We don’t ask for money here on Totalrehash, and this is for a reason. Personally I recent the monetary feed slave system and I don’t think it can be redeemed by using the same monetary slave mentality, eg: give me the money and I will tell you the truth.

Truth is free and has to be, otherwise truth tellers will be entrapped in money seeking schemes that will be ever more hard to achieve, cause once you make truth a business, you are liable for corporate law, aka the Maritime Law rabbit hole of a hidden system of law closely kept under secrecy for most of us.

Hence declaring truth as a non profit it clears the road and makes big corporate NWO pushers aka main stream media out of ammunition.

They can’t sue a non profit for illegal gains period. Since there is no gain. This might change in the future, but I suggest at that point it doesn’t matter, since our intention and agenda to spread any type of information to the public will already be a crime at that point. Talking to the public will require a license. Unobtainable unless you are a state sponsored political scientist.

Proceeds to keep the site running is out of pocket, to keep the truth free, the principle of the idea of totalrehash is that if you scatter useful information on internet, that was your choice, and it will be taken advantage of not for amusement, but for the education of people that hunger and thirst for viable clues to get them going .

We are very sorry if an author of an article, wants to keep information as private property. Then it should not have been put on internet in the first place.

We don’t take credit for anything more than the selection of information presented. Links to original sources is not always provided, reasons for this can be that the information is rehashed from someone else’s website or article.

It can also be so because a certain level of disinformation is hidden in the article. We still sometime have to deal with what is at hand, until more accurate information is available.

The second reason it’s called totalrehash is because the brunt of it was understood many years ago, and the idea is to rehash the information to let other people see the light. And remember it’s not objective, nor it’s enclusive, neither politically correct.

Just the truth as we see it.

The third reason for totalrehash, is the backup purpose, as to many articles disappear, whole website vanish etc. We feel that copying important information is very important for the future.

Help others, join us on Twitter, spread the information as you see fit Help your fellow man, That’s the least that can ever be asked from all of us.

Thank you all and have a nice day. Pray in Jesus name only, he is the truth. But also the way, as well as the only salvation for our sins. And hence he is also life.

In Jesus name we pray and we agree.

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