Video: Down the Satanic Numerology rabbit Hole With Mr Cati: The 23 Mega Ritual – Blue Tie – Red Tie – End Game

Editors note: Warning: As a Christian Numerology is forbidden, There is evil numbers and Godly numbers. However as man can’t discern between good and evil, we will always do evil, unless directed by the holy spirit. Hence numerology will always be satanism, since forbidden to us, as God, would never teach it by the Holy Spirit. However knowing it is evil, and satanism we can use the understanding of it to know our adversary, the Devil, but not worshipping by participate in the dark arts themselves.

This report is a comprehensive and lengthy in depth mega ritual discussion that will discuss many of the coded elements that I have reported on over the many years of doing such enigmatic coded reports.

This report is a discussion that I hope helps to explain the development of my thought process regarding these coded matters and how I feel it relates to the final end game most feel is a big part of any construct we may be shown along the way. It is my hope that those that watch this video will begin to see the much larger picture of what we as a people are faced with as matters unfold before our very eyes.

Thinking outside of the box will be required and for those of you that do the deep thinking needed, it will I know help you and others to see the magnitude of what we are faced with as we move along towards the final end game. Since how we deal with such knowledge is a personal matter, I will leave any final conclusions and determinations to the responsibility of those that seek to conclude or accept any follow on thought process gained from this report

As always, my sincere thanks to those of you with open minds and the willingness to think outside of the box. Open the Video

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