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Stooge Guaido Says Arresting Him Would Be “The Last Mistake the Regime Makes” As US-backed Coup Attempts Continue

The US wishes to form as broad a coalition as possible to ramp up regime change efforts in Venezuela, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said during CNN’s State of the Union on March 3rd.

Meanwhile, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaido is to return to the country on March 4th to lead protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s government. In returning he is risking arrest, as he was prohibited from leaving the country by the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

In his travels abroad he visited Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Ecuador and thanked them all for their support.

He also once more called on the Venezuelan military, claiming that many have defected, but it is necessary for all of them to join the opposition’s side, because the chain of command is broken.

He also alleged that armed groups are gunning down unarmed villages simply for demanding humanitarian aid.

Additionally, he warned that there is a plan in place if the “usurper and his accomplices” are to arrest Guaido. There is a “clear route, with clear instructions to follow by our international allies and brothers of Parliament.”

In a lengthy Twitter broadcast Guaido also warned that “If the regime dares, of course, to kidnap us, it will be the last mistake they make.”

Shortly after Guaido called for the protests and issued his warnings and allegations, John Bolton also reiterated US support for him. Bolton warned that any threats or acts against the US-Proclaimed President’s safety would be met by a strong and significant response by the US and allies.

“We are trying to rally support for the peaceful transition of power from [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro to [self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela] Juan Guaido, whom we recognize as president […] I’d like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace Maduro, to replace the whole corrupt regime. That’s what we are trying to do”, Bolton said during CNN’s State of the Union.

When asked if the “U.S. support for other brutal dictators around the world undermines the credibility” of his argument, Bolton said, “No, I don’t think it does. I think this is separate.”

He explained that the Trump administration is not afraid to use the phrase “Monroe Doctrine” in its aggressive Venezuela policy, referring to the U.S. foreign policy from an earlier era calling for its leadership in the Western Hemisphere through interventionism in the domestic policy of other nations in the region.

“In this administration, we’re not afraid to use the word ‘Monroe Doctrine.’ This is a country in our hemisphere,” Bolton said. “Part of the problem in Venezuela is the heavy Cuban presence. 20,000 to 25,000 Cuban security officials by reports that have been in the public. But this is the sort of thing that we find unacceptable and that’s why we’re pursuing these policies.”

Separately, in an interview with Bulgarian newspaper Trud, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Moscow is monitoring talks of US military intervention in Venezuela.

“Russia opposes any and all interference in the internal affairs of other countries. In Venezuela, we support efforts – including those by representatives of the region – to foster dialogue between the government and the opposition. We continue to do so now… The result that Russia wants to achieve is peace in Venezuela. It can be achieved only through a respectful, inclusive, intra-national dialogue”, Medvedev said.

The prime minister added that all those who cared about the peaceful future of Venezuela should make effort to promote dialogue. He condemned US recognizing Guaido as legitimate Venezuelan president and damaging global dialogue.

“Washington’s efforts have led the discussion of the socioeconomic situation, the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the presidential election in Venezuela, away from constructive dialogue to a completely different place. This, unfortunately, is often followed by chaos, unrest, and the complete destruction of the economy and trade. We have already seen this more than once in other countries.”

It also to his belief that increasing the intensity of political passion only goes against the people’s interests.

“Statements come out of Washington about the possibility of military intervention. There are provocations on the borders. All this is very alarming and suggests that the policy of overthrowing any undesirable governments in the spirit of the Monroe Doctrine is once again becoming a priority for the United States.”
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REVELATION: Venezuelan Troops Offered $20k Each to DEFECT

Soldiers from the National Guard of Venezuela were promised $ 20 thousand for desertion. This was announced by Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino.

According to him, the command counted about 100 people who crossed the border in the hope of reward. Padrino called such promises false and noted that deserters do not affect the combat capability of the Venezuelan army, Caracas announced.

He also stated that the deserters who had crossed the border were simply deceived young people, and also noted that real soldiers adhere to a code of honor and would never have become mercenaries.

On February 23, a convoy of trucks carrying American humanitarian aid arrived in Venezuela from Colombia. On the same day, one of the cars was burned on the Venezuelan part of the bridge on the border of the two countries. FRN exposed this as a false flag at the time.

On February 26, opposition representatives pelted Venezuelan soldiers with incendiary bottles during clashes on the border with Colombia. As a result of the riots, several people died, over 300 were injured.

On January 23, against the backdrop of protest actions, opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the interim president. The policy was supported by the US authorities, who a week later imposed sanctions against the republic, as well as Canada, many Latin American countries, including Brazil and Argentina, and most of the EU countries.

