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“Unplanned” Movie Causes Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs

Abby Johnson’s star is growing and growing. The “Unplanned” movie has been an overwhelming hit and exceeded expectations. In a recent interview with Rachel del Guidice of The Daily Signal, Johnson delivered lots of good news about the effects of the movie on the abortion industry it seeks to villainize.

Planned Parenthood has inadvertently pushed its own employees to see the movie through negative propaganda.

Here is a snippet from Rachel’s interview with Abby Johnson that explains why abortion industry workers went to see the movie in the first place:

del Guidice: That’s incredible. You mentioned that some of them are going in as critics. Have any of them mentioned to you—other than wanting to go in as a critic—anything that intrigued them to the film? I’m sure in some cases it was definitely going against their own beliefs to step out and see this film.
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Johnson: Yeah. They have told us that some of them went in as groups, like a group of workers from the clinic that went together. Some of them went individually, didn’t want anyone to know who they were or didn’t want anyone to know that they were going to see the film, so sort of went in secretly.

It’s been sort of different, different stories there. But yeah, they definitely were instructed not to see the film by Planned Parenthood.

I think that it’s just sort of like that “Do not push that big red button.” And you’re like, “Why don’t you want me to see this? What’s in it that you don’t want me to see?” So I think that was enough to intrigue a lot of people to go and watch this.

If you have children, you might understand what Abby is saying. As soon as you say, “Don’t touch that” it is a pretty good bet that it will eventually be touched. Parenting is tough at times.

Rachel’s interview with Abby was very telling and I want to share one more little snippet before allowing you to listen to the audio:

del Guidice: Wow, that’s bizarre. So, Planned Parenthood essentially encouraged, indirectly, their people to see this movie? That’s amazing.

Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

del Guidice: Wow. Was there a particular scene that they say impacted them to the point of eventually precipitating their choice to leave, or a discussion they had afterward? Was there anything? Or is there a common theme that clinic workers have said really was the turning point for them in the film?

Johnson: Definitely the ultrasound-guided abortions. A lot of them have seen that themselves.

It’s sort of different to remove yourself from what you do every day and to look at it sort of as an outsider, and I think that’s what they were forced to do. And then to see, to hear how everyone else in the theater is impacted by that scene.

One of the gals that contacted us said, “I just … heard everyone gasping and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, this really isn’t normal, what I’m doing every day. This isn’t normal. I’ve been trained to believe that it is, but it’s not.’”

So I think the reactions of other people was very powerful for them to hear. And I think definitely we’ve heard that the RU-486 abortion scene, my abortion scene, the medication abortion, was very impactful for them. Because a lot of them, they’re hearing stories of women who are coming back and saying, “This is not what you told me would happen. This was terrible.”

For them to actually see what these women are going through and how they haven’t been honest with them, and they’ve just sort of been spouting the company talking point but not really hearing what these women are going through, those two things I think were some of the most impactful for them.

Incredible story.

I remember recently reading about Abby standing up to KLOVE (Christian radio network) because they had unbelievably refused to accept advertising for the film. She got KLOVE to reverse its decision. What an amazing woman.

Eerily Prophetic 2006 Movie Warned: ‘One Generation From Now, Our Civilization Is In Chaos Because Our World Is Dying’

hat happens when human fertility wanes and we end up in a world without children? Will humanity on this planet survive?

A disturbing study published by the NY Post and recently shared on the Steve Quayle website forecasts a “mass extinction” that wipes out humanity as early as the year 2100. A second study conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem reports a 50.3 per cent decline in human sperm production over the last few years.

“This trends toward a collapse of human population,” an article from Natural News reported.

Worldwide human extinction may not seem that threatening right now, but even in our present generation we are seeing smaller families and the birth of fewer babies. As the problem intensifies, population forecasters fear that children may one day become a celebrated rarity, neither seen nor heard.

Why has infertility become a global public health issue? Scientists and researchers attribute it to many and varied causes, from stress to environmental breakdown to food packaging chemicals. Even obesity has been named as a factor.

An eerily prophetic science fiction film set in London in 2006 called Children of Men depicts a future where the world is stricken with mass human infertility, and a science team works feverishly to save mankind from extinction. Over a period of 20 years, women have become infertile, and there are no children.


