 remaining detainees left at GITMO and several that will be removed, what do YOU think is about to happen??

ISIS is about dismantled and the “war on terror” is becoming a failed Bush / Obama legacy, but yet…major operations are underway to get GITMO up-to-par for “some really bad dudes,” according to Trump.

WE can brush it all off as “nothing is going to happen,” but yet we see that Diane Feinstein recently tweeted her latest push to shutdown GITMO. WHY?? Scared maybe??

When WE connect all the dots and see what has transpired since 2017 with Trump’s National Emergency Executive Order December 21st, 2017 related to seizing bank accounts of those committing human rights violations, which also includes acts of treason, plus the updated NDAA section of the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States 2019 Edition | Legal … specifically for U.S. citizens that have committed treason to be tried in a Military Tribunal, and for those that continue to be in denial of anything happening, boggles the mind.

I don’t care if you believe your sources are more correct than anyone else, the fact remains….nobody really knows what will happen…NOBODY.

Maybe it’s all a joke perpetuated by President Trump, with these executive actions, to place fear in those that want to destroy America…a warning let’s say or a counter-move to slow down the Deep State.

Logic says differently….we are seeing the Nuremburg playbook all over again and preparations are being made to go after the Deep State.

Trials for the prime Deep State players CANNOT be conducted in a civilian court because criminals like Hillary Clinton would walk just like O.J. Simpson.

Once convicted by a Military Tribunal, the best and safest place to imprison them is at GITMO, otherwise, any prison inside the United States would probably be attacked. Limited access to these Deep State criminals is key to slowing-down a revamped attempt to overthrow the government.

As to why our favorite perps all had GPS ankle bracelets disguised by therapeutic boots at nearly the same time period and removed later, maybe because it is likely defense attorneys pleaded their future imprisonment with substantial property as bail and/or the DoJ reversed the order at the time.

Among them…GHWB, was likely tried and executed accordingly, under an agreeable method to save the country from going nuts. GHWB’s treason was the most blatant act that could not be defended by his attorneys when he negotiated arms and money for al Qaida / ISIS leaders while he was in Syria.

Only second to GHWB is Hillary Clinton (including Obama) and their complicity and orders for the U.S. Military to stand-down when Ambassador Steven’s meeting with CIA and al Qaida to transfer missiles to al Qaida / ISIS in Syria fell apart, causing Stevens to be dragged through the streets of Benghazi.

AND I will say it again…the American people voted for Trump to go after the Deep State, prosecute and execute those involved with the ‘Coup” to over-throw the United States, and if it doesn’t happen, Trump will NOT be re-elected and by Trump and his DoJ / Military doing NOTHING places every Patriot in extreme danger.

Therefore…if that scares you, then by all means continue to spread dis-information in favor of the Deep State and deny the fact, the Deep State players are facing criminal actions on a major scale. Maybe that will help you survive when the SHTF.

“Q” hasn’t been wrong, but the timeline is always expected to change. Listen to Jerome Corsi discuss what he knows about “Q” and decide if being an Alex Jones “Q” denier suits your fears.

—Dave Bertrand

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Huma Abedin sporting a lovely GPS ankle bracelet (or gun).

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