In response, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with Washington and accused the White House of attempting a coup d’état. Russia, China, Cuba, India, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkey expressed support for Maduro. Moscow called the events in the republic a quasi- coup with the participation of foreign countries.

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Burning Aid: An False Flag Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge?

Sen. Marco Rubio and coup leaders claim the Venezuelan National Guard burned US aid trucks on the bridge in Colombia. But all available evidence points in the opposite direction…

The Trump administration’s coup against Venezuela culminated on February 23 with US-backed opposition attempting to ram several trucks loaded with boxes of USAID “humanitarian aid” across the previously unused Francisco de Paula Santander bridge connecting Colombia to Venezuela.

The trucks failed to reach the other side — but that was never really the point of the stunt. As Father Sergio Munoz, a right-wing Venezuelan activist posted on the Colombian side of the border, explained to journalist Dan Cohen, the humanitarian “aid” was a purely symbolic provocation aimed at discrediting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in international eyes and generating waves of destabilizing violence.

By the end of the day, the trucks lined up on the Francisca de Paula Santander bridge were flanked by gangs of guarimberos.

These were the nihilistic masked youth who form the shock troops of the right-wing opposition, and who placed Caracas under siege with violent barricade protests, known as guarimbas, at several points between 2014 and 2017. A mob of guarimberos burned to death Orlando Figuera, a 22-year old black Venezuelan accused of supporting Maduro, on an eastern Caracas street in broad daylight, back in June 2017.

On the Santander bridge this February 23, the guarimberos rained down a hail of rocks and molotov cocktails on Venezuelan national guardsmen holding the line against the USAID trucks. Suddenly, the trucks caught fire and the masked youth began unloading boxes of aid before they burned. Within minutes, pro-opposition media reported that the Venezuelan national guard forces were responsible for the fires.

A reporter for the private anti-government channel NTN24 claimed without evidence that the Venezuelan security forces had caused the fires with tear gas:

The claim was absurd on its face. I have personally witnessed tear gas canisters hit every kind of vehicle imaginable in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, and I have never seen a fire like the one that erupted on the Santander bridge.

In 2013, the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department deployed special incendiary teargas canisters (“burners”) to torch the house where fugitive cop killer Chris Dorner had holed up. But it is highly unlikely that the Venezuelan national guardsmen had anything like this weapon in their arsenal when they confronted the rioters on February 23.

The total lack of evidence of Venezuelan culpability did not stop Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio from tweeting this accusation from nearby in Cucuta, Colombia:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is facing calls for her own resignation after video appeared of her condescendingly browbeating a group of environmentalist children, repeated Rubio’s baseless allegation, using it to call for Maduro to step down.

By blaming the Venezuelan government for burning the USAID trucks, Rubio was clearly attempting to establish the casus belli he had been seeking. Yet neither he nor anyone in the “whole world” had seen the national guard set the fire, as he claimed. In fact, the evidence pointed in the exact opposite direction, suggesting that the masked opposition youth had torched the trucks themselves.

Colombian writer Humberto Ortiz produced footage from a pro-opposition channel showing what appears to be the exact moment when a guarimbero sets the aid on fire with a molotov cocktail:

Drone footage also published by Garcia shows how far away the trucks were from Venezuelan national guardsmen when they caught fire, and demonstrates that they were clearly on the Colombian side of the border:

Even Bloomberg News, which has run a relentless stream of pro-opposition reports, published video showing guarimberos on the bridge making molotov cocktails, which could easily set a truck cabin or its cargo alight:

Meanwhile, the International Red Cross issued a statement condemning Venezuelan opposition activists disguising themselves as Red Cross workers – a blatant breach of humanitarian protocol. A screenshot from pro-opposition NTN24 coverage shows a fake Red Cross worker near one of the burning trucks:

Days ago, self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido announced that he would lead a “human wave” across the bridge and into Venezuela. But as darkness fell on February 23, Guaido found himself at a stormy press conference with other right-wing, US-aligned Latin American leaders. By his side was Colombian President Ivan Duque, who repeated the evidence-free allegation that Venezuelan security forces had burned the aid trucks.

Having failed miserably at every phase of the coup he had attempted engineer, Rubio ended the day with a Twitter tantrum that peaked with a call for “multilateral actions” against Venezuela’s government. What form that action could take is still unclear, but it will certainly be justified by a series of baseless claims about what took place on the Santander bridge.

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Venezuela Set For More False Flags… US Puppet Guaido Better Watch His Back Before He Get Thrown Under The Bus

The much-hyped “aid weekend” involving a US Trojan Horse fell at the first hurdle. Venezuelan government forces averted the provocation intended by US aid convoys from Colombia and Brazil.

However, increasing frustration in Washington beckons more false flags.