As the sounds of playgrounds all over the world fade to silence, despair sets in. “Very odd, what happens in a world without children’s voices,” one character laments. “I can’t really remember when I last had any hope. Because really, since women stopped being able to have babies, what’s left to hope for?”

Although released almost a dozen years ago, the film has proved prophetic as we read today’s news headlines. In fact, an LA Times headline this week reads, “Americans keep having fewer babies as U.S. birthrates hit record lows.”

Citing figures reported by the National Center for Health Statistics, the article blames shrinking birthrates partly on the trend of millennials to delay marriage until their thirties, if they marry at all. The result is older mothers and fewer viable births.

“In order for a generation to replace itself, the fertility rate needs to be 2,100 births per 1,000 women, and despite population growth due to immigration, the U.S. has been missing that mark since 1971,” the Times pointed out.

Not only are couples marrying later, many are considering the economic disadvantages of having children and thinking twice about starting a family. Disregarding their Maker’s mandate in Genesis to “be fruitful and increase in number,” they are breaking away from the biblical idea that a house full of children is a blessing. In those Bible days, barrenness in women was considered a curse.

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” Psalm 127:3,4


In today’s culture as families change in configuration and size, children are no longer a priority for many couples. The traditional nuclear family, composed of Mom, Dad and kids, is losing ground to a lifestyle more appealing to millennials. Seeking to be unhampered by domestic responsibilities, many couples happily choose another option—the child-free marriage.

Bernard Salt, a Melbourne-based demographer, has observed that many millennials defend childlessness as a lifestyle choice. They would rather spend the family income on travel and dining out than on cribs and diapers or private kids schools.

“With more singles and childless couples, you’ve got higher workforce participation and more household wealth which is not shared with many children,” he explained. “That household wealth can then be spent on what some would consider a better quality of life—education, travel, restaurants and housing.”

Australia’s Bureau of Statistics predicted on International Families Day this year that the typical family unit would become a minority, adding that by the year 2036 the country’s population would be composed of more childless “couple families” than those with children.

At the same time, some couples who do want children are faced with the fact of growing infertility, a problem that affects women over the globe.. The World Health Organization (WHO) calculates that more than 10 per cent of women worldwide are experiencing infertility, which amounts to some 6.7 million women. At the same time, health researchers and doctors caution that infertility isn’t just a woman’s problem. They cite evidence of a decline of sperm count among men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, indicating lower fertility and higher health risks.


Natural News points out other causes of male infertility, including exposure to chemicals like atrazine that are considered as “chemical castrators” of men, causing hormonal disruption that can lead to male feminization. Taking it a step further, the article suggests that such hormonal changes could lead more biological males to pursue transgender surgeries or lifestyles.

“Though the link between chemical castration and male feminism is a biological fact, the anti-science political Left in America insists that transgenderism is solely a “choice” and cannot be influenced by chemical exposure,” it reports.

According to Jim Daniels, CEO of a fertility support firm called CortControl, even stress can be a culprit in infertility for child-seeking couples. His firm has developed supplements to enhance fertility and help alleviate effects of stress in modern day life for both men and women..

“Infertility may result from compromised immune function due to elevated stress,” Daniels believes. “It is estimated to play a role in up to 30 per cent of all fertility problems.”

According to some articles on the net, even obesity can be linked to the growing number of couples experiencing infertility. A recent HuffPost blog called obesity “one of the most common causes of infertility in this country.”

“It is a proven fact that women who are above a healthy weight tend to have hormonal imbalances, linked to infertility and miscarriages,” the writer reported. “At the same time, men who are obese often suffer from issues such as low sperm count and reduced levels of testosterone.”


But physical problems alone will not account for a future bereft of children. Consider societal factors resulting from the sexual revolution of the Sixties and Seventies, paving the way for the LBGT movement, gender neutrality and same-sex marriage. At the same time, the feminist movement has pushed to legalize abortion, making pregnancy a woman’s “problem.”

What, then, are the options for childless couples who really want children? They may resort to involved procedures and regimens like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), or sperm Injections that Parent Magazine called expensive and physically demanding. Either way, the magazine summary shows that such treatments only have a success rate of about 35 percent.

But if mankind can’t cure the infertility problem, the Bible presents another option: prayer. Divine intervention worked for Hannah, who was barren and promised God the dedication of her son if he would bless her with children.

Hannah’s joy in the answer is expressed in her prayer in the second chapter of Samuel as she exults, “She who was barren has borne seven children.”