Something shocking is “needed” in order to jolt world opinion into acquiescing to Washington’s criminal agenda of “all options.” In the fiendish mind of American imperialism, it is also prudent to consider “all options” as meaning more than military aggression. The foulest moves.

The torching of trucks purportedly ferrying US food and medicines across the border from Colombia was patently a planned provocation. Credible video footage and witnesses attested to the arson being carried out by supporters of the US-backed opposition figure Juan Guaido.

The vehicles never even made it to the crossing point where Venezuelan national guards were deployed.

Yet, at the Lima Group summit held – no coincidence – in the Colombian capital, Bogota on Monday, Guaido and US Vice President Mike Pence brazenly spouted lies that the “sadistic” Venezuelan military under President Nicolas Maduro had caused the destruction of vital aid supplies intended for “suffering people.”

It seems obvious the whole scenario of delivering US aid into Venezuela from neighboring countries was really intended as a pretext for military intervention by Washington. The government in Caracas had warned of such a contingency in advance, as had Russia, which is allied to President Maduro’s administration. Moscow’s experience in Syria has no doubt given a lot of valuable insights into the American playbook of using false flags for justifying military aggression.

The timing of the Lima Group summit – 12 Latin American states along with the US and Canada – was meant to capitalize on the false-flag incident over aid, as well as other deadly clashes at the weekend that resulted in dozens of casualties.

However, the provocation did not go to plan, despite Pence and Guaido’s grandstanding assertions.

The other downside for the US regime-change objective in Venezuela is that the Lima Group has for the moment broken ranks over the military option. Pence and Guaido stepped up the rhetoric calling for “all options” on the table – meaning military intervention.

But the Lima Group, including US allies Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, issued a statement after the summit Monday rejecting any military action. They are still functioning as lackeys by calling for a “peaceful transition to democracy” and are in favor of the dubious US-anointed opposition figure Guaido, recognizing him as the “interim president” of Venezuela, in accordance with Washington’s desires.

Nevertheless, repudiation of the military option by Washington’s regional allies will be seen as a damper to the momentum for using American force to overthrow the Maduro government.

Brazil’s Vice President Hamilton Mourão repeatedly said in interviews that his government would not allow a US military incursion into Venezuela from its territory.

The European Union also said it was opposed to any military force being used by the US against Venezuela.

The emerging situation therefore puts the regime-change planners in Washington in a quandary. Their sanctions pressure for blackmailing defections in the Venezuelan political and military leadership has failed. So too has the much-vaunted spectacle of delivering US aid.

Growing frustration on the US side was evident from the obscene posting of “snuff movies” by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, comparing the bloody fate of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with what might happen to Maduro.

Rubio has become something of an unofficial envoy for regime change in Venezuela on behalf of the Trump administration, in the same way the late Senator John McCain performed his role in helping prompt a coup d’état in Ukraine back in 2014. As well as conveying death threats to Maduro concerning Gaddafi, who was brutally lynched by NATO-backed jihadists in October 2011, Rubio also posted images of former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega. Noriega was captured by US forces after they bombed and invaded his country in 1989.

The criminality of Rubio and other senior US officials, including President Trump, openly calling for regime change against Maduro is a sign of how manic Washington has become in getting its hands on the country’s vast oil wealth. There isn’t even a hint of coyness about the criminality.

The desperation for regime change in Venezuela by Washington has only become more frenzied as its machinations appear to be coming unstuck.

Therefore, it can be anticipated, Washington needs a game-changing event – badly – in order to shift its lackey Lima Group, the EU and the United Nations to accepting its agenda for a military option.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has strongly appealed for no violence in the stand-off between the US and Venezuela. Significantly, the UN has declined to get involved in delivering US aid to the South American country, as such involvement would be viewed as taking sides.

Voice of America quotes Dany Bahar, a Venezuela expert at the DC think-tank the Brookings Institution, as saying that the next steps for Washington in its pressure campaign on the “Maduro regime” is “to try to get the United Nations on board, which has not happened yet.”

Ominously, the Lima Group has issued a statement claiming to have credible evidence that Juan Guaido’s life is seriously threatened by Venezuelan state security. Pence also warned that Maduro would be held responsible for Guaido and his family’s safety. Last month, Guaido made claims that his wife’s family was menaced by state agents who allegedly visited their home. It was an unconfirmed claim, which the Venezuelan authorities denied.

Guaido defied a travel ban to attend the summit in Bogota earlier this week. It is not clear if he will return to Venezuela as he is liable to be arrested on charges of inciting sedition and civil unrest.

Indeed, Washington’s game plan does not seem to be going well. Through a series of miscalculations and foolish over-reach, the gambit in Venezuela is at risk of becoming a debacle.