Women like Hannah who have experienced answers to their prayers for children can testify that God still blesses his word and desires for mankind to “be fruitful and increase in number; to fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28

“He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap…he settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children.” Psalm 113:9.

Cinefix calls ‘Children of Men’ one of the top 10 science fiction movies of all time.


Harvey Aftermath Like Movie – The Purge! Insane Report!


Youtuber, TheShowmebby, a man on the ground talks about the shocking events he saw during the rescue efforts for Harvey in the Houston area! Get this out everywhere so the people know what he saw! Here are some highlights.

Feds said they were going to blow a dam and he and his crew had one hour to get to high ground. Nobody was warned in the neighborhoods that would be flooded! Neighborhoods were locked down! He was told Port Arthur was going to be used as a toilet to flush bodies from the dam flood out to sea!

Gun confiscations were tried but stopped! His first night it was like the movie, “The Purge” with small arms fire being heard all night! Reports of a guy on a jetski shooting from two pistols into houses like the video game, “Grand Theft Auto”!  He heard men at his location saying they were going out to “hunt humans”. Gangs took over gun stores and were using the guns to go house to house looting and murdering people!

Walmart used as a FEMA camp. They brought in a prison ship to Port Arthur! Body count in the thousands he estimates. Feds were locking down neighborhoods and there was talk of Feds looting houses in the nice areas of Houston. There is already a civil war going on in this country. Only the good people of Texas stopped a bigger slaughter and gun confiscation that some Feds wanted! Truly shocking information here that must be shared.


Response to the Haters!   Proof of the FEMA prison ships and more!


Lessons learned from his experiences as far as I see it.

1) Get out of areas that can be flooded by nature or man! They are easy ways for evil people to kill and trap millions of people. I will never live anywhere that can be flooded!

2) Never let yourself be taken to federal FEMA shelters etc. Have family and friends and make pacts that you will take care of each other in emergencies.

3) You better have guns and supplies at all times to protect your family. Never let your guns be taken away. If you don’t have water and food for at least 7 days at all times you’re a fool.

4) We are lied to about EVERYTHING! Don’t believe anything they tell you on the fake news. Be independent and stop thinking the government is going to take care of you. Our government is mostly evil filled with many evil people. Get the truth out now while you can.

‘Alien’ movie seemed like a lot of fun…until I found Satan was behind the script

The sixth installment of the popular Alien franchise, Alien Covenant, will burst onto screens across the United States and Canada on May 19. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is simply another spawning of the never-ending parade of mindless, slime-soaked sci-fi horror films released for the masses to consume. No, this is the culture of death at its best providing so-called “entertainment” for anyone who holds a diabolical vision of the world where babies in the womb are viewed as parasites, abortion is glorified, and population control is a necessity.

Image result for Alien

Understanding the culture’s fascination with the Alien series helps diagnose the malaise of our contemporary, death-obsessed world, which is important for anyone wanting to evangelize those souls wandering in the cavernous desolation of the culture of death.

The original Alien, released in 1979, was crafted to shock and awe the viewer. The tagline of Alien was the chilling, “In space, noone can hear you scream.”

Alien was among the movies in the seventies and eighties — including works such as The Exorcist (1973), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Friday 13 (1980), and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) —  which transformed the horror genre from simply being “scary” to being means of inflicting serious and permanent psychological damage on the audience. This transformation has had profound implications for all of Western, Christian civilization.

Since the time of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the purpose of dramatic art was to allow for a cathartic release, or purging, of the emotions of the audience by inspiring fear and pity in them.

The contemporary horror genre, however, is not intended to be an outlet for one’s emotions but a deeply traumatizing event meant to radically and perhaps permanently alter the worldview of the audience.

The Alien series has proven to be an almost a forty year experience of terror for several generations of moviegoers. Ridley Scott, the director of the first installment in the series as well as the most current releases Prometheus and Alien Covenant, said that the whole point of the movie series is “terror, and more terror.” More recently he said his goal in the Alien series is to “scare the [expletive delete] out of people.”

Replacing Christian civilization

The Alien series certainly has accomplished this task of terrifying generations of audiences. But there is more going on here. The Alien movies terrify the audience while at the same time “deconstructing” Western Christian civilization, replacing it with a new, darker and “alien” one.

The Alien movies deconstruct the Christian understanding of the natural world as a home for humans that is fundamentally harmonious and good. In the world of Alien, nature is gruesome and violent, reflecting the Darwinist or “neo-Darwinist” view of a violent and hostile world full of organisms at war with one another.

The iconic figure of the movies is, of course, the xenomorph, (a word that literally means “alien”) the large, insect-like creature that mutilates human bodies and drags them away to be used as hosts into whom the eggs of future xenomorphs can be laid. At the same time, this creation has human-like features (since it can be “born” from a human host), and this parallel with the human form is meant to both make it more frightening as well as make the human body itself seem grotesque and frightening.

As an artistic creation, this creature has a curious history. It is based upon the 1976 painting Necronom IV by the Swiss Surrealist painter and Satanist H.R. Giger whose works are known for their ugliness, occultism, violence, and perverse vision of human sexuality and reproduction. Another of Giger’s most famous paintings is The Birth Machine, which depicts deformed babies being loaded into a 9mm Luger pistol. Similar to the gross humanoid “alien” in Necronom IV, The Birth Machine is intended to encourage contempt for the physical world.

Giger has said that this work was inspired by his fear that human overpopulation is the greatest threat to the world’s existence. Like Giger’s paintings and sculptures, the Alien series is, in a sense, a long advertisement for population control by portraying the physical world and human reproduction as being fundamentally grotesque and violent.

The various directors of the movie series have used this anti-life vision as a palette for the most memorable scenes of the Alien franchise.

One of the most iconic scenes in Alien 3 occurs when Ellen Ripley, the primary protagonist of the film series, is in the infirmary of a penal colony. A xenomorph enters the infirmary and after killing one of the patients, presses its slimy terrifying but nonetheless humanoid face very close to Ripley’s. This scene is clearly meant to be a gross parody of human tenderness captured in traditional paintings such as the Madonna and Child.

In the more recent Prometheus and Alien Covenant, there is a deeper and more explicit attack on Christian theology.

Director Ridley Scott adopts the “directed panspermia” theory held by neo-Darwinists such as Richard Dawkins, which suggests that life on earth was seeded by extraterrestrials. In Prometheus, it is a group of extraterrestrials called the engineers who seed life on earth through a mysterious black goo. Instead of teaming birds and animals that God created in Genesis, however, the engineers create violent and revolting monstrosities, which, the movie implies, include humans.

Nasty life must be destroyed

This crude, dark, gnostic theology provides the ultimate basis of the anti-life message permeating all the Alien movies: all of this nasty life must be destroyed.

It is not a coincidence that Alien premiered just five years after abortion became legal in 1973 with Roe vs. Wade. Abortion and infanticide are perhaps the dominant themes of the movie series.

The process of gestation of the aliens in the movies clearly follows the pro-abortion theory of the human child as a parasite or “alien” in the womb of the mother that, after worming its way out of the mother, leaps into the world, consuming everything in site.

Thus, according to the pro-abortion logic of the movies, the only way to prevent the offspring from devouring and destroying the world is to kill them.

It’s not too surprising that there are several abortions performed in the series. In Alien 3, Ridley performs a gruesome after-birth abortion of a queen. In Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw performs an abortion on an alien who was impregnated by her lover who himself was infected with the black goo.

The overt, anti-life message is that the organisms that are generated from the human body are grotesque consumers who must be exterminated for the greater good of the community.

The final core component of the Alien movie series is transgenderism and role reversal of males and females. The most prominent example of this is that most of the “births” of aliens in the movie are spawned from males. From the famous eruption of the first xenomorph from the character Kane in Alien to the gestation of the “deacon” xenomorph from the male engineer in Prometheus, the Alien movies reverse the image of the male, making him like a female who can grow life within and give birth.

The second element of reversing gender roles is the positive portrayal of Ripley as a machine-gun wielding female who makes war with other life-forms. This reverses the Christian ideal of the woman being a life-giving mother who is the heart of the home. Exalting the character Ellen Ripley as an empowered female soldier who makes war certainly does not empower women, but degrades them to the level of Darwinian organisms who are at war with one another.

The most prominent scene of this degrading view of women is found in Ripley’s fight with the queen xenomorph at the end of the second Alien movie. In the scene, the human female and xenomorph female are paired as two violent “mothers” at war with one another for survival. Ripley is protecting her (adopted) offspring Newt from the alien queen and, at the same time, is trying to destroy the queen’s eggs, her offspring.