That very situation, however, could tempt a desperate throw of the dice by the Trump administration to salvage its losses so far.

A major, shocking event is needed, it may be calculated, in order to get the Latin American and European lackeys into line on regime-change policy, specifically the military option. As the Brookings Institute pundit said, “to get the United Nations on board.” Because so far, the majority of the UN members, including Russia and China, key UN Security Council veto powers, are not complying with Washington’s dictate of delegitimizing President Maduro and recognizing the US-backed puppet figure Guaido.

What could such a shocking event entail? Somebody is telling the Lima Group that Guaido and his family are in grave danger of being assassinated. Guaido’s Popular Will party is known to engage in violent subversion and allegedly has links to the American CIA, as reported by Abby Martin and others.

As easily as they are lionized, US puppets can be just as easily disposed of. Guaido playing the dirty game of regime change with the most criminal organization in the world – the US government – is a very dangerous game. He’d better watch his back.

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Venezuela Closes Air Space from Dutch Antilles; Moves troops to Border

Venezuela has issued a Notice to Airmen closing its air space to both Commercial and Private aviation from the Dutch Antilles. Venezuelan troops are now being heavily deployed to the border with neighboring Colombia.

Acting President Juan Guaido late last week told Venezuelan military troops “You have a very big decision to make before the 23rd of this month. The biggest decision of your lives.”

Today, a cargo ship departed Puerto Rico carrying 10 ocean containers filled with Humanitarian aid; that ship is scheduled to arrive at a port in Venezuela on . . . the 23rd.

Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaidó today asked followers to surround military bases on Saturday to demand that the armed forces allow aid into the country — a provocative move that’s likely to inflame Nicolás Maduro.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Guaidó told his 1.3 million followers to peacefully surround military installations “and demand the entry of humanitarian aid.”

“Señores of the [armed forces], you have three days to follow the orders of the president and put yourself on the right side of the constitution,” he wrote. “This aid is to save lives.”

The tactic comes as Guaidó — backed by the United States, Colombia, Brazil and others — is asking hundreds of thousands of volunteers to defy Maduro and his military and head to the border this weekend and bring in food and medical supplies that have been donated to the country. A warehouse of largely U.S. aid is being stockpiled near the Colombian town of Cúcuta. And there are plans to have similar depots in Brazil and the Dutch island of Curacao.

Maduro says the aid push is illegal, unnecessary and tantamount to an invasion. He’s blocked one border bridge with Colombia, sent military to the frontier and has promised not to let any of the aid in. He has also suspended flights and shipping from Curacao.

Venezuela has been mired in a political stalemate since Jan. 23 when Guaidó said it was his constitutional duty, as head of congress, to assume the presidency and call new elections. Maduro says he has the right to run the economically shattered country through 2025.

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Two Nuns in Colombia arrested for TORTURING 65 children

Accused of pushing kids’ heads into toilets and burning their hands

I wonder what “Vision” they may have had and WHO in that vision instructed them to do this? Was it Mary? Was it instruction from a visiting Priest who administered the Eucharist while he was RAPING the children? 

Oh folks, this goes far deeper the a couple of Rogue Nuns. I would almost wager it is a Pedophile Rape facility if the truth comes out and the Devils are exposed!

Remember these Good Nuns?

Nuns at Smyllum Park Orphanage Forced Girl into Satanic Sex Ritual

Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam care home in Ireland

 Investigators found that the youngsters suffered physical and psychological torment in the care home with neighbours branding it as hell for the children

Important Ministry and Website Info! Click Here
Central European News – Investigators found that the youngsters suffered physical and psychological torment in the care home with neighbours branding it as hell for the children

WND – Two nuns in western Colombia have been arrested for allegedly torturing as many as 65 children by pushing their heads into toilets and burning the kids’ hands.

Nuns Sor Ines Perez, director of the Santa Clara Rebirth Home, and Rosa Elvira Trochez Joaqui were taken into custody after a police investigation. The torture took place in Popayan, Cauca, according to the Sun.

Neighbors reportedly heard the children’s screams and cries, so they alerted police. Local media reports indicate the kids were subjected to physical and psychological torture in the care home, and the neighbors said the place was a hell for children.

The nuns are suspected of punishing the kids by burning the kids’ hands, shoving their heads into toilets and cutting their hair.

Both of the nuns have been charged with aggravated torture of children under their care for three years, from 2014 to 2017. Perez and Joaqui deny that they committed the crimes.

The children’s home was once closed after complaints, according to local media, but it was eventually reopened.

Perez claims the local government and the Colombian Institute of Family Well-Being, or ICBF, failed to provide support or resources to help the needy children. Now the ICBF has taken custody of the kids.

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