As one violent female organism (human) attempts to destroy the offspring of a rival violent female organism (alien), the message is clear: There is no fundamental difference between humans and xenomorphs, to whom the humans are in fact the “aliens.” There are only violent females who must destroy others to survive.

These anti-life and anti-woman messages can certainly be expected in the new installment of the series.

Covenant is already being praised by reviewers for “upping the ante” in regard to graphic violence. Trailers indicate that the movie continues the diabolic message of the series. In the trailers, plant spores on alien moons infect humans with monstrous offspring. Humans become fragile targets for hungry creatures that are, in the end, not so much different in form and function from the humans they greedily devour.

Yes, the Alien series provides a good view into the workings of the culture of death.

Exposing the darkness and lies of the series can provide the life-and-family movement ammunition for the fight for a true culture of life. But Christians wanting to win the culture war must boycott the works of darkness that present themselves as “entertainment.” And they must engage in the production of their own culture, a culture of life, that weaves a noble vision of the created world as a common home where every person is welcome and each is valued for being created in the image and likeness of God.

Anunnaki: The “Forbidden” Movie that Never Came to the Cinemas, Why?

Anunnaki was the first film in a trilogy, which was intended to be released in 2006 with the first installment of the saga, but unfortunately never premiered, moreover, the project was suddenly abandoned, and all the publicity about the film and The same website were abandoned, although you can still find traces on the Internet if you look for, Anunnaki was never finished and if you did you will find that it never get to premiere on the big screen.


Freemason’s Don’t Want You to See This [Gray State Movie]

the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place. Few details have emerged since then. The latest news pieces such as here and here leave more questions than answers. According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, all three have been officially identified and died from gunshot wounds to the heads, weeks ago. Even though the deaths were being treated as suspicious and the back sliding door was found ajar, police have labeled it a murder-suicide.

The direction of the production and release of Crowley’s anticipated fictional film Gray State – which depicted a bleak America with totalitarian rule, a police state and detainment camps – is unknown. However, a rough cut of the dual production documentary, Gray State: The Rise is available to watch.

The 2hr 39m film (below) features significant video bytes as well as interviews from Adam Miller, Col. Douglas McGregor, Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, David Crowley and more. The original finished version was to feature Abby Martin, Aaron Dykes, Jordan Page, and many more.


This is the raw, uncut an unfinished version of Gray State: The Rise. One upload made, possibly by the original uploader, was then removed out of respect for family and contributors. A news story makes it clear that Crowley was on the brink of releasing the final version a few weeks from December 17th which might be the last time anyone had contact with him. It is unclear if the world will ever see that version. Since the video of his project is publicly available, we have posted one below. Two other upload sources for it are here and here.

The content centers on the ruling elite, government corruption, deliberate economic devastation, police state tactics – militarization of police and brutalization, problem-reaction-solution, mass indoctrination/propaganda, all forms of surveillance, counterterrorism, left/right political paradigms, individualism, communism, cognitive dissonance, military and war.



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Deceased Filmmaker’s Documentary Finally Released – Gray State: The Rise


BREXIT THE MOVIE is a feature-length documentary film to inspire as many people as possible to vote to LEAVE the EU in the June 23rd referendum.

BREXIT THE MOVIE spells out the danger of staying part of the EU. Is it safe to give a remote government beyond our control the power to make laws? Is it safe to tie ourselves to countries which are close to financial ruin, drifting towards scary political extremism, and suffering long-term, self-inflicted economic decline?

BREXIT THE MOVIE shows a side of the EU they don’t want us to see: the sprawling self-serving bureaucracy, the political cynicism, the lack of accountability, the perks, the waste, the cronyism, the corruption.

BREXIT THE MOVIE cuts through the patronizing intellectualism of the noble, higher goals of ‘Project Europe’, to reveal the self-interestedness of the political-bureaucratic class which runs and benefits from the EU.

BREXIT THE MOVIE highlights the danger of becoming a prisoner in an insular, backward-looking Fortress Europe. And it explores the exciting opportunities that open up to us when we look beyond the narrow confines of the EU.

BREXIT THE MOVIE looks to the future, arguing forcefully and persuasively that it is safer and wiser to live in a country which is free, independent, self-governing, confident and global.

For more information, visit www.brexitthemovie